Thomas J. Schiessle
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Geschäftsperspektiven weniger dynamisch als gedacht

Der Ausblick für 2019/20 ist im Geschäftsbericht veröffentlicht und sieht bei organischem Umsatzwachstum einen zum Vorjahr reduzierten EBITDA-Verlust vor. Beide Segmente sollen den Umsatz (als neuem Topline KPI - trotz Wegfall Monteil-Jahreserlöse: € 1,6 Mio. - steigern.

Brain Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG

Brain Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG. BRAIN Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG is a Germany-based industrial biotechnology company, which is active in two segments: The BioSciences segment comprises research and development activities related to replacing classical chemical and industrial processes with biotechnology processes, and the BioIndustrial segment focuses on the development of own products for both companies and consumers. The Company develops drugs, bioactive natural compounds and enzymes for customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the food and cosmetics industries. It offers research and development collaboration, as well as strategic partnerships and exclusive licensing agreements through all phases of enzyme and biological compound discovery to application development and production. The Company's product portfolio includes EvoSolution, METAGENOME, BRAINzyme, LIL, ABEL, CompActives and BioCompActives.


EQUI.TS GmbH is an innovative, equity research boutique based in Frankfurt (Germany). It is operated by its original founders and has established a reputation as a quality research provider over a period of more than 10 years. Although it generally does not focus on any particular branch of industry, its analyses often revolve around technology and growth stocks.

Thomas J. Schiessle

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