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1000mercis SA is a France-based company engaged in advertising and marketing sector. The Company creates conquest and loyalty marketing solutions for businesses through interactive marketing and publicity and through mobile marketing. It provides services through inactive media, such as Internet, mobile phones, among others. It provides database analysis with knowledge of online statistical models and a test and learns approach. The Company also pursues expertise in the field of online database conception, development and exploitation. Its clients are YAHOO!,, Meetic, Accor, ebookers, Tagheuer, Adidas, BNP Paribas, among others. The Company operates through subsidiaries Ocito, based in Paris and 1000mercis Ltd, based in London.

Abeo SA

Abeo SAS. Abeo SAS is a France-based company primarily engaged in the manufacture of sporting goods. The Company's activities are divided into three areas: Gymnastics and other sports, Climbing and Lockers. The Gymnastics and other sports area focuses on designing and producing equipment mainly for gymnastics, basketball and combat sports, under Gymnova, Janssen-Fritsen, Schelde Sports, O'Jump and ADEC Sport brand names, among others. The Climbing division designs and manufactures artificial climbing walls under Entre-Prises and Top 30 brand names, among others. The Lockers area provides commercial locker rooms and bathroom equipment, such as toilet cubicles, shower walls, coat racks and wardrobes, under Prospec, France Equipment and Suffixe brand names, among others. The Company operates in a number of countries, including France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. It operates through Erhard Sport, Sportsafe UK and Clip'n Climb International.

Abionyx Pharma SA

Cerenis Therapeutics Holding SA (Cerenis Therapeutics SA) is a France-based multinational biopharmaceutical company primarily engaged in the research, development and commercialization of High-density Lipoprotein (HDL) therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Cerenis Therapeutics Holding's product portfolio comprises Cerenis HDL and HDL enhancers that is designed to regress atherosclerotic plaque among patients at high risk of cardiovascular events, among others. Additionally, the Company has a portfolio of clinical and preclinical HDL programs. The Company is present in Labege in Midi-Pyrenees in France and in Ann Arbor in Michigan in the United States. In addition, it also operates through LYPRO Biosciences Inc.


Advicenne SA. ADVICENNE S.A. is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company based in France. The Company focuses on the development of paediatric friendly therapeutics for the treatment of orphan renal diseases and niche neurology indications. The Company's medicines are developed for patients of all ages in the fields of nephrology and neurology. Its lead product includes ADV7103, which is in phase III, designed to address dRTA both in children for whom the disease is genetic as well as for adults who may have acquired the condition as a result of autoimmune disease. Apart from its lead product, the Company also develops a portfolio of products, including ADV6209, which is an oral liquid solution for moderate sedation; Likozam, which is designed to meet the unmet medical need of patients with partial and generalized chronic refractory epilepsy; Levidcen, which is used to address the unmet medical need of epileptic patients with partial onset seizures, and ADV7103 Cystinuria, among others.

AKKA Technologies

Akka Technologies is an engineering and technology consultancy company. Co. bases its service around two areas which enable it to cover the full life cycle of a product: information and systems technology and engineering. Co.'s activities can be divided into six areas: Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Document Engineering, Industrial Information Technology and Embedded Systems, Information Systems and Consulting. Co. operates mainly in France, Belgium and Germany. Co also operates in Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, England and Canada.


MGI Coutier and its subsidiaries are engaged in the manufacture of automobile parts, which are divided into 6 divisions: The motor division designs and manufactures components for engines. The mechatronics division develops and supplies electrical components. The ventilation and accessory division designs and manufactures plastic cockpit equipment and mechanisms. The opening mechanism division specializes in opening mechanisms and door hinges. The fuel and fluid systems division focuses on fuel systems. The distribution and spare parts division markets Co.'s products to wholesalers, and produces metal and plastic parts for use in household appliances, office equipment and cycles.


Albioma is an independent energy producer that develops projects in the thermal biomass, solar power, and anaerobic digestion sectors. Co. provides industrial partners with expertise in energy production via hybrid combustion of biomass. In addition, Co. produces biogas by biological decomposition of organic matter in a confined oxygen-free medium, which it either converts into electricity and heat or purifies and then injects into the gas transmission network. It operates facilities on Reunion Island, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guyana, mainland France and Southern Europe. Co. divides its operation into three segments: Thermal Biomass, Solar Power, and Anaerobic Digestion.

Ales Groupe

Ales Groupe is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in manufacturing and distributing perfumes and herbal cosmetics and medicinal products. Co. also has operations in real estate.

Altran Technologies S.A.

Altran Technologies is a global player in the advanced engineering and innovation consultancy market, operating in more than 20 countries, particularly in Europe, Asia and North America. Co. advises and accompanies clients in creating and developing new products and services, intervening during the strategic planning stages of new technologies and offering products support and services throughout all developmental phases. Co. offers its consulting services as technical backing, project support and end-to-end services, providing deliveries of customized products. Co. operates in two segments: Innovation and Advanced Engineering Consulting and Organization and Information Systems Consulting.

Anevia SA

Anevia SAS is a France-based company that provides video technology solutions and equipment. The Company provides Internet Protocol television (IPTV) over-the-top (OTT) TV solutions for live and on-demand video streaming to television sets, computers, tablets and mobile phones. With over 1,000 deployments in 70 countries, Anevia delivers video solutions to telecommunication operators, broadcast service providers and the hospitality market. Anevia offers a range of carrier grade products that can stream live and on-demand video across managed Internet Protocol (IP) networks or through the Internet. Its solutions cover the entire value chain from live ingestion with digital video broadcasting (DVB) to IP gateways, content distribution management, content conversion, monitoring and load balancing, through to video servers for Video on Demand (VOD) and catch-up TV. It also provides product training and consulting and installation services.


Antevenio SA is a Spain-based company engaged, through its subsidiaries, in the provision of digital marketing services. The Company's range of services comprises online advertising, performance marketing, mobile marketing and e-commerce solutions, among others. The Company operates such subsidiaries as Centrocom Cyber SLU, an entity involved in the provision of online advertising and direct marketing; Europermission SL, which develops databases for commercial purposes; Marketing Manager Servicios de Marketing SLU, focused on advisory services for companies related to commercial communication; Codigo de Barras Network SLU, which mainly provides e-commerce services, and Antevenio SRL, specialized in advertising and marketing on the Internet, among others. It operates through Coobis, a digital platform that connects brands with the media, and React2Media.

Artefact SA

Artefact SA Formerly known as Netbooster. Artefact SA formerly known as NetBooster SA is a France-based agency specialized in digital performance marketing. The Company focuses on the provision of search marketing and qualified search traffic generation services, including search engine optimization; sponsored links management; paid inclusion and pay-per-click traffic; strategic consulting services, and advice on creating online marketing strategies, among others. It invests in technology and covers the entire chain of online marketing through its European network: search engine optimization and marketing, DnA (data and analytics), GroundControl Technology, display, affiliation, online media, creation, eCRM (electronic customer relationship management) and social networks (Social Media, Video and Ad Exchange, among others). The Company is present in China, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Asit Biotech SA

Asit Biotech SA. Asit Biotech SA, formerly Biotech Tools SA, is a Belgium- based company that develops products aimed to prevent negative response of the immune system.


Assystem SA is a France-based company that is principally engaged in engineering and innovation consultancy. The Company offers solutions within a number of sectors, such as Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Nuclear, Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Automotive and Transport. The Company develops the infrastructural engineering and externalized R&D services. It's activities include managing infrastructural investments, from conception to dismantling; aerospace mechanical engineering, providing technical services to aerospace, engine and automotive manufacturers and technology & product engineering, providing services in transport, defense, product hardware and software development. The Company is present Europe, North America and Asia. The main shareholder of the Company is HDL Developpement SAS. It operates through Onyx Promavi, Batir Group, Edison Technical Recruitment Ltd, Radicon Gulf Consult, Engineering Partner Automotive Nordic AB and The Biotech Quality Group, among others.


Aubay SA is a France-based company engaged in the Information Technology (IT) industry. The Company designs architecture of information systems, develops and facilitates content management, designs and develops secured IT networks, offers consulting on telecommunication strategies, provides network engineering, handles engineering projects and outsourced research. It also develops projects and offers facilities management solutions, among others. The Company's products are sold to the sectors of defense, aeronautics, energy, banking, insurance telecommunications, as well as transport and rail sectors. It has developed two service centers: The Dedicated Service Centre includes the technical platform, the premises and all the resources that are dedicated to a single customer; the Pooled Services Centre, which covers the resources, tools and processes pooled for a group of customers. It has such subsidiaries as Aedian SA and Aubay SA, Norma 4 Servicios Informaticos SA, among others.


Audiovalley SA is a Belgium-based company specialized in the digital audio industry. The Company offers services ranging from monetization of digital radio, licensing, in-store digital audio commercialization to the creation, streaming and hosting of online radio. Its product portfolio includes Radionomy, which is a free platform that enables users from around the world to create their own digital radio on the Internet and FM radios, as well as provides tools to broadcast, promote and monetize their radio; Storever, which is an international agency offering in store solutions for brands covering music services, digital signage, interactive solutions and audiovisual equipment for retail players, and Jamendo, which is an independent global music community that supports independent artists by licensing their musical works for commercial use, among others. The Company is also present in France, the United states, Germany, Spain, China and Luxembourg.

Aures Technologies S.A.

Aures Technologies. Aures Technologies SA is a France-based company that specializes in the provision of computerized and electronic point-of-sale equipment. The Company distributes a range of products, including barcode readers, cash drawers, printers, screens and keyboards to stores, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. In addition, Aures Technologies SA supplies industrial system manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers in the access control and multimedia kiosk markets with such products, as card and barcode readers, multi-station printers, book-size personal computers, cash dispensers, key pads and card printers. The Company also offers integration and technical services. Aures Technologies SA operates through three subsidiaries: Aures Technologies Limited, Aures USA Inc and Aures Technologies GmbH. It also acquired 100% of J2 Systems Technology Limited on January 2, 2013.


AwoX SA. Awox SA (AwoX) is a France-based company engaged in the provision to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) network media solutions for consumer electronics products based on mediaCTRL, its Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-certified middleware. AwoX's products and solutions are used in products such as televisions, decoders, personal computers as others. The company's core activity focuses on developing software and electronic products for license to consumer electronics manufacturers. Based on Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and DLNA standards, the modular AwoX architecture helps manufacturers add network functionality to their own products by adapting AwoX's reference hardware design, customizing the AwoX internationalized user interface, and developing new plug-ins. AwoX uses its technologies to develop software and electronic products for the consumer market.

Balyo SA

Balyo SA is a France-based company that designs robotic navigation solutions which are installed into forklifts and allow them to automatically transport pallets. The Company's apparatus is equipped with the guidance technology called Geoguidage. The Geoguidage system is installed in a module which is attached to the forklift, and allows the vehicle to calculate its position and memorize the layout of the warehouse. Its equipment allows detection of pallets, containers and dollies; stacking pallets; read barcode; towing loads; interactions with conveyors and doors, etc; scalable setting and automatic modes, among others. The Company's products are used in logistics and in industry.

Bastide le Confort Medical S.A.

Bastide le Confort Medical is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the home health care industry. Co. retails and rents medical equipment and provides medical services. Products include breathing apparatus, orthopedic shoes, walking aids and wheelchairs, home appliances and furniture adapted to the needs of the lesser able, with the recent addition of equipment related to perfusion and nutrition. Co. operates through a number of outlets concentrated mainly in the South of France, offering advice and information to customers along with the provision and maintenance of medical equipment.

Beneteau S.A.

Beneteau designs, manufactures and sells yachts and powerboats through an international network of dealers. Co. also designs, manufactures and sells mobile homes. Its operations can be divided into two segments: The Boats segment and the Leisure Homes segment. The Boats segment groups together the activities for manufacturing and marketing boats with a customer base made up of dealers; The Leisure Homes segment groups together the activities for manufacturing and marketing mobile homes with a customer base made up of campsites and wholesalers, and the the activities for manufacturing and marketing wood-frame houses. Some of Co.'s brands are Beneteau, Jeanneau, CNB, IRM and O'Hara.

Bigben Interactive

Bigben Interactive is engaged in designing and distributing accessories for video game consoles for the European markets (France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands). Co.'s activities can be divided into four categories: design and distribution of accessories for video game consoles (controllers, steering wheels, memory cards, pistols); exclusive distribution of video game software; non exclusive distribution of video game consoles and software; publication and distribution of promotional products (USB keys, watches, electronic gifts, audio gifts).


Bilendi SA. Bilendi SA, formerly Maximiles SA, is a France-based company that specializes in online loyalty programs. The Company provides services for both individual Internet users and companies with online shopping facilities. It is split into four principal divisions: Maximiles TM, Maximiles Loyalty Services, Maximails Panels and Maximail. operates the Internet loyalty scheme. Maximiles Loyalty Services solutions include proprietary customer loyalty programs, channel and sales promotion incentives and database management. Maximiles Panels provides survey sampling and panel recruitment and incentives services. Maximail uses member purchasing history, demographic and lifestyle data in order to deliver e-mail marketing campaigns. The Company is present in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain and Italy. It also operates several subsidiaries, including Elma, Dateos, Fabuleos, 2WLS and M3 Research, among others.

Bio-Uv Group SAS

bioMerieux S.A.

Boiron S.A.

Boiron manufactures and markets homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from vegetable, animal, mineral, or chemical substances, which are diluted. Co. sells three types of products in 59 countries: Non-proprietary homeopathic medicines, OTC family medication specialties, and Other products. There are two large families of homeopathic medicines: Those associated with precise therapeutic indications and dosage, and those that do not mention a therapeutic indication or dosage. Co. supports homeopathy education and training organizations for healthcare professionals. Some of Co.'s brand names include Oscillococcinum®, Stodal®, S?datif PC®, and Coryzalia.


Bonduelle is active in the market of processed vegetables both within and outside the European Union. Co.'s business is made up of three activities: canned, frozen and fresh vegetables (prepared and fresh-cut). It distributes its products mostly through retail channels (large supermarkets and stores) and food service sectors (restaurants, inter-company canteens). Some of Co.'s brands are Bonduelle, Cassegrain, Frudesa and Artic Gardens. Co. is organized into two geographic regions and four business segments: Bonduelle Europe Long Life (BELL), Bonduelle Fresh Europe (FRESH), Bonduelle Americas (BAM), and Bonduelle Development (BDV).

Boostheat SAS

Boostheat Sas. Boostheat SAS is a France-based company specialized in the manufacturing industry. The Company invents, develops and manufactures boilers, which consume less energy than conventional ones. The Company's boilers emit no particles and contain a heat pump that uses a natural fluid that generates less pollution than conventional electric heat pumps. Additionally, thanks to a built-in hot water tank, its boilers enable users to save water. The Company portfolio includes BOOSTHEAT.20, which combines heat pump and condensing boiler technologies to improve efficiency.

Carbios SA

Carbios SA, formerly Carbios SASU, is a France-based company engaged in green chemistry that focuses on discovering and developing enzymatic bioprocesses applied to plastic and textile polymers. The Company creates a new generation of fully biodegradable plastics with a controlled lifespan, a process enabling infinite biorecycling of plastic waste (PET) and a new biological pathway for the production of competitive biosourced polymers.

Carmat SAS

Carmat is focused on the research and development of an innovative product in the medical sector, developing an orthotopic and biocompatible artificial heart which is completely implantable, as well as its electrical power supply system and remote diagnosis system. Co. is developing a long-term therapeutic solution for patients who suffer from advanced bi-ventricular heart failure and who are not eligible for cardiac transplantation and who have exhausted all drug possibilties. Co. is still in the phase of research and development and thus do not generate any revenues.

Cast S.A.

Cast is engaged in the design, publishing and distribution of computer software programs. Co. also offers IT consulting and technical assistance for professional information systems. Co. operates in France, U.S.A., Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.

Catering International & Services S.A.

Catering International & Services is a catering and support services company that provides remote site catering and living accommodation services in extreme conditions. Co.'s clientelle comprises major groups in the oil, mining, construction and civil engineering sectors operating throughout the world. Through its subsidiaries, Co. offers a full range of customer needs by providing turnkey solutions. Co. divides its integrated business activities into six categories: Engineering, Building, Equipment, Facilities Management, Utilities Management, and Other Support Services.

Cegedim S.A.

Cegedim is a technology and services company. Co. supplies services, IT tools, specialized software, information flow and database management services to healthcare industries, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and insurance companies. Co.'s operations can be divided into three sectors: CRM and Strategic Data (optimizing marketing and sales strategies, namely through tools and databases for managing sales forces, returns on investment, market or prescriber studies); Healthcare Professionals (software publishing with availability of promotional information) and Insurance and Services (software publishing and management of healthcare reimbursement flows).

Cogelec SA

Cogelec SA is a France-based company, which serves as a manufacturer of telephone intercoms and access control solutions. The Company offers solutions adapted to a number of areas, including collective, social or private housing, as well as parking, among others. The Company operates through Intratone, which specializes in vigik access control that allows remote and real-time management for property managers and installers. In addition, the Intratone access control solutions rely on the use of the mobile phone network and allow installers to equip access to buildings.

Compagnie des Alpes S.A.

Compagnie des Alpes SA is a France-based holding company active in the tourism and leisure industry in two distinct areas: the operation and maintenance of ski resorts and the operation of family leisure parks and attractions. It equips, maintains and operates ski resorts in the Alps region in France, Italy and Switzerland. Its activities include lift handling, trail maintenance, grooming and snowmaking, and operation of ticket booths. Compagnie des Alpes SA is active in the leisure park industry through its subsidiary, Grevin & Cie SA, which manages leisure sites in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It offers three types of activities: theme parks, nature and animal parks, and tourist attractions. It operates in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Luxembourg. In April 2014, it sold 30% stake in Groupe Looping to HIG Capital France, and announced the agreement with MacEarth and the aquisition of 2.5% stake in the company.

Compagnie Lebon SA

Compagnie Lebon is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in capital investment and hotel management. Co. is also engaged in real estate management. Its capital investment activities are carried out through PMC 1 (venture capital), PMV 1 (development of real estate assets), and Paluel-Marmont Finance (investment in funds managed by third parties which are engaged in LBO on large companies). Co.'s hotel management activities are carried out through its subsidiary Esprit de France, which renovates and operates Parisian hotels (Hotel Mansart, Hotel des Saint-Peres, Hotel d'Orsay, Hotel Parc St. Severin, Hotel de la Place du Louvre, Hotel Brighton and Hotel Aiglon).

CS Group

CS Communication et Systemes is a contractor in the design, integration and operation of mission critical systems, and is focused on sectors such as: Defense, Space and Security (By combining information, systems interoperability and operations command, Co. leverages the deployment of mission-critical defense), Aeronautics (Co. conducts projects and develops and maintains technical information and real-time systems), Transportation (Co. offers solutions, spanning from roadside equipment to back-office systems, from integration to operation and maintenance support), and Energy and Industry (simulation, high performance computing, safety, risk management, and production data processing).


DBV Technologies is a clinical-stage specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on immunotherapy. Co.'s therapeutic approach is based on epicutaneous immunotherapy (EPIT), its proprietary method of delivering biologically active compounds to immune systems through intact skin using a platform called Viaskin. Viaskin is an electrostatic patch that offers a self-administered, non-invasive immunotherapy to patients. Once applied on intact skin, Viaskin forms a condensation chamber that hydrates the skin and solubilizes the antigen, allowing it to penetrate the epidermis, where it's captured by Langerhans cells. Co.'s patients include infants and children suffering from severe food allergies.


Derichebourg provides services to businesses and to local and municipal authorities. Co. covers the entire waste recycling chain, from collection through to recuperation, as well as a range of services to businesses and to local and municipal authorities. Co.'s activities can be divided into three segments: Environmental Services segment which is engaged in the processing and disposal of waste and of end-of-life products; Business Services segment which offers a range of front end services (reception, cleaning, energy, parks and gardens maintenance, temporary workers) and Airport Services segment which provides outsourced airport services like services for stopover management and airfreight.

Don't Nod Entertainment SA

Dont Nod Entertainment SA. Dont Nod Entertainment SARL is a France-based video game developer. The Company develops video games for consoles and personal computers (PC) based on original concepts and technologies. The Company specializes in narrative games in a number of genres, including adventure, action and role play. Its games are natively multi-screens (consoles, PCs, Smartphone, tablets, Mac and TV). Its game portfolio includes Remember me, which includes digitized personal and intimate memories; Life is Strange, which narrates the story of Max, a photography student who suddenly discovers an internal power to go back in time, and Vampyr, which depicts London in the early 20th century after it has been ravaged by the Spanish Flu.


ECA Sa. ECA SA is a France-based company which designs and delivers robotic equipment and intelligent solutions for both civil and military application. The Company offers vehicles and crafts for detection, inspection and destruction of mines, inspection systems for nuclear power plants, control and command systems, as well as ground and land robots for anti-terrorist missions and others. ECA SA is split into three divisions: Robotics and Integrated Systems, Simulation and Aeronautics. The Company has several subsidiaries, including, ECA CSIP, ECA CNAI, ECA Faros and ECA Sindel, among others. As of December 31, 2011, ECA SA was 56.4%-owned by Groupe Gorge.

Ekinops SA

Ekinops SA is a France-based company engaged in the provision of optical transport solutions for service providers and private networks. The Company develops optical aggregation and transportation sub-systems for metropolitan and long-distance networks. Its products include switching, routing and multi-protocol solutions; optical amplifiers, optical filters, as well as optical protection units, among others. Its system can be configured through a software download to manage the aggregation of multiprotocol services through integration of systems and functionalities, allowing systems to be used through a single protocol. Ekinops operates a network of business offices in Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Encres Dubuit

Encres Dubuit. Encres Dubuit SA is a France-based company that specializes in creating, manufacturing and selling technical and industrial inks for serigraphy, industrial marking, offset printing and screen printing. It offers a range of products, including ultraviolet (UV) polymerization inks and special varnishes, inks for the application on various materials and printing supplies. The Company supplies clients in four areas: Industry, New Technologies, Graphic and Label. The Company operates through its group companies, including SCREEN MESH, TINTAS DUBUIT, DUBUIT PAINT, DUBUIT Digital, DUBUIT Canada, QUEBEC INC, Encres DUBUIT SHANGHAI, DUBUIT BENELUX, PUBLIVENOR, ALL INKS, DUBUIT Shanghai Co and DUBUIT OF AMERICA. The Company has operations in Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Environnement SA

Envea SA, formerly Environnement SA, is a France-based company that designs, manufactures and markets apparatus to measure and monitor environmental conditions. It's range of products includes: air quality monitoring, including gas analyzers, open path multi-gas systems and calibration devices; emission monitoring, including multi-gas stationary monitoring systems, dilution-based stationary monitoring systems and stack flow meters; engine exhaust gas monitoring, including heated total hydrocarbon analyzers and heated nitrogen oxides analyzers; radionuclide monitoring, including high volume samplers and automatic radio xenon samplers; water quality monitoring, which includes sampling systems, such as total organic carbon analyzer and total hydrocarbons analyzer and dioxin monitoring. The Company operates through Environnement Italia Spa, Altech Environnement, based in the United States, Environnement India, based in India and Environnement China and TDL Sensors Ltd, among others.

EOS Imaging SA

EOS Imaging SA. EOS Imaging SA is a France-based company that manufactures and sells orthopedic imaging systems for orthopedic surgeons, radiologists, and rheumatologists for the diagnosis, surgical planning and follow-up of spine, hip and knee diseases. The EOS orthopedic imaging machine captures images of patients in a standing position with less radiation than a standard X-ray. It also provides three-dimensional images and true size images for surgical planning and monitoring of pathologies. EOS Imaging SA has obtained marketing authorizations in 30 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, among others. The Company operates through subsidiaries, including EOS Imaging SA, EOS Imaging Inc, EOS Imaging Canada, EOS Imaging GmbH and Onefit Medical, among others.

Erytech Pharma SA

Erytech Pharma is a pharmaceutical company based in France. Co. is primarily engaged in developing cancer therapies that work by starving tumors. Co.'s first product (ERY-ASP), which is in phase III development, provides a therapeutic solution to frail patients with acute leukemia. Co.'s proprietary technology is based on encapsulation of therapeutic molecules into red blood cells. Co. maintains a production unit located in Lyons with "Pharmaceutical Establishment" status. Co. has also signed two distribution partnership agreements with the Orphan Europe-Recordati company and the TEVA group.

Eurofins Scientific S.E.

Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company operating in food & pharmaceutical products testings. Co. provides analytical testing services to clients from various industries including pharmaceutical, food, and environmental sectors. Co. offers analytical methods for evaluating the authenticity, origin, safety, identity, composition, and purity of biological substances & products. Co. verifies authenticity of products analyzed to detect dangerous components (pathogens, prions, pesticides, asbestos, mycotoxins, dioxins, toxic substances, etc.). Co. operates in Benelux, France, Germany, North America, Scandinavia, British Isles (U.K. & Republic of Ireland), & other countries.

Euromedis Groupe

Euromedis Groupe. Euromedis Groupe SA is a France-based company that specializes in the design, manufacture, distribution, rental and export of medical and surgical equipment and products, and services for medical home care for hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, physicians, pharmacies, and individuals. The Company's product portfolio include products, such as syringes and needles; surgical equipment, such as catheters, instrumentation and compresses; gloves; hygiene products, comprising disposable clothing, masks and paper towel products, and pharmaceutical equipment, offering cotton wool and thermometers. Euromedis Groupe SA exports its products to Europe and Africa.


EuropaCorp is mainly involved in the production and distribution of film and audiovisual works. Co. has developed a business model for the production and distribution of films for French and international markets, by seeking to manage all stages of the content production and exploitation chain. Co is involved in film production, sale of international film exploitation rights, sale of broadcasting rights to French TV channels, as well as film exploitation in the form of licenses, associated products and partnerships. Co. operates in four different operating segments: Production and Distribution of films, Production and distribution of TV films and series, Events, Multiplexes, and Other.

Exel Industries

EXEL Industries designs and manufactures precision spraying equipment that it markets to three markets: farming, industry and consumers. Co. organizes its operations into two divisions: Plant Protection (manufactures professional, semi-professional and consumer agricultural spraying equipment for plant protection; plant health products sprayed include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers and other products) and Material Protection (supply of material protection products in two different areas: paint and viscous industrial product application equipment; and elimination of dust and odors).

Fermentalg SA

Fermentalg SA. Fermentalg SA is a France-based industrial biotechnology company. It specializes in the development of a technology which is used to produce molecules of interest and bypasses conventional methods using petrochemicals and also industrial fish farming. The Company offers a solution to the gradual depletion of two key resources: wild fish and petroleum. The Company's technology allows it to target a range of markets, such as human nutrition, animal feed, green chemicals, cosmetics and biofuels.

Figeac Aero SARL

Figeac Aero SA, formerly Figeac Aero SARL, is a France-based company engaged in the manufacture of parts and components for aerospace industry. It offers a range of products and services such as design, manufacture and assembly of subassemblies; manufacture of structural parts, ranging from small fittings to large panels; supply of engine parts, such as vertical lathe, blades, and milling of aluminum and hard materials; and manufacture of precision parts, such as landing gear and thrust inverters. The Company's customer base includes Airbus, Embraer, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Eurocopter and Gulfstream, among others. It is a member of the Figeac Aero Group, comprising companies engaged in provision of aerospace-related products and services. It operates through Groupe Sonaca and PECISS, industrial technology services company based in Tunisia.

Focus Home Interactive SAS

Focus Home Interactive SA is France-based company principally engaged in the video games industry. The Company publishes interactive video games. The Company produces the catalogue, Focus, which publishes and distributes original titles, such as Blood Bowl, the strategy games Wargames, Sherlock Holmes, TrackMania, Runaway, Cities XL, Cycling Manager and Farming Simulator, among others. The Company has also games under development, such as The Technomancer, Act of Aggression, Vampyr, Call of Cthulhu, as well as several games based on Games Workshop Warhammer and Warhammer licenses: Blood Bowl 2, Space Hulk, Mordheim, and Battlefleet Gothic. The Company operates in France and overseas.

Freelance.Com. SA is a French web-based sub-contracting company for freelance professionals. It maintains a database of professionals who have registered their curriculum vitae (CV) on the Company's website and acts as an intermediary between potential employers and freelancers seeking both short-term and long-term contracts. SA offers its sub-contracting services in such areas as information technology, marketing and communication, journalism, translation, training, as well as consultancy. It operates in France, Morocco, Switzerland and Spain, among others. As of December 31, 2011, the Company operated through several nine subsidiaries, sarl, EGO Interim, Ego Recruitement, Valor SA, Valor Conusltants, PC SAS., Valor One, Prower SAS and Freekabce,Man Ltd.


GeNeuro SA. Geneuro SA is a Switzerland-based clinical stage pharmaceutical company that develops treatments for autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and other diseases associated with human endogenous retroviruses (HERV). The Company's main product, GNbAC1, is a humanized monoclonal antibody that is in clinical development phase IIb. GNbAC1 neutralizes the MSRV-Env protein rather than targeting the patient's immune system, and slows down or even halts the progression of multiple sclerosis. The Company's main shareholders are Eclosion2, a launching platform for new companies in the life sciences field, bioMerieux SA, which specializes in vitro diagnostics for medical and industrial applications, Institut Merieux, a private equity company, and Servier, an independent French pharmaceutical company.

Gensight Biologics SA

GenSight Biologics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company based in France. Co. is engaged in discovering and developing novel therapies for mitochondrial and neurodegenerative diseases of the eye and central nervous system by combining a gene therapy-based approach with its core technology platforms of mitochondrial targeting sequence, or MTS, and optogenetics. Co.'s initial focus has been on developing therapies for severe retinal diseases, with the goal of preserving or restoring vision in patients suffering from sight-threatening ophthalmic diseases. Co.'s product pipeline comprises two candidates for the treatment of sight-threatening retinal degenerative diseases, GSO1O and GSO3O.

Gerard Perrier Industrie

Gerard Perrier Industrie manufactures and installs electrical and electronic products used for the automation of industrial machinery. Activities also include industrial computing, industrial maintenance and electrical and electronic wiring.

GL Events

GL events is an international provider of event solutions and services. Co. operates in three segments of the event industry market: the organization of trade fairs, conventions and events(Co. organizes proprietary trade shows); the management of venues(Co.'s venues are managed under concession agreements or long-term public-private partnerships); and services for events(Co. equips and installs every type of event). Co. assists companies, institutions, and event organizers at every stage of the process from the definition of their event strategies to final implementation in the field.

Global Bioenergies S.A.

Global Bioenergies SA is a France-based company that specializes in the development of a process to produce isobutene biologically from renewable resources. Isobutene, a hydrocarbon, can be converted into fuels such as isooctane, as well as into various materials (synthetic rubber, organic glass, plastics). The process developed by Global Bioenergies SA is based on the design of an artificial metabolic pathway comprising several enzymes catalyzing reactions not observed in nature. Six patent applications have been filed by the Company. The first two applications covering the key steps of the bio-production of isobutene and other olefins have already been published. It distributes butane and propane containing bio-isobutene, in a e partnership with Global Bioenergies. It operates through Syngip.

Groupe Alten

Alten is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. operates in three areas: Engineering and Technology Consulting (ETC), Telecoms Networks and Multimedia, and Information Systems (NTIS). Through the Engineering and Technology Consulting (ETC) segment, Co. studies and designs technology products for technical divisions in industry and telecoms. The Telecoms Networks and Multimedia segment focuses on Product design, Architecture, deployment, and operation of networks. Lastly, the IT systems segment comprises Applications and software development, and Infrastructure and Telecoms (Applications, systems and networks Corporate telecommunications).

Groupe CRIT

Groupe Crit provides HR solutions to companies. Co.'s activities are divided into three segments: Temporary employment and Recruitment; Airport services; and Other services. In the Temporary employment and Recruitment segment, Co.'s offering includes temporary employment, permanent placement, secondment, outsourcing, training and consulting. The Airport services segment includes all services performed on an airplane from its landing to its take-off such as services to passengers and airplanes. The Other services segment comprises services in engineering and maintenance, and miscellaneous activities. At Dec 31 2010, Co. operated 431 branches, and was the partner of more than 25,000 companies.

Groupe Gorge

Groupe Gorge is a holding company engaged in three areas of operation: Smart Safety Systems (develops Smart Safety Systems designed to operate in hostile and constrained environments for civil and defense sectors); Protection in Nuclear Environments (protection solutions in nuclear environments: shielding by partition systems in nuclear power stations & protection against radiation for staff working in nuclear environments); and Industrial Project Services (industrial projects and maintenance, creating production tools and turnkey operation areas, projects and services in industrial robotics, iron works, automation, 3D printer offerings, electricity and fire fighting systems).

Groupe Guillin S.A.

Groupe Guillin. Groupe Guillin SA is a France-based company that specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of plastic packaging products for use in various sectors of the food industry. It offers a range of products, including trays, plates, as well as sheets for thermoforming and various solutions for catering and meal distribution. Groupe Guillin SA comprises of seventeen subsidiaries including, Alphaform, which manufactures plastic plates, bowls, boxes and trays for use in the transportation and distribution; Dynaplast, producing rigid plastic sheets and plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables, Guillin Emballages, engaged in the design and manufacture of thermoformed plastic packaging, Socamel Technologies, focused on the institutional catering market, producing multi-service trolleys and plastic trays and Rescaset Concept, also active on the catering market and offering china trays, plates and dishes, among others.

Groupe SFPI

Groupe SFPI SA. Groupe SFPI SA is a group of manufacturing companies based in France. Each company of the Group designs, produces and distributes equipment for the construction and manufacturing industries. The Group divides its business activities into two main segments: Construction and Manufacturing. The Construction segment focuses on the supply of equipment, convenience, security and energy efficiency to a number of access points, which includes joinery, shutters, industrial closures, locks, sophisticated access security systems, monitoring systems and alarms, among others. The Manufacturing segment focuses on heat exchanges, sterilizers, air conditioning units, pneumatic transport and dust extraction systems.

Guerbet S.A.

Guerbet is a French pharmaceutical group that develops, markets, and provides maintenance services for medical equipment and devices destined for diagnostic and interventional imaging. Co.'s portfolio comprises media solutions covering MRI, X-rays and products devoted to International Radiology and Theranostics and medical devices. Co. organizes its operation by product family covering Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-rays (XR) and Interventional Radiology and Theranostics (IRT). The MRI family includes Dotarem® and Artirem®; Co.'s X-ray product family includes Xenetix®, Optiray®/Optiject®, Oxilan®, and Telebrix®; and the IRT product family has Lipiodol®, Bleu Patente V and Hexabrix®.

Haulotte Group

Haulotte Group manufactures and sells machines for use in building/public works and industrial markets. Co. specializes in people and material lifting equipment. It also operates in rental market for this equipment. Co.'s offering includes access equipment, telehandlers, earth moving equipments, system and utility scaffolds, event staging and seating. Its activities can be divided into three segments: the manufacture and sale of lifting equipment, the rental of lifting equipment, and services (spare parts, repairs and financing). Co. operates geographically in Europe, North America, South America and Asia/Pacific.


Maisons France Confort sells and builds built-to-order detached family homes (with the land purchased separately by the customer). Co.'s houses are presented in a catalogue. The plans are adapted and personalized for each customer by means of CAD (Computer Assisted Design) applications. The catalogues are designed around a centralized concept, but include regional variants. As of Dec 31 2010, the retail prices, excluding the land, of Co.'s houses vary between Euro70,000 and Euro800,000 including taxes, with the average selling price being Euro116,000 including taxes for an average living area of 98 sq. m.

HF Co.

HF Company and its subsidiaries are engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of high frequency signal transmission equipment used in audio and video appliances, mobile telephones and home protection security.

High Co.

High Co SA is a France-based marketing services group for mass-market retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. The Company offers marketing solutions, such as coupon issuing, a promotional technique that entitles the customer to a discount on a product; sampling, which consists in offering free samples to test a product; point-of sale, which ranges from shelf tags to in-store radio announcements, floor graphics and in-store field marketing; clearing, which consists of processing discount coupons and money-back offers; marketing communication agencies, which provide support for brands and retailers in their marketing campaigns, and digital services with the subsidiary, HighCo 3.0., which advises and assists clients on the integration of digital technologies for distributors and brands. The Company operates in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia and Turkey, among others.

Hopscotch Groupe

Le Public Systeme is active on the markets of public relations and community marketing. Co.'s operations can be divided into six segments: Public relations and Media; Corporate events; Travel, Incentives and Team building; Operational marketing; Conventions; and Contents production in audiovisual and multimedia. Co. delivers its services in three areas: Image (development of the reputation, popularity and credibility of a brand or a product), Company (development of human resource and relations) and Business (development of sales and creation of activity). In addition, Co. specializes in three communication areas: Cinema, Entertainment and Luxury.

I.Ceram SA

ICeram SA. I.Ceram SA is a France-based company engaged in design and manufacture of joint implants. It offers implants for various body parts, produced of metal, polymer and ceramic. The Company has own laboratory and researchers developing a range of bone fillers.


Infotel is a group of consulting companies and a global software vendor. The Group has developed a complete service offering and a range of software for enterprise servers. Co. provides consultancy, analysis, IT system audits, third-party application maintenance and software testing solutions. Co. designs and implements, as service contracts or service desk, management projects by implementing advanced methods and technologies, from mobile technology to databases. Co. has developed software to assist customers in areas such as DB2® (security, performance and management), data management and archiving, web-enables or quality applications and relational database performance.

Innate Pharma SA

Innate Pharma S.A. is a biopharmaceutical Company developing immunotherapy drugs for cancer and inflammatory diseases. Co. specializes in the development of new monoclonal antibodies targeting receptors and pathways controlling the activation of innate immunity cells. Also, Co. has three product-candidates resulting from its research platform are being tested in clinical trials; two of these by Co.'s partners, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Novo Nordisk A/S. Co. focuses on immunopharmacology and antibody technology. Co. has a panel of molecular and cellular assays and in vivo models for assessing the pharmacodynamics, the pharmacotoxicology and efficacy of drug candidates.

Innelec Multimedia SA

Innelec Multimedia is a global distributor of multimedia, providing video games, DVDs, and software for personal and professional use. Co. also markets games systems, and related merchandise. Co. sells Yu-Gi-Oh collector cards and toys such as Heroic Fantasy figurines under the Dolmen trademark. Co. offers over 4,000 different software products to three main clients: specialty stores, mail order companies and retail stores.

Interparfums SA

Interparfums SA. Interparfums SA, also known as Interparfums, is a French-based company engaged in the design, manufacturing and marketing of fragrances. The Company designs, produces and distributes perfumes and cosmetics under such brands as Burberry, Boucheron, Burberry Beauty, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Montblanc, Nickel, Paul Smith, Repetto, S.T. Dupont and Van Cleef & Arpels, Karl Lagerfeld, among others. The Company is present in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, among others. The Company operates through the subsidiaries, including Interparfums Suisse Sarl, Interparfums Deutschland GmbH, Interparfums Srl, Interparfums Ltd, Interparfums Luxury Brands and Interparfums Singapore. As of December 31, 2013 the Company's shareholder was InterParfums Holding with 73,1% stake in the Company.


Inventiva is a clinical stage biotechnology research company delivering therapies in the areas of oncology, fibrosis and rare diseases. The most advanced clinical programs (IVA337 for systemic sclerosis in Non-Alcoholic Steato-Hepatitis and IVA336 for Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome-MPS VI) have demonstrated efficacy in relevant in vivo and in vitro models as well as safety in phase I and phase II clinical trials. Using its in-house drug discovery platform, which covers target validation, screening, chemistry, ADME and pharmacology, Co. is developing an internal oncology and fibrosis discovery pipeline with approaches centered on transcription factors, epigenetics targets and nuclear receptors.


Ipsen is global biotechnology specialty care company. Co. engages in research, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products for human healthcare. Co.'s product portfolio includes pharmaceutical products marketed around the world to specialists working in its targeted therapeutic areas (oncology, endocrinology, neurology and haematology). These products are specialist care drugs. Co. also markets products in other therapeutic areas including gastroenterology, cardiovascular and cognitive disorders. These products are primary care drugs. Co.'s brand names include Decapeptyl®, Somatuline®, Dysport®, Nutropin Aq®, Smecta®, Forlax®, Nisis®,Adrovance®, Exforge® and Adenuric®.

Ipsos S.A.

Ipsos is an independent survey-based research group based in France. Co. focuses exclusively on the production, interpretation, and distribution of information gathered from individuals about their views, desires, attitudes, and behaviors. It uses two principal methods of survey-based research: Quantitative research and Qualitative research. Co. organizes its business around six areas of specialization: Advertising Research; Marketing Research; Media Research; Opinion and Social Research; and Customer Relationship/Management Research. In addition, it divides its operations into five geographical areas: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East.

IT Link

IT Link is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. specializes in engineering and embedded technologies. Co.'s activity consists of assisting industries (automotive, aeronautics, telecoms, transportation, multimedia and digital TV, energy and defense) with their research and development projects. Its services allow Co.'s customers to outsource the design and development of new products.


Kalray SA is a France-based semiconductor and software company that develops and sells manycore processors. Its products include the Multi-Purpose Processor Array (MPPA) processor architecture (a family of programmable silicon devices), a software development kit, development platform and reference board. The Company provides manycore processors for low to medium volume embedded and acceleration applications. The Company's technology is the combination of the MPPA processor architecture and a software parallel programming solution MPPA ACCESSORE. Its products target the embedded computing market, including the imaging, medical and industrial sectors, telecommunication infrastructures, data security and network appliances, and transport and industrial automation.

Kaufman & Broad S.A.

Kaufman & Broad SA is a France-based property developer and builder. The Company is principally engaged in the development of single family homes and apartments, commercial real estate activity, as well as the provision of residence services for business tourists and students. The Company is involved in all stages of implementation of a development program, land research to commercialization of housing through project design, the filing of a building permit and after-sales service. The Company has operations in numerous cities in France, such as Bayonne, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulon and Toulouse, among others. Furthermore, the Company provides construction of logistics platforms and warehouses. It is also operational through a number of subsidiaries, including Kaufman & Broad Pyrenees-Atlantiques, Kaufman & Broad Homes SAS, SM2I and Residences Bernard Teillaud SARL, among others.


Korian is an actor on the temporary and permanent dependency care market in France, Germany and Italy. Co. offers and develops services related to dependency through its retirement homes (116 as of Dec 31 2009), follow-up care and rehabilitation facilities (35 as of Dec 31 2009) and psychiatric clinics (11 as of Dec 31 2009). Co.'s operations can be divided into four geographical segments: Medical and Social activity in France (retirement homes); Sanitary activity in France (follow-up care, rehabilitation, psychiatry and home medical care); Italy; and Germany.

Lacroix Group SA

Lacroix is an industrial company organized around three branches. In the Signaling branch, Co. designs, manufactures and sells road and urban signaling. Co. also provides appraisal services, fitting and work site signaling. In the Telemetry branch, Co. sells technical facility network remote control and management products for drinking water and waste water disposal networks, heating and ventilation air control facilities, and industrial sites. In the Electronics branch, Co. provides electronic sub-contracting services (electronic board design and industrialization, component purchasing and procurement, board and finished product assembly, tests and qualifications and after-sales service).


Societe Industrielle d'Aviation Latecoere and its subsidiaries are engaged in the manufacture of parts and equipment for the aeronautic and space industries. Co.'s products are mainly divided into 2 sectors: Airframe Structure and Equipment & Systems. Airframe Structure: manufactures Fuselage and Wing Structure Elements such as tail cones, forward upper shells, side parts, front spar bulkheads, nose sections, passenger doors, flaps; Nacelle Structure Elements such as fan cowls, tail engine fan cowls, translating sleeves, thrust reverser beams. Equipment & Systems: manufactures on-board electric racks, harnesses, landscape video camera system, pilot control panels and battery charge limiters.


Laurent-Perrier is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the production and distribution of champagne. Its products are sold through four main brands, which are Laurent-Perrier, Salon, Delamotte and Champagne de Castellane. Co.'s vineyards are held either directly by Co. or jointly with other growers through various real-estate companies. Co. organizes its business activities under three different types of legal entities: Champagne houses, Distribution subsidiaries, and Vineyards. For most of its export markets, Co.'s products are sold through specialized distribution networks such as cafes, hotels and restaurants, wine merchants and direct sales.


Societe LDC SA is a France-based holding company engaged in food processing. The Group provides poultry products, as well as a range of delicatessen food. It has four business lines: Upstream division, which is responsible for branch management; Poultry division, engaged in the poultry, pig and cattle farming, as well as egg production and others; The Delicatessen division, offering ready-to-eat meals and snacks like pizzas, sandwiches, tarts and desserts and International division which focuses on international development with countries specific strategies. It markets its products under various brands, including Le Gaulois, Loue and Traditions d'Asie.

LDLC Com SA is a France-based company engaged in the sale and distribution of computer and multimedia equipment. Its product range includes electronic components, network equipment, software, connections, portable computers, hi-fis and videos, digital cameras, digital versatile discs (DVDs) and peripherals. The Company sells its products online and through two showrooms in Lyon and in Paris, as well as 11 branch offices. It also offers delivery services throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland. LDLC.Com SA's subsidiaries include, Textorm Sarl, DLP-Connect, Plugsquare and Anikop, all operating in the information technology (IT) market. The Company operates various websites, including,, and, among others. It merged with Domisys SAS. It operates through Domimo 2 SCI and Domimo 3 SCI.

Le Belier

Le Belier is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. specializes in the manufacture of moulded aluminium safety components for cars. Co. focuses on five product families: braking systems, turbo systems, suspension and chassis parts, steering and engine mountings. Co.'s offering ranges from prototypes to machined parts, representing three main activities: foundry, machining and tool-making. Its operations can be divided geographically in two areas: Europe (France, Hungary, Serbia and Italy) and Outside Europe (China and Mexico).

Linedata Services

Linedata Services. Linedata Services SA is a France-based company that provides software and service solutions in the area of investment, employee savings, insurance and savings, leasing and credit, and Software as a Service. Linedata Services offers solutions in six complementary areas: Implementation Services, Hosting and SAAS, Training Services, Client Support, Professional Services and Buy Side Managed Services. The Company offers asset management solutions that cover various aspects of the investment process. Its leasing and credit finance solutions cover consumer credit, car finance, professional finance and syndicated loans, and offer contract management, including automated administrative procedures. The Company's insurance and savings solutions cover employee savings, retirement savings and life insurance. The Company operates through several subsidiaries, including Linedata Technologies Tunisie SA, LD Services Inc and Fimasys Espana SL, among others.

LISI Link Solutions for Industry

LISI manufactures multifunctional fasteners and assembly and structural components for three business sectors: aerospace, automotive, and perfurmery. Co.'s activities are also split into three divisions: LISI Aerospace division, LISI Medical division and LISI Automotive division. LISI Aerospace division produces fasteners and assembly components for the aerospace and motor racing markets. LISI Medical division produces medical implants and is a sub-contractor of auxiliary parts. LISI Automotive division produces automotive fasteners and assembly components.

LNA Sante

LNA Sante SA Formerly known as Le Noble Age. LNA Sante SA, formerly known as Le Noble Age SA is a France-based company that owns and operates retirement homes and complexes for elderly residents. The Company's residences provide care and assistance for elderly people with a variety of needs, from those with a high level of independence, to those who are completely dependent. LNA Sante SA is also engaged in real estate operations. The Company has residences in France and Belgium. LNA Sante SA operates through its several subsidiaries, including Le Parc de Diane Sarl, Institut Medicalise de Mar Vivo, Gerhome, Residence le Point du Jour and the home healthcare service provider ARAIR Assistance, as well as ARAIR Group's support and training services, among others.


Lysogene SA is a France-based company principally engaged in the bio diagnostics and testing. The Company is focused on the gene therapy biotechnology. The Company develops treatments targeting severe genetic pathologies with central nervous system involvement and high unmet medical needs. It is specialized in the development of intracerebral gene therapy aimed at treating pathologies affecting the central nervous system, which is the main cause of neuro-degenerative disease mortality in children.

MaKheiA Group

Makheia Group and its subsidiaries are engaged in the design, production and distribution of digital applications for various media users. Co. also operates in the multimedia industry and the internet.

Manitou BF S.A.

Manitou BF is active on the global market for material handling. Co. divides its activities into three divisions: Rough Terrain Handling (RTH) where Co. assembles and distributes rough terrain handling equipment such as masted forklift trucks and fixed and rotating telescopic forklift trucks; Industrial Material Handling (IMH) where Co. designs and distributes semi-industrial masted forklift trucks; industrial forklift trucks; truck-mounted forklifts; and Compact Equipment (CE) where Co. designs, assembles and distributes skid steer loaders, telescopic forklift trucks, articulated loaders and mini excavators. Co.'s brands include Manitou®, Gehl®, Mustang®, Loc®, Edge®.

Manutan International S.A.

The Manutan Group is a retailer whose focus is on the multichannel distribution market, providing supplies and equipment for a businesses and local authority customer base. Co. mainly markets its products and services in 19 countries throughout Europe where it has operations, Africa, Asia and in the Middle East. Co.'s product offerings comprise over 200,000 items, covering products required by businesses for their materials handling, lifting, storage, industrial supplies, safety, hygiene, packaging, office and workshop furniture, supplies and consumables needs, as well as furniture for hotels and restaurants, and educational, healthcare and sport materials for local authorities.

Mauna Kea Technologies SAS

Mauna Kea Technologies is a global medical device company based in France. Co. is focused on innovations in the field of endomicroscopy (microscopic imaging during endoscopy procedures). Co. is predominately active in the advent of optical biopsy. Co. researches, develops and markets innovative tools to visualize and detect cellular abnormalities during endoscopic procedures. Co.'s flagship product, Cellvizio®, a probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (pCLE) system, provides physicians and researchers high-resolution cellular views of tissue inside the body. Co. has marketing authorizations in Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S., Brazil, Chile, South Korea, Poland, Russia and Saudi Arabia.


McPhy Energy SAS is a France-based company that develops hydrogen storage and production solutions for the merchant hydrogen market and renewable energy markets. The Company sells solid-state hydrogen technology to provide a way for industrial gas renewable energy storage. Its products include the electrolyzer, a hydrogen generator that uses water as a raw material; solid hydrogen storage solutions with MCP and MGH series; and other ways that integrate electrolyzers and other solutions. It has offices in such countries as France, Italy and Germany and agents and distributors in Europe, Asia and Americas.


Mecelec Composites SA. Mecelec Composites SA, formerly Mecelec SA, is a France-based company that specializes in the provision of electricity grid equipment, telecommunication networks, and gas and water systems. It offers a range of multi-energy connection equipment, metering equipment, protection and cut-out boxes, as well as shut-off, pressure regulation and metering boxes and others. In addition, the Company provides a range of distribution boxes. The Company is active in two main markets: Networks with a range of junction boxes to networks of electricity, gas, water and telecom and the industry by providing solutions for a range of industrial applications. It has sites located in France, as well as in Romania. It operates through, including Mecelec Plastic Compozit (Roumanie), Mecelec Industries (France).


Mersen produces materials and electrical components intended for alternative energies, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, rail transportation, electronics and process industries. Co. divides its operations into two segments: Advanced Materials and Technologies (AMT - Materials), and Electrical Components and Technologies (ECT - Electrical). In addition, Co. produces four types of products: Electrical Applications, Electrical Protection, High-Temperature Applications, and Anticorrosion Equipment. Co. also caters to the process industries, supporting their transition towards greater energy efficiency and boasts an efficient manufacturing base with plants employing the very latest technologies.

MGI Digital Graphic

Mgi Digital Technology SA. Mgi Digital Technology SA, formerly MGI France SA, is a France-based company that specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of digital printers and related products. The Company offers a digital direct-to-print technology that provides four-color process printing variable data, personalization, bar codes, personal identification numbers (PINs), magnetic stripes, photos and auto numbering. The Company's portfolio of products includes MeteorDP8700XL, plastic card die cutting, JET cards, JETvarnish, UVarnish, Punchcard Pro, Presscard Pro and EnvelopExpress, among others. The Company's clients belong to commercial printing, silk screeners, plastic cards printers, newspaper and book printers, graphic art professionals and government sectors. In September 2013, Mgi Digital Technology SA announced that it has acquired a 100% stake in CERADROP, a company specialized in the design and commercialization of professional ink jet printing equipment for printed electronics.

Microwave Vision

Microwave Vision SA is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. produces technology allowing for fast analysis of electromagnetic fields over a scan line or a surface that helps carry out measurement of electromagnetic fields in a very short time period; and designs, manufactures and markets antenna measurement systems based on mechanical displacement sensor technology. Co.s activities are divided into four units: Antenna Measurement Systems (AMS), Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), Environmental & Industrial Control (EIC), and National Security and Healthcare (NSH).

MND Group NV

Montagne et Neige Developpement SAS. Montagne et Neige Developpement SA is a France-based company that helps customers develop, equip and protect their infrastructures at high altitudes, such as ski areas, mountain resorts, highways and mining sites. It is active in the field of mountain infrastructure and a low-impact and alternative mode of urban transport. The Company operates in three main sectors: Mountain, Cableway Urban Transport and Process. The Mountain sector includes safety, leisure, snowmaking and ski lifts; the Cableway Urban Transport include cable-mounted urban transport system designed to fit into urban and peri-urban environments; Process segment is engaged in the production and warehousing activities of the Company.

Moulinvest S.A.

Moulinvest SA. Moulinvest SA is a France-based company that specializes in the wood industry. The Company provides wood cutting services and manufactures finished wood products aimed at the building industry, such as beams and timber frame structures for houses. The Company also uses the waste from its primary activity using biomass to produce electricity and heat, as well as manufacturing wood pellets to be used in heating systems. Moulinvest SA sources its wood from forests in the Auvergne and Rhone-Alpes regions of France. The Company has various direct subsidiaries, such as Scierie Moulin, which regroups the wood cutting activities of the Company, and Moulin Bois Energie, which focuses on the renewable energy activities of the Company. Moulinvest SA also has an indirect subsidiary, SCI de Ville, a real estate company which owns the building used by Scierie Moulin.

Nanobiotix SA

Nanobiotix SA is a France-based oncology focused nanomedicine company. It is engaged in developing nanoparticle technology. It develops new tools for cancer which utilize a physical mode of action at the cellular level of the cancer cell. This disruptive approach may reshape future treatment opportunities. The Company's NanoXray technology comprises three products having the potential to cause a paradigm shift in cancer therapy. Specifically, NanoXray products may overcome the current limitations of standard of care in local therapy. Local treatment (surgery and radiotherapy) plays a seminal role in the potential cure and gives systemic treatment a better chance to increase life expectancy. NanoXray products are developed to selectively increase the efficacy of radiotherapy in the tumor cell. Nanobiotix is a spin-off of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo.


Netgem is a provider of Internet services through television. Co.'s solution enables businesses and communities to build one-to-one Web-based relationships with their customers and members by providing access to online services. Co.'s technology operates on a Linux-based open software platform and a thin-client access device. Co.'s Netgem Solution is available for standard telephone connection at 56kbs, ISDN lines, Ethernet connection (ADSL modems) and broadband cable (DOCSIS standard) Co. offers the Netbox, which transforms every television set into an Internet-enriched television using only a standard telephone connection.

Nexity S.A.

Nexity in an integrated real estate group based in France. Co. operates in all areas of real estate development and services (residential real estate, commercial real estate, real estate services to individuals and real estate services to companies, distribution networks and client relations, major urban projects). Co. maintains a market presence across all industry cycles (short, medium and long). Co. serves three types of clients: individuals, companies and investors, and local authorities. Co.'s activities are conducted around four primary divisions: Residential real estate, Commercial real estate, Services and Distribution Networks, and Other activities.


Oeneo is engaged in the production of barrels for wine (casks, barrels, tanks, drums and alternative products) and technological corks for wine bottles.


Orapi SA. Orapi SA is a France-based company that designs, produces and distributes consumable solutions for health and industrial maintenance. The Company operates in four brand segments: the Industrial Maintenance segment offers commercial products include, among others, penetrating oils, solvents, strippers, adhesives, glues and anti-corrosion protection products, for maintaining and repairing equipment and machines in every industry; the Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME), Local Authorities And Governments segment produces cleaners, strippers, products for treating pollution, degreasers, lubricants, products for the organic treatment of water treatment facilities and others for local authorities and governments, SMEs and craftspeople, facility management companies and clinics and retirement homes; the Professional Hygiene segment offers solutions for specific use on the cleaning market, and the Cross-Sector Brands segment offers products, such as degryp oil, nano and dryshine.

Orege S.A.

Orege SA is a France-based company active in the environmental industry. The Company offers solutions of the treatment of effluents, such as wastewater and sludge, for industrials in the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical sectors, as well as for the food and beverage and municipals industries. It provides water treatment units, which are later operated by customers in partnership with the Company, and water purification services, which involve the setting up for a determined period of time (from one month to over a year depending on the case) of a treatment on the customers site for one-off treatment work. In March 2014, Eren's stake in the Company increased up to 69.22% of capital and 60.52% of voting rights as result of takeover bid launched together with certain shareholders. In March 2014, Eren SA acquired 48.9% of the Company.

Orpea S.A.

ORPEA is a dependency, physical and psychiatric care group based in France. Co. operates long-term and short-term care facilities, including medical care facilities, medical and social care facilities and residential facilities for the elderly. Co. provides short, medium and long-term global physical and mental dependency care. Co. also operates residential facilities for disabled people of any age, hotels, and hotel-related, as well as leisure accommodation facilities. Co. operates in France and abroad (Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland) in three business segments: Long-term care facilities (nursing homes); Post-acute and Rehabilitation care facilities; and Psychiatric care facilities.

Oxatis S.A.

Oxatis SA. Oxatis SA is a France-based company that provides e-commerce solutions. The Company develops an e-commerce solution that integrates software, hosting and support capabilities for businesses to create and operate their own personalized online commerce Website. In addition, the Company also offers Web design services, online product referencing services, e-commerce consulting services, users can select a preferred protocol, benefit from technical support and backward compatibility, among others. The tools provided by the Company allow users to respond to the requests of clients and use a customized language and framework to develop autonomously. Oxatis SA offers its services in France, as well as in Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Pharmagest Interactive

Pharmagest Interactive SA is a France-based company that develops and integrates management software packages for drugstores. The Company is engaged in the computerization of pharmaceutical dispensaries. Its flagship product is Integrated Portal Management Software, which provides pharmacists with permanent and immediate access to a range of online services and is used for the distribution of information and promotions for pharmaceutical suppliers and for pharmaceutical laboratories. In addition, the Company is engaged in the provision of maintenance services, technologies to manage medication compliance, as well as e-business solutions. It operates through Noviatek, Sailendra, Multimeds, British Caremeds and Axigate, among others.

Pharnext SAS

Pharnext SA is a France-based biopharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on discovering, developing and licensing new therapeutic solutions (Pleodrugs) and companion tests for unmet medical needs (large and niche markets) by using the Pleotherapy approach. Pharnext SA runs all its own activities, from research through to clinical development (no further than the end of Phase II trials), and then licenses the Pleodrugs to industrial partners. The Company's prime focus is on neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic diseases.

Pierre & Vacances

Pierre & Vacances is engaged in the market of local tourism by operating apartments and homes, or beds, located primarily in France (in mountain, seaside and countryside resorts, cities and the French West Indies), as well as in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Co. develops its activities through two lines of business: the Property Development business (building and marketing of the residences and villages in France, Italy and Spain) and the Tourism business (operating and marketing of holidays in residences and villages under the Pierre & Vacances, Maeva, Adagio, Residences MGM, Hotels Latitudes, Center Parcs Europe and Sunparks brands).

Pixium Vision SA

Pixium Vision SA is a company that specializes in sensorial neuromodulation. Co. is also collaborating with scientific groups and clinicians at research institutes and clinical centers around the world, including Stanford University (USA). Co. is developing and aims to commercialize Bionic Vision Systems (BVS) – namely active implantable medical devices to treat blindness caused by degeneration of photoreceptor cells in the retina.

Poxel SA

Poxel is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of treatments for type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease. Co.'s two drug candidates, Imeglimin and PXL770, are intended to complement and augment existing type 2 diabetes therapies, including in patients who no longer fully respond to such therapies, with the goal of helping patients better control their type 2 diabetes and reduce potentially disabling or fatal complications.


Prodware is engaged in the publishing and hosting of business computer solutions. Co. publishes and integrates management software for accounting management, human resources, customer relations, pay stubs, production, etc. In addition, Co. is involved in the design and implementation of network applications and securitization services. These applications and services include supply of network systems, server installation and hosting, and installation of security software such as antivirus and anti-intrusion. Co. markets its products and services through a network of agencies in France, as well as through partner distributors internationally.

PSB Industries S.A.

PSB Industries is a holding company. Co. is engaged in technological industries and is organized into the following three operating segments (business units): Beauty Packaging (Texen), Custom Packaging (CGL Pack), and Specialty Chemicals (Baikowski). Beauty Packaging (Texen) specializes in plastic injection and finishing, chiefly for the cosmetics and perfume industry; Custom Packaging (CGL Pack) specializes in the design and manufacture of custom thermoformed packaging for consumer products; and Specialty Chemicals (Baikowski) specializes in the production of powders and liquids based on ultra-pure alumina.


Neopost supplies mailroom equipment, offering products for franking, folding & inserting, addressing, address cleansing, tracking, tracing letters, parcels & the supply chain. Co. also offers various services, including consulting, maintenance, financial services & online service. Co.'s activities can be summed up to 2 segments: Mailroom Solutions & Communication & Shipping Solutions, divided into 9 operations: Automated mail opening, Management of incoming mail & traceability of important mail, Address printers, Automated insertion equipment, Intelligent franking, Financing solutions, Data quality, Customer Communication Management and Shipping Solutions, mainly in Europe & North America.

Quantum Genomics S.A.S.

Quantum Gernomics is a biotechnology firm specializing in the development of innovative drugs to combat cardiovascular diseases. Run by professionals in creating and managing technological start-ups and drug development, as well as researchers and inventors, Co. has established contractual relations with institutions of academic excellence in France (Inserm, CollA

Remy Cointreau S.A.

Remy Cointreau is an operator in the global wines and spirits market. Co. produces, markets and distributes Cognac, Liquors and Spirits and other non-group brand alcoholic beverages. Co.'s primary cognac brand is Remy Martin, produced from Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. Co.'s principal liquor and spirits include the following brands: Cointreau, Passoa, Metaxa, St Remy, and Mount Gay. Co. also operates a distribution network that handles products from partners and third-party companies. Major non-group products distributed by Co. include Scotch Whiskies (Edrington brand), Champagne (Piper-Heidsieck and Charles Heidsieck brands) and Vodka.

Rubis S.A.


Samse is engaged in the distribution of construction materials. Co.'s activities can be divided into three categories: multi-specialist distribution, specialist wholesale distribution, Do-It-Yourself materials distribution/decoration. Co.'s operations are divided into two segments: Sale of construction materials, which comprise tile, ceramics, lumber, floor coverings, wood floors, toilets, for use by professionals in the building, wood, and public works sectors; and distribution of DIY materials (La Boite a Outils). Some of Co.'s brands are Samse, Doras, Plattard Negoce, Comptoirs du Bois, Des Idees, L'Entrepot du Bricolage, Laudis.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a provider of equipment and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the biopharmaceutical industry. Co.'s solutions cover fermentation, filtration, purification, fluid management and lab technologies and membrane chromatography, including various conventional lab products to biopharmaceutical laboratories. Co.'s technologies, products and services are used to develop and manufacture medications and vaccines using biological methods. Co.'s products covers all upstream and downstream steps in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. It specializes in single-use products and offers technical consulting and services.

Savencia SA

Savencia is a transformer of milk centered on cheese, dairy specialties, and on dairy ingredients. Co.'s operations are divided into two segments: the Cheese Products segment and the Other Dairy Products segment. In the Cheese Products segment, Co. manufactures and distributes cheeses and cheese specialties. In the Other Dairy Products segment, Co. manufactures and distributes modern butters and long-life creams both for final consumers and professional users, manufactures technical butters and specialized dairy proteins for industrial markets, and manufactures aseptically packaged products.


SEB is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of cookware and small household appliances such as pressure cookers, irons, coffeemakers, deep fryers, toasters, kitchen utensils, breadmakers, mixers, blenders, bathroom scales, vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters, air conditioners and food processors. Co.'s products fall into eight categories: Home comfort, Home care, Food preparation, Linen care, Personal care business, Cookware, Electrical cooking and Beverage preparation. Co.'s brands are All-Clad, Krups, Lagostina, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal, Calor/Seb, T-fal/Mirro/WearEver/AirBake/Regal, Arno/ Panex//Rochedo/Penedo/Clock/Samurai/Imusa/Umco, Supor, AsiaVina and Maharaja Whiteline.

Serge Ferrari Group SAS

Sergeferrari Group SAS is a France-based company, which produces flexible composite materials. It designs and produces such products as performance building materials (tensile architecture, bioclimatic facade, solar protection and acoustic solutions), advanced materials (modular structures, agro-energy and environmental protection) and design & outdoor materials (yachting protection, contract and outdoor furniture, awnings and canopies, visual communication and ecolodge). Beyond products, Sergeferrari Group SAS is also committed to providing support to its customers, skilled technical resources supporting customers, application advice aiming at specified sales and suitable technical documents, by providing training to customers. It operates through Giofex.

SES Imagotag

Ses Imagotag SA Formerly known as Ses-Imagotag SA. Ses Imagotag SA is a France-based company, which designs and markets electronic shelf labeling systems for food and non-food retail industries. The Company's solutions include store electronic systems (SES), electronic labels, software, radio and mounting systems. The Company's solutions are designed for every type of retail environment, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, electronics stores, garden centers, pharmacies and service stations. The Company's products are distributed in approximately 50 countries worldwide. Ses Imagotag SA's main clients include Intermarche, E. Leclerc, Monoprix, Groupe Casino, Carrefour and Auchan. The Company has a global presence, through its own subsidiaries and representations, in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Canada, Mexico and Singapore, as well as more than 60 international partners. It operates through imagotag GmbH, a manufacturer of electronic components.


Sidetrade Sa. Sidetrade SA is a France-based software publishing company. It supplies companies with predictive analytics for managing the Business-to-Cash cycle. The Company's Cloud technology, complementary to enterprise resource planning (ERP) provides Finance Departments with a management console, offering visibility of the customer relationship and control and forecasting of financial flows. The Company offers four technology solutions: Sidetrade Network (Intelligent Credit Management Software), Sidetrade Mobile (Financial Management Mobile Application), Digital Collection (Interactive Digital Invoice Dunning) and Euler Hermes Intelligence (Customer risk management application). In addition, Sidetrade SA offers such services as consultancy, outsourcing, audit, and litigation recovery. With customers of all sizes and from all sectors from around 65 countries, it enables approximately 100,000 users to collaborate via its Cloud and accelerate cash-flow generation. It operates through C-Radar.


Societe Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado Carenage SA (SMTPC) is a France-based company that operates the Prado Carenage Tunnel and the Rege Tunnel. The Prado Carenage Tunnel, with total length of 2.5 kilometers, connecting the Southern districts of the city of Marseilles and the Eastern motorway to the city centre and to North via the Vieux Port tunnel and the coastal motorway, and The Rege Tunnel links Prado Avenue with the Prado Carenage Tunnel. The Company, which is responsible for the management, upkeep and marketing of the Rege Tunnel, has a franchise to operate the Prado Carenage Tunnel and the Rege Tunnel until 2025. The Company's major shareholders include Eiffage and Vinci Concessions. The Company also focuses on the operation of the Prado Sud Tunnel.


Sogeclair is a high technology industrial engineering company specialized in large-scale design and co-development projects through to delivery for major industrial accounts and develops innovative simulation and virtual reality solutions. Its main poles of activity are organized around three areas: Industry knowledge, Customer Assistance and Divisions Activities. Industry Knowledge is comprised of Aeronautical and Space Engineering, Special Vehicles Engineering and Simulation of industrial products; Technological Assistance, Work-Packages and Products and Systems make up the Customer Assistance segment; and Aerospace, Vehicle and Simulation divisions cover the Divisions Activities segment.

Somfy SA

Sopra Steria Group

Sopra Steria Group is a global player in IT services, with operations in consulting, software development, and integration. In addition to France, Co. operates in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium, assisting its clients in managing the transformation of their businesses and information systems. Co. divides its operation into three categories: Consulting, Systems and Solutions Integration, and Software Development; which it spreads among eight major verticals: Financial Services, Insurance and Social Welfare, Public Sector, Telecom Operators, Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Transport and Courier Services, and Retail.


STEF-TFE is a provider of transport and logistic services for food products requiring specific temperature control within Europe. Co. divides its operation into four segments: Transport in France (transportation of fresh and frozen products, transportation of seafood and organization of international transport activities); Logistics in France or STEF Logistique (logistics for fresh and frozen products for industrial players, mass retail and the food-service industry); STEF International (international activities in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Benelux, Switerland and U.K.); and Maritime activities (maritime services, passengers and freight, and maritime brokerage).

Supersonic Imagine

SuperSonic Imagine SA is a French company engaged in the ultrasound medical imaging field. The Company has developed the Aixplorer system, which uses the MultiWave technology, enabling the user to detect, characterize and, in the future, treat palpable and non-palpable masses. The MultiWave technology is based on combining two types of waves: an ultrasound wave that provides imaging in B-mode, and a shear wave, which measures and displays the stiffness of tissue in kilopascals. Aixplorer has several clinical applications: breast (and 3D breast), thyroid, abdomen, liver, musculo-skeletal, prostate, and gynaecological (excluding obstetrics). SuperSonic Imagine has both a direct sales and distribution network in more than 50 countries, including Hologic Inc for the breast care market in the United States, and Canon Marketing in Japan.

Sword Group

Sword Group is a service company specializing in computer engineering, offering consulting and integration services to its customers. Co. is engagedin the implementation of innovative solutions that meet the strategic needs of its clients and adaptation requirements of their information systems. Co.'s business covers three main areas: IT Service, Solutions and Communication Technologies. In addition, Co. also provides Government Risk Management (GRC) solutions to its customers in the industries of energy, transportation, healthcare, insurance, banking, telecommunications, and international and governmental organizations. Co. offers two product lines and four solutions.

Synergie S.A.

Synergie is engaged in the development of human resources management, by providing services in the field of temporary work, outplacement, recruitment, consulting and training. Co. services different sectors: services and specialized sector (medical, senior employment, human services), transportation and logistics sector, industry sector, construction and civil engineering sector. As of Dec 31 2009, Co. is present in 13 countries in Europe and Canada and reports its activities geographically, in 4 areas: France, Northen and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Canada.


Teleperformance is engaged in outsourced customer experience management. Co. delivers integrated solutions to corporations and administrative bodies worldwide to manage all aspects of the customer-relations cycle on their behalf. Co.'s activities include four core business areas: customer care (these are services provided as part of customer service management); technical support; debt collection; and business information and marketing actions. As of Dec. 31, 2013, Co. had approximately 110,000 computerized workstations across 46 countries. Co.'s client includes industries like Telecoms, Internet, Financial services, Technology/media, Insurance, Government sector and Utilities.

TFF Group

Tonnellerie Francois Freres S.A.. TFF Group, formerly Tonnellerie Francois Freres SA, is a France-based company that manufactures and distributes oak barrels that are used to conserve and transport liquids. The Company has four core businesses: stave milling, cooperage, cask manufacturing and oak wine-aging products. Tonnellerie Francois Freres SA also offers oak products for oenology, where the wine is put in contact with wood in varied forms, and has developed products for the alcohol maturing and aging market, especially the whisky market. The Company offers four brands of barrels: Exclusif, Privilege, Classique and Horizon. As of December 31, 2011, Tonnellerie Francois Freres SA operated through its subsidiaries, including: Sogibois, Bouyoud, Treuil, Francois Inc, Classic Oak New Zealand, Demptos Napa, among others. The Company has operating units in France, the United States, Spain, Hungary, South Africa, China, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. In May 2016, the Company acquired metal manufacturer SAS Lejeune.

Touax S.A.

Touax is engaged in leasing mobile and standardized equipments. Co. manages its own equipments and equipments for third-party investors, providing third-party management through its four core businesses. Through the Shipping containers business, Co. leases standard dry containers. Through the Modular buildings business, Co. provides modular buildings for offices, schools, hospitals, and site accommodation. Through the River barges business, Co. provides river barges for leasing and transporting dry bulk cargoes. Through the Freight railcars business, Co. provides freight railcars for railways and industrial groups. Co. operates geographically in Europe, the U.S. and Rest of the World.


Trigano designs, manufactures and sells leisure vehicles and leisure equipment. Co.'s operations can be divided into two segments: Leisure vehicles and Leisure equipment. The Leisure Vehicles segment produces motor caravans, caravans, mobile homes and accessories and provides services to its customers (leasing and financing of leisure vehicles). The Leisure Equipment segment produces trailers, camping equipment, and garden equipment. Co. operates in France, U.K., Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Norway and Other countries.


Umanis SA is a France-based company. The Company collects, processes, explores, analyzes, forecasts delivers information and contextualizes it. The Company operates domestically.


V?toquinol is a global player in the animal health sector, serving both the livestock (cattle and pigs) and pet (dogs and cats) markets. Co. designs, develops, and sells veterinary drugs and non-medicinal products in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region, as an independent entity. Co. is also active in the therapeutic fields of anti-infectives, pain-inflammation and cardiology-nephrology treatment. As of Dec 31 2013, Co.'s product portfolio included brands such as Aurizon®, Epiphen®, Ipakitine®, Marbocyl®, Propalin®, Tolf?dine®, Tolfine®, Clavaseptin®, and Vetprofen®. Co.'s brands are V?toquinol, Tomlyn, and Evsco in the U.S.A. and Equistro for the horse range.

Vilmorin & Cie

Vilmorin & Cie SA is engaged in the production, marketing and sale of vegetable and crop seeds for agricultural production and market gardeners. The Vegetable seeds division is involved in the production and sale of vegetable seeds under the brand names, such as Hazera-Nickerson, Vilmorin SA, HM.Clause and Mikado Kyowa Seed, among others, intended for the professional food market, including market gardeners, processors, and specialists in canning, specialists in deep-freezing and freeze-drying. The Field Seeds division is focused on field seeds, including corn, straw cereals, grape and sunflower seeds for European and American clients. The Garden Products division is structured around two companies, Vilmorin Jardin and Suttons. In March 15, 2013, it acquired the Bisco Bio Sciences of India. In October 2013, it announced that it has recently taken over Shamrock. In November 2013, it acquired Eureka Seeds Inc. In March 2014, it acquired Seed Asia based in Bangkok.

Virbac S.A.

Virbac is an independent veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory. Co. develops and provides veterinarians and farmers with medicines and vaccines that improve the health of food producing animals. Co. markets a range of products designed for pets and livestock. It offers seven types of products for companion animals (Parasiticides, Immunology, Antibiotics/dermatology, Specialties, Equine, Specialized pet food and Other products), and four types of products for food producing animals (Bovine parasiticides, Bovine products (excluding parasiticides), Pig/poultry antibiotics and Other products). Co. markets its products in the ethical (veterinarian) and OTC markets.

Visiativ SA

Visiativ SA. Visiativ SA is a France-based company engaged in the information technology (IT) consulting and other services. The Company offers integration services for various enterprises, active in the fields of industry, retail and services. Its portfolio of solutions includes Aeronautics & Defense, Consumers goods, Industrial equipment, Transport & mobility, Life sciences, High technologies, Finance & services and Engineering & construction, among others. Visiativ SA operates through NC2 Network Computer Communication SASU (NC2), a Tour De Salvagny-based provider of data processing and hosting services and Solo Solution Autonome SAS, a Guilherand-Granges-based provider of computer systems design services.

Voyageurs Du Monde

Voyageurs du Monde SA is a France-based travel company. It is engaged in the provision of travel-related services, which includes organizing personalized travel itineraries for individual clients; running guided tours and group holidays; providing special interest package holidays; organizing trips for large groups and associations, and providing flight and hotel reservation services in the number of countries in Africa, South America, Asia, the United States and Europe. Voyageurs du Monde SA runs several specialized travel bookshops throughout France and organizes conferences, exhibitions and craft fairs from around the world. In addition, it offers accommodation services in Morocco, Brazil and Egypt. The Company operates through Comptoir des Voyages SA, Original Travel Co Ltd, Villa Nomade SARL, Villa Bahia, Voyageurs d'Egypte, Satyagraha's Guest House and Ke Adventure Travel, among others. The main shareholder of the Company is Avantage SA.

Vranken-Pommery Monopole S.A.

Vranken-Pommery Monopole is engaged in the production, marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages, primarily champagne, porto and pink wine (Rose). Co.'s brands are Pommery, Vranken, Heidsieck & Cdeg Monopole and Charles Lafitte for champagne; Sao Pedro, Rozes et Terras do Grifo for Porto; and Listel and Chapelle Gordonne et Billette for pink wine (Rose). Co.'s activities can be divided into three segments: Vineyard which focuses on managing Co.'s vineyard and wine-producing activities; Production of champagne, porto and pink wine; and Distribution and Marketing of products.

Witbe SA

Witbe SA, formerly Witbe Net SA, is a France-based company, which provides Internet/Intranet monitoring and management services. The Company offers a wide range of services from monitoring, to complete 24/7 administration, including diagnosis and resolution of malfunctions to help enterprises and service providers keep their commitments to their users. The Company provides the real-time information on the Quality of Experience delivered on any type of platform (enterprise application, Website, Internet Protocol television (IPTV) servers, among others) of user's device (computer, smartphone, mobile phone, tablet, among others) and over any type of network (fixed, mobile, among others). The Company has its offices in Paris, New York, Montreal and Singapore.

Gilbert Dupont
Gilbert Dupont

Gilbert Dupont, a 100% subsidiary of the Credit du Nord Group, part of the Societe Generale Group, is an investment services supplier specializing in securities intermediation with a core expertise in the French small and medium-sized companies (“Small & Midcaps”) segment.

The resources allocated by Gilbert Dupont to its specialty are amongst the largest in the Paris market, whilst remaining on a human scale that combines a personal approach and reactivity. Its range of services is targeted to:

-  Issuers. The brokerage firm supports listed companies, or companies aspiring to a listing, throughout their stock market life. Gilbert Dupont is a leading player in the field of fund raising for French Small & Midcaps, with an average market share of around 40% for IPOs. Gilbert Dupont is one of the Top 2 players in liquidity and marketing services on Euronext in Paris, with more than 100 contracts under management.

- French and international institutional investors. Gilbert Dupont offers equity and bond advisory and intermediation services, backed by a strong financial research culture;

- Financial establishments and online brokers via order routing services.


La société de Bourse Gilbert Dupont, filiale à 100 % du Crédit du Nord (Groupe Société Générale), est une entreprise d’investissement spécialisée dans l’intermédiation boursière avec un cœur d’expertise sur le segment des valeurs moyennes françaises.

Gilbert Dupont concentre des moyens parmi les plus importants de la place parisienne dans sa spécialité, tout en demeurant une structure à taille humaine alliant proximité et réactivité. Son offre de services est destinée :

- aux émetteurs. La société de Bourse accompagne les sociétés cotées ou désireuses de le devenir tout au long de leur vie boursière. Gilbert Dupont est l’un des principaux intervenants à Paris sur le segment des opérations de marché Small & Midcaps avec une part de marché de près de 40%. Gilbert Dupont est l’un des deux premiers intervenant de l’animation de marché et des marketing services sur Euronext Paris, avec plus de 100 contrats gérés ;

- aux investisseurs institutionnels français et internationaux. Gilbert Dupont délivre des prestations de conseil et d’intermédiation actions et obligations, empruntes d’une forte culture d’analyse financière ;

- aux établissements financiers et brokers en ligne, au travers des prestations de routage d’ordres.

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