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Bantleon verkauft 28,6%-Paket LPKF-Aktien überraschend an Finanzinvestoren

Die Bantleon-Gruppe (18,2% der LPKF-Aktien hielt die German Technology AG – Vorstand Dr. M. Peters) und Jörg Bantleon (10,4%) haben sämtliche ihrer Aktien - entgegen der ursprünglichen Zielsetzung das 18,2%-Paket an strategische Investoren abzugeben – an Institutionelle Investoren verkauft.

Damit dürfte die kommende HV auch Personalentscheidungen (AR Vorsitzender Dr. M. Peters) zu treffen haben.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG

LPKF Laser & Electronics is a mechanical engineering company engaged in designing and manufacturing of laser systems. Co. operates in three segments: electronics development equipment, which involves the production and marketing of circuit board plotters; electronics production equipment, which comprises the product lines of Laser Direct Structuring, StencilLasers and Printed Circuit Board Production lasers; and other production equipment, in which Co. develops and sells laser systems for welding plastic components as well as laser systems for structuring thin film solar cells.


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Thomas J. Schiessle

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