Prysmian and its subsidiaries produce, distribute and sell cables and systems and related accessories for the energy and telecommunications industries. Co. operates in two segments. The energy segment includes utilities, which organized in four lines of business, comprising high voltage, power distribution, accessories and submarine; trade and installers; industrial; and other, such as sales of residual products. The telecom segment produces cable systems and connectivity products used in telecommunication networks. This segment is organized in the following lines of business: optical fibre, optical cables, connectivity components and accessories, Optical Ground Wire and copper cables.
  • TickerPRY
  • ISINIT0004176001
  • SectorElectronic & Electrical Equipment
  • CountryItaly

PRYSMIAN with less fundamental stars is reduced to Neutral

PRYSMIAN (IT), a company active in the Electrical Components & Equipment industry, loses a star(s) at the fundamental level and sees its general evaluation downgraded. The independent financial analyst theScreener just removed a fundamental star(s) for a 2 over 4-star rating. As such, market behaviour remains unchanged and is evaluated as moderately risky. theScreener believes that the loss of a star(s) merits downgrade to the general evaluation of the title, which passes to Neutral. As of the analysis date June 5, 2020, the closing price was EUR 20.26 and its expected value was estimated at E...

Prysmian SPA: 8 directors bought

Eight Directors at Prysmian SPA bought 51,581 shares at between 19.186EUR and 19.218EUR. The significance rating of the trade was 64/100. Is that information sufficient for you to make an investment decision? This report gives details of those trades and adds context and analysis to them such that you can judge whether these trading decisions are ones worth following. Included in the report is a detailed share price chart which plots discretionary trades by all the company's directors over the last two years clearly showing Close periods where trading activity is restricted under listing rul...

Expert Corporate Governance Service (ECGS)

Prysmian – AGM 28 April 2020

In item 2, the Board of Directors proposes to distribute a dividend of €0.25 per share on 2019 results. On 30 March 2020, the Board of Directors resolved to reduce by 50% the original proposal to distribute a dividend of €0.50 per share, in light of the financial and economic uncertainties generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In view of the COVID-19 crisis, ECGS is in favour of postponing decisions on the dividend, reductions or suspensions that would allow companies to avoid liquidity risks or not generate risk for their survival. Also considering that the proposed dividend is amply covered by...

Feasibility Study Results in December to be a Catalyst for this Junior

Feasibility Study Results in December to be a Catalyst for this Junior

Marnik Hinnekens

TP ICAP - Europe - Morning CreditUpdate 13/11/2019 - Heimstaden Bostad - EN

Heimstaden Bostad (Conserver) : Nouvelle émission hybride ABN Amro (Achat) - 9M-19 : RN de €1,7 md (-14%) Casino (Achat souches courtes, Conserver souches longues) : ~€784m apportés aux offres de rachats Saint-Gobain (Achat) : Accord pour l’acquisition de Continental Building Products pour une valeur d’entreprise de $1,4 md Continental (Achat) - 9M-19 : EBITDA de €4,0 mds (-13,9%) Gestamp (Achat) - 9M-19 : EBITDA de €755m (+10,8%) Prysmian (Vente) - 9M-19 : EBITDA pro-forma de €773m (+18,8%) Enel (Achat) : Relève ses objectifs po...


Short term view - PRYSMIAN SPA : Rising consolidation.

The background trend is clearly bearish. The negative MACD confirms the trend. The rise is a consolidation that will soon bump against the level at €19.300. The next target is at €14.710, then €12.714. Passing €19.300 would question the continuation of the fall.


Analyse court terme - PRYSMIAN SPA : La reprise est une consolidation.

La tendance de fond est clairement orientée à la baisse. Le MACD est négatif, il confirme cette tendance. La reprise est une consolidation qui va buter sur 19,300 € prochainement. Le prochain objectif est à 14,710 €, puis 12,714 €. Le franchissement de 19,300 € remettrait en cause la suite de la baisse.


Short term view - PRYSMIAN SPA : Falling prices.

The background trend is clearly bearish. Prices are falling again, but the movement has become hesitant. The next support is at €14.710. The background trend would be questioned should prices rise above €19.300.


Analyse court terme - PRYSMIAN SPA : Les prix baissent.

La tendance de fond est clairement orientée à la baisse. Les prix baissent à nouveau, mais le mouvement est devenu hésitant. Le prochain support est à 14,710 €. La tendance de fond serait remi