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USD: Payrolls to support the greenback.
The ISM reports this week provided contrasting signals about the US economy: the manufacturing sector is now hovering around recession-like levels, but the non-manufacturing gauge sent positive signals. The net impact has, however, been a still aggressive pricing for Fed monetary easing by the markets - 115bp of cuts in the price by end-2020 – and a weaker dollar. Today's release of the unemployment report may however defy part of the dovish expectations and help the greenback recover some of the losses. Our economics team is expecting an above-consensus read of 170k increase in payrolls. DXY may edge back into the upper half of the 98-99 band.

In FICC (Fixed Income, commodities and Currencies) Research, we offer niche EM expertise, especially in EMEA. We are the go-to bank for Benelux issues, from regulations to rates to a Benelux credit focus. We have developed top notch covered bonds research, and have niche offerings in money markets, rate derivatives and European high yield. We overlay this with a global offering in macro, FX, commodities research and technical analysis. Europe is a key focus for us, but our global sphere extends to the Americas and Asia, in areas where we have selected DM & EM edges. Our analysts provide both written output and conference calls, but also travel the world to provide face-to-face presentations.

ING’s Equity Research team provides in-depth research on over 120 companies in the BeNeLux region, offering both breadth and depth of stock coverage. In addition to investment recommendations, our analysts offer thematic research, proprietary data points. insights into industry trends and unique valuation perspectives. ING’s Equity Research team was ranked the #1 Country Research team in the BeNeLux region in 2017 by the Extel Survey. Next to this, ING is the only bank to have been involved in all the BeNeLux IPOs in 2017. ING has the largest equities team focussed on Benelux listed securities and is the only Benelux broker with sales and research operations in both Amsterdam and Brussels and a sales hub in New York.

Chris Turner

Francesco Pesole

Petr Krpata, CFA

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