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Zurich Insurance Group AG

Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich Insurance Group is a multi-line insurance company. Co. provides a range of general insurance and life insurance products and services, serving individuals, small businesses, and mid-sized and large companies, including multinational corporations, in more than 170 countries. Co.'s business segments include: General Insurance, which provides property and casualty insurance and services, risk insights; Global Life, which provides protection, savings and investment solutions; and Farmers, which provides management services related to property and casualty insurance.

CFRA Research
CFRA Research

As one of the world's leading independent research firms, CFRA provides differentiated and actionable analysis for our global subscribers to improve their investment and business decision-making.


Founded in 1994, CFRA consistently identifies actionable opportunities from which clients can gain an investment edge and avoid risk. Through a differentiated proprietary methodology blending forensic accounting and fundamental equity research, CFRA empowers sophisticated investment professionals, advisers and risk managers to uniquely analyze industries, funds and companies of their interest. CFRA’s global subscribers include the world’s leading institutional investors, wealth advisors, corporations, academics and governments. 

 On October 1, 2016, CFRA acquired S&P Global’s Equity and Fund Research business, a leading provider of independent research and commentary with offerings focused on stocks, ETFs and mutual funds as well as sectors and industries. The Equity and Fund Research business originated in the 1920’s and has amassed a worldwide base of investing clients. 

 The combined firm is committed to being the world's leading independent investment research firm with 75 global analysts, authoring in-depth qualitative research on 1,500+ companies. In addition, CFRA offers a comprehensive view on global sector themes, industries, and funds, through in-depth qualitative research on 11 Sectors, 42 Industries, 1,860+ ETFs, 22,000+ Mutual Funds, as well as quantitative company research on 20,000+ global companies. 

 Founded as the “Center for Financial Research and Analysis” in 1994, today our company is simply known as CFRA. However, our mission remains to be the “center” for our global clients by providing independent, differentiated and actionable analysis to help you make better investment and business decisions.


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