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Ageas : Digitalisation post-COVID : quelles conséquences sur nos secteurs et valeurs ?

Cette note transversale du bureau d’étude ODDO BHF a pour but d’identifier les secteurs et valeurs positivement impactés ou en risque face à une accélération de la digitalisation de la société et de l’économie post COVID-19. Nous ressortons avec 16 valeurs attractives et 12 valeurs en risque. - >Digitalisation accélérée, pas de retour en arrière - La crise du COVID-19 va sans aucun doute accélérer l’utilisation du numérique dans la société en général. Le télétravail a ...
1&1 Drillisch

Drillisch is a holding company. Co. through its subsidiaries, is a mobile virtual network operator in Germany. The services acquired from the network operators Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Vodafone D2 GmbH, E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH and Telefonica O2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG are sold further to the end consumers for Co.'s own account and at rates established by Co. Co. organizes its operations into three segments: telecommunications, which includes its activities in the sector of wireless services; freenet holding, which comprises the operations of its freenet AG subsidiary; and software services, which involves activities related to the development and marketing of a workflow management software.

Accentro Real Estate AG

Accentro Real Estate AG. ESTAVIS AG is a Germany-based holding company active in the real estate sector. The Company business operations comprise domestic properties, focusing mainly on commercially attractive locations in Germany. Its activities include acquisition, modernization and sale of residential properties. The Company business model is particularly based on residential property. ESTAVIS AG's operations are divided into two segments: Trade, which comprises buying and selling of residential properties and individual apartments, especially retailing of apartments to owner occupiers and investor within the framework or retail privatizations of housing portfolios; and Portfolio, in which the Company takes advantage of its acquisition network to identify housing portfolios with high value-added potential, and exploits its management know-how to raise potential and to ensure cash-flows from the management of the acquired portfolios. As of December 31, 2011, the Company operated 42 subsidiaries.

Adler Real Estate AG

ADLER Real Estate provides commercial and residential project development services in the form of improvement, planning, development and construction, as well as asset management services and property management services. Adler is also engaged in the acquisition, sale, renting and financing of real estate. Co. also provides international and national joint venture activities and acts as co-investor in the acquisition of real estate portfolios.


Aedifica is a property company, which is specialized in residential real estate. Co.'s portfolio has a superstructure of more than 225,911 sq. m as of June 30 2010. It owns: residential or mixed buildings in Belgian cities with classical leases; buildings with furnished apartments buildings in the heart of Brussels with shorter term leases; senior houses and serviceflats with very long term and triple net leases; and hotels. Co. invests: in existing and already leased buildings; and in projects with future completion. Co.'s activities can be divided into four segments: Residential or mixed buildings; Furnished apartments buildings; Senior houses; and Hotels and others.


Ageas is an insurance company engaged in providing a range of life and non-life products distributed through a variety of channels. Co. focuses on helping its customers to mitigate risks related to property, casualty, life and pensions. Co. serves its customers through a combination of wholly owned subsidiaries, equity associates and partnerships, with financial institutions and distributors in Belgium, the U.K., Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, France, China, Malaysia, India, Thailand and Hong Kong. Co. is organized into five operating segments: Belgium, U.K., Continental Europe, Asia, and General Account.

AKKA Technologies S.A.

Akka Technologies is an engineering and technology consultancy company. Co. bases its service around two areas which enable it to cover the full life cycle of a product: information and systems technology and engineering. Co.'s activities can be divided into six areas: Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Document Engineering, Industrial Information Technology and Embedded Systems, Information Systems and Consulting. Co. operates mainly in France, Belgium and Germany. Co also operates in Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, England and Canada.

Ald SA

ALD is a service leasing and vehicle fleet management group with a fleet of more than 1,375,000 vehicles in 41 countries. Under a full-service lease, the client pays the leasing company a regular monthly lease payment to cover financing, depreciation of the vehicle and the cost of various services provided in relation to the use of the vehicle (such as maintenance, replacement car, tyre management, fuel cards and insurance). Fleet management services include the provision of outsourcing contracts to clients under which the vehicle is not owned by Co., but is managed by Co. and for which the client pays fees for the various fleet management services provided.

Alstria Office

Alstria Office REIT is a real estate property corporation. Co. is engaged in the acquisition, management, operation and sale of owned real estate property, as well as the holding of participations in enterprises, which acquire, manage, operate and sell owned property. The services provided by Co. is primarily focused on letting activities to commercial property tenants in Germany. As of Dec 31 2013, Co.'s portfolio consisted of 75 office properties and one retail property with a total of approximately 894,300 square meters of lettable area.


Altamir is a listed private equity company that invests exclusively alongside or in the funds managed or advised by Apax Partners France and Apax Partners LLP. Co. provides investors access to a portfolio of companies with high-growth potential, diversified by geography and by size, across Apax's six specialization sectors: Telecom, Media, Technology, Retail & Consumer, Healthcare, and Business & Financial services. Telecom and Technology are managed by Altran Technologies, GFI Informatique and others; InfoPro manages Media; Retail & Consumer runs through Alain Aflelou 2, Cole Haan and others; Business & Financial Services runs through Buy Way, Albioma, and Texa among other entities.


Altarea Cogedim is a real estate investment trust and development company. Co. is an active operator in the three main segments — retail, residential & office-hotels property — with the ability to design, develop, market & manage custom-tailored real estate products. In the Retail segment, Co. is active in real estate investment, development, asset management, providing services to third-party customers. In the Residential segment, Co. is a residential property developer. In the Office Property segment, Co. is a global operator active in all commercial property formats: high-rise buildings, business districts, corporate headquarters, renovation projects, green districts & luxury hotels.

Altice Europe NV A

Altice Europe is a provider of cable, fiber, mobile, telecommunications, content and media in Western Europe (comprising France, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg1 and Switzerland), the United States of America (U.S.), Israel, the Dominican Republic and the French overseas territories (comprising Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, La Reunion and Mayotte). Through its various business operations, Co. provides fixed services, mobile telephony services (other than in the U.S.) and media and advertising services to B2C and B2B customers in all of the geographies in which it operates. In addition, Co. offers a variety of wholesale and other services.

Amadeus IT Group SA

Amadeus is a transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. Co. provides transaction processing power and technology solutions to both travel providers (including full service carriers and low-cost airlines, hotels, rail operators, cruise and ferry operators, car rental companies and tour operators) and travel agencies (both online and offline). Co. acts both as a worldwide network connecting travel providers and travel agencies through a processing platform for the distribution of travel products and services (through the Distribution business), and as a provider of a portfolio of IT solutions which automate certain business processes (through the IT solutions business).


AMS provides advanced sensor and analog solutions for high value and emerging markets. Co.'s markets include Consumer and Communications and Industrial, Medical, Automotive. Co. delivers a broad range of innovative technology solutions for consumer electronics and communication device manufacturers including intelligent light sensors, MEMS microphone ICs, NFC solutions, active noise-cancelling ICs and ultra-low power management solutions. Co. offers customized, application-specific integrated circuits and standard solutions for a broad range of industrial applications including automation and control, position sensors, building automation, security and high-resolution seismic analysis.

Aroundtown SA

Aroundtown Property Holdings Plc (Co.) is a specialist real estate investment group, focusing in the German real estate markets. Co. covers the main real estate segments which benefit from strong fundamentals and growth prospects: residential (through its holding in Grand City Properties S.A.), commercial and hotel properties. The Co.'s vision is buying, redeveloping, turning around and optimizing real estate properties in Germany.


Atresmedia Corporacion De Medios De Comunicacion is a television and radio broadcasting company based in Spain. Co. is engaged in the indirect management of television and radio services, which include the broadcasting, creation, production and distribution of television and radio programming, and the sale of advertising time. Group companies mainly carry on business activities relating to the production, copying and broadcasting of sounds and images, and TV and Internet home shopping. Co. provides National and World Digital Television Services. Co. is the parent company of Grupo Antena 3.


Caixabank is an investment company based in Spain. Co. is involved in investment portfolio management activities across two areas: Services and Financial Business and Insurance. In the services area, Co. provides investment solutions for companies involved in the infrastructure, energy, services and entertainment sectors. In the financial business and insurance area, Co. is engaged in the investments for international banks, insurance and specialist financial services. Co. focuses most of its banking investments in India, China, the U.S., and Central and Eastern Europe with a particular interest in retail banking. Co. is also involved in the disinvestments activities.


Davide Campari-Milano is engaged in manufacturing spirits industry with an extensive product portfolio in three business lines: spirits, which includes internationally brands such as Appleton, Campari, Carolans, SKYY vodka and Wild Turkey, as well as brand in local markets including Aperol, Cabo Wabo, Cynar, Frangelico, GlenGrant, Ouzo 12, X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, Zedda Piras, and Brazilian brands Dreher, among others; wines, which main regional brands are Liebfraumilch, Mondoro, Odessa, Riccadonna, Sella&Mosca and Teruzzi&Puthod; and soft drinks, which covers the extended ranges of Crodino and Lemonsoda. Co. operates in 190 countries with registred positions in Europe and the Americas.

Carmila SA

Carmila SA. Carmila SA, formerly Cardety SA, is a France-based company that operates in the real estate investment sector. The Company is primarily engaged in the acquisition, holding and managing of commercial real estate assets for lease. The Company's real estate assets include a supermarket under the ED brand in Forges-les-Eaux, a shopping center in Pau Lescar, a retail park in Mondeville, a shopping mall in Besancon Chalezeule, a building complex in Salaise-sur-Sanne and a business park project in Quetigny.

Carnival PLC

Carnival is a leisure travel and cruise company. Co. operates over 100 cruise ships within a portfolio of global, regional and national cruise brands that sell tailored cruise products, services and vacation experiences. Co.'s North America cruise brands include Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and Seabourn. Co. also has a Cruise Support segment that represents its portfolio of port destinations and private islands, which are operated for the benefit of its cruise brands. In addition to its cruise operations, Co. owns Holland America Princess Alaska Tours, the tour company in Alaska and the Canadian Yukon, which complements Co.'s Alaska cruise operations.

Construcciones & Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles S.A.

Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, S.A.. Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA (CAF) is a Spain-based company engaged in the rolling stock manufacture. The Company's activities are divided into two business segments: Rolling stock, as well as Components and spare parts. The Rolling stock division focuses on the design, production and distribution of rolling stock and equipment for railway systems, such as high-speed vehicles, locomotives, trains for middle-distance transportation, commuter trains and electric motorcars, subway trains, streetcars, traction and signaling systems, as well as energy storage solutions. The Components and spare parts division offers elements and spare parts for rolling stock equipment, such as wheels, axles and gear units. In addition, the Company offers technical assistance, maintenance and after-sale services, as well as development of rail infrastructure, among others. It operates through numerous subsidiaries in Spain, France, Germany, the United States, Brazil and Mexico, among others.

Corestate Capital Holding

Corestate Capital holding is a holding company. With its group companies, Co. offers a range of real estate investment management services, such as investment, fund, asset, property and facility management. Co.'s product offering primarily covers residential, commercial and microliving assets (including developments) and addresses all risk/return profiles, i.e. from core/core plus to value add/opportunisitc. Clients include semi-institutional investors (HNWIs and family offices) as well as institutional investors. Co.'s key market is Germany. Additional activities focus on other European countries such as Austria and Spain as well as the Benelux countries.

Deutsche Industrie REIT AG

Deutsche Industrie REIT-AG Formerly known as Deutsche Industrie Grundbesitz AG. Deutsche Industrie REIT-AG, formerly Deutsche Industrie Grundbesitz AG, is a Germany-based company that operates as a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company is engaged in acquisition, leasing, management and sale of light industrial real estate. The Company focuses primarily on macro-locations with infrastructurally well-connected transport networks and local relevance. Its goal is to generate constant, sustainable and profit-oriented revenue growth by means of additional acquisitions, ongoing investments in the existing real estate property and strategic asset and portfolio management. The Company's portfolio includes more than 20 industrial properties with more than 480,000 square meters of rental space in total, all located within Germany.

Deutsche Konsum Grundbesitz AG

Deutsche Konsum REIT AG. Deutsche Konsum REIT AG is a Germany-based real estate investment company. It focuses on the acquisition, rental, inventory management, and sale of retail properties across Germany, with focus on regional centers and micro-locations in the northern and eastern part of Germany.

Deutsche Wohnen SE

Deutsche Wohnen is a holding company. Co.'s business focus is on residential and nursing properties in conurbations and metropolitan areas of Germany. Co. conducts its operations through three segments: asset/property management, disposal and nursing. Co.'s asset/property management segment includes all activities relating to the management and administration of residential property, the management of rental contracts and tenant support. Co.'s disposal segment comprises the disposal of residential units and portfolios managed by its Deutsche Wohnen Corporate Real Estate GmbH subsidiary. Co.'s nursing segment manages and markets retirement and nursing homes for senior citizens.


Distribuidora Internacional De Alimentacion is a supermarket and convenience store group based in Spain. Co. is engaged in the retail trade of food through cut-price self-service supermarkets and franchise establishments. Co. is engaged in the operation of stores located in Spain, France, Portugal, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and China.

Dialog Semiconductor PLC

Dialog Semiconductor is engaged in creating and marketing mixed signal integrated circuits for personal, portable, hand-held devices, low energy short-range wireless, LED solid-state lighting and automotive applications. Co. has four segments: Mobile Systems, which includes its power management and audio chips for the wireless systems markets; Automotive and Industrial, which markets products that address the safety, management and control of electronic systems in cars and for industrial applications; Connectivity, with activities that include short-range wireless, digital cordless, Bluetooth and VoIP technology; and Power Conversion, which includes its AC/DC converter solutions.

DIC Asset AG

DIC Asset along with its subsidiaries invests directly or indirectly in German commercial real estate and operates in the area of portfolio, asset and property management. Co.'s business segments include: commercial portfolio, which comprises portfolio properties owned by Co., which are leased long-term and offer attractive rental yields; and co-Investments, which comprises fund investments, investments in project developments and joint venture investments. As of Dec 31 2013, Co. had six branches located in the Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt Am Main, Mannheim, and Munich.

Dorma Kaba Holdings AG

dormakaba Holding and its subsidiaries are engaged in the security industry. Co. offers its customers solutions that benefits in terms of security, organization and convenience. Co.'s offering ranges from individual components, products and systems to fully integrated solutions from a single source. Co.'s activities are organized along three business segments: Door Systems, which provides a flexible and extensive range of automatic doors, gates and wall systems; Access & Data Systems, which includes all hardware and softwarebased components and systems for access control solutions; and Key & Ident Systems which produces key blanks and key encoding machines for the duplication of keys.


Dufry is a travel retail company. Co. operates over 1,650 shops worldwide. Co.'s shops are either duty free or duty paid shops, located in airports. Co.'s product categories include: Perfumes and Cosmetics; Confectionery, Food and Catering; Wine and Spirits; Watches, Jewelry and Accessories; Tobacco goods; Fashion, Leather and Baggage; Literature and Publications; Electronics; and Toys, Souvenirs and other goods.

Econocom Group

Econocom Group specializes in the management of IT and telecom infrastructures for businesses throughout Europe, U.S. and China. Co. designs and implements products and services for SMEs, corporations or public authorities. It operates through four complementary businesses: IT products and solutions, distributed infrastructures (outsourcing, maintenance and consulting), telecom services and administrative and financial management of ICT assets. Co.'s business segments are as follows: IT Financial Services; Managed Services; Products and Solutions; and Telecom Services.


Edenred designs and delivers services to clients, companies or public sectors, enabling them to offer beneficiaries additional purpose-directed purchasing power, such as the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher, and provides prepaid corporate services. Co.'s product offering ensures that allocated funds are used as intended, allowing its clients to manage: Employee benefits (Ticket Restaurant®, Ticket Alimentacion®, Ticket CESU, Childcare Vouchers®, etc.); Expense management process (Ticket Car®, Ticket Clean way®, Repom®, etc.); and Incentive and rewards programs (Ticket Compliments®, Ticket Kadeos®, etc.). Co. also supports public institutions in managing their social benefits programs.

Elis SA

Elis is a multi-service group in the rental, laundry and maintenance of textile, hygiene and well-being items in Europe and Latin America. Co. serves hundreds of thousands of customers of all sizes, belonging to various professional customer segments: hospitality, healthcare, industry, trade and services. Co. also has a manufacturing business carried out by two entities, Le Jacquard FranASSais and Kennedy Hygiene Products which together form one of the company's operating segments.

Elmos Semiconductor AG

ELMOS Semiconductor is engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of microelectronic components and system parts (application specific integrated circuits or, in short: ASICs) and technological devices with similar functions.Co. divides its activities into: medical technology, semiconductor, which is engaged in the sale of automotive electronics and supplying semiconductors e.g. for applications in household appliances, photo cameras, installation and building technology, and machine control systems; and micromechanics, which is engaged in the sales of product containing micro-electro-mechanical systems which are for the most part silicon-based high-precision pressure sensors.


Eni is engaged in the oil and gas exploration and production, gas marketing operations, management of gas infrastructures, power generation, petrochemicals, oil field services and engineering industries. Co.'s operations are divided into three segments; Exploration and Production (oil and natural gas exploration and field development and production, as well as LNG operations), Gas and Power (supply, trading and marketing of gas and electricity, managing gas infrastructures for transport, distribution, storage, re-gasification, and LNG supply and marketing), and Refining and Marketing (supply of crude oil, refining and marketing of refined products). Co. maintains operations in 73 countries.

Europcar Mobility Group

Europcar Groupe SA is part of the mobility sector as a handler in rental vehicles. Co.'s objective is to provide the mobility solution that meets its customers' needs in a market where expectations are constantly changing. Co. offers mobility solutions extending from short-term vehicle rental, via its three main brands, Europcar®, Ubeeqo® and InterRent®, and chauffeur services to car-sharing and a platform offering mobility services. Ubeeqo, a specialist in car-sharing, and E-Car Club, a car-sharing start-up offering an entire fleet of electric vehicles in the United Kingdom, have broadened Co.'s mobility offer through its subsidiary, Europcar Lab.


Societe Fonciere, Financiere ACT is an investment holding company which acts as a long-term investor and an active shareholder. As of Dec 31 2010, Co. held 22.1% of the share capital of PSA Peugeot Citroen. Co. usually purchases minority stakes in companies with a large family shareholding. Co. has a portfolio of private equity funds which operate mainly in Europe and countries with emerging economies. Co. also operates a financial investment and cash management business, as well as a real estate and wine-producing businesses.

Figeac Aero SARL

Figeac Aero Sarl. Figeac Aero SA, formerly Figeac Aero SARL, is a France-based company engaged in the manufacture of parts and components for aerospace industry. It offers a range of products and services such as design, manufacture and assembly of subassemblies; manufacture of structural parts, ranging from small fittings to large panels; supply of engine parts, such as vertical lathe, blades, and milling of aluminum and hard materials; and manufacture of precision parts, such as landing gear and thrust inverters. The Company's customer base includes Airbus, Embraer, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Eurocopter and Gulfstream, among others. It is a member of the Figeac Aero Group, comprising companies engaged in provision of aerospace-related products and services. It operates through Groupe Sonaca and PECISS, industrial technology services company based in Tunisia.


Fnac Darty is engaged in the leisure and entertainment, technology, and household appliances retail market in France and a player on markets in other countries where it operates such as Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Fnac Darty also has franchise operations in Morocco, Qatar and Ivory Coast.

Fraport AG

Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide is an airport operator. Co. is divided into four segments: aviation, which includes airside and terminal management as well as corporate safety and security at the Frankfurt site; retail and real estate, which consists of retailing activities, parking facility and real estate management at Frankfurt Airport; ground handling, which comprises services dealing with passengers, aircraft and cargo; and external activities and services, which comprises Co.'s companies outside the Frankfurt site and auxiliary services in Frankfurt, including information technology and facility management in particular.

Galp Energia SGPS SA

Galp Energia is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. operates in the following segments: exploration and production, with activities relating to exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons, particularly in Angola, Brazil and Mozambique; refining and marketing, which owns refineries in Portugal and also includes activities relating to the retail and wholesale commercialization of oil products; and gas and power, which covers the purchasing, commercialization, distribution and storage of natural gas and electric and thermal power production. As of Dec 31 2014, Co. had proved and probable reserves of 638.0 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Geberit AG Reg.

Geberit is a supplier of sanitary technology products. Co. develops, produces and distributes sanitary products and systems for the residential and commercial new construction and renovation markets. Co.'s product range consists of: the Sanitary Systems product area with the Installation Systems, Cisterns & Mechanisms, Faucets & Flushing Systems and Waste Fittings & Traps product lines; and the Piping Systems product area with the Building Drainage Systems and Supply Systems product lines. Co.'s products are sold through the wholesale channel to in more than 120 countries.

GeneriX S.A.

Generix is engaged in the design and distribution of computer software. Co.'s software programs cover commercial management, accounting, production and the management of human resources.

Grand City Properties

Grand City Properties is a specialist real estate company based in Luxembourg. Co. is focused on investing in and managing turnaround opportunities in the German real estate property market. Co. is active in all relevant asset and property management activities along the real estate value chain from buying to redeveloping, managing and selling real estate properties. Co. also maintains a centralized 24/7 Service Center to coordinate and assure tenant satisfaction. Co.'s portfolio is located mainly in Berlin, North Rhine Westphalia, Dresden, Leipzig, Halle, Nuremberg, Munich, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Bremen and Hamburg.

Groupe Open

Groupe Open distributes and installs computer servers. Co. also provides associated computer technology services such as web integration and design, production and implementation of interactive information systems for companies.

Hornbach Holding AG

Hornbach Holding is engaged in the development and operation of do-it-yourself (DIY) megastores with garden centers on an international basis. In addition, Co. and its subsidiaries are engaged in the construction materials and builders' merchant business. Co. operates within two segments: retail business and its real estate business. As of Feb. 28, 2014, Co. was operating a total of 49 DIY megastores with garden centers in eight countries outside Germany.


Icade is a property developer/real estate investment trust (REIT). Co. offers its clients and business partners a range of complementary products and expertise in the development, design, contracting, marketing, and administrative and technical management of their properties. Co.'s activities are segmented into three divisions: Property Investment, Property Development, and Services. Property Investment focuses especially energy, water, waste and carbon comprises significant properties; Property Development targets properties and operations whose service orders were launched during the year, and Services division manages office buildings and housing units on behalf of third parties.

ING Groep N.V.

ING Groep is a global financial institution based in the Netherlands. Co. is engaged in offering a wide range of retail and wholesale banking services to customers in over 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. In addition to the basic banking services of lending, payments and cash management and treasury, Co. provides tailored banking solutions in areas including corporate finance, commercial finance (factoring), equity markets and debt capital markets to help clients achieve their business goals. Co.'s operations are organized along five segments: Retail Netherlands; RetailBelgium: Retail Germany: Retail Other; and Wholesale Banking.

Inmobiliaria Colonial S.A.

Inmobiliaria Colonial SOCIMI is engaged in the acquisition, construction, sale, disposal and lease of real estate and related activities, including car garages and parking lots, and the administration and management of real estate properties and land.

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC

InterContinental Hotels Group is a hotel companies. Co.'s hotel brands are InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Hualuxe Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo, EVEN Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Holiday Inn Resorts, Candlewood Suites, and Avid Hotels. As of Mar 2 2017, Co.'s had total hotels of 5,348 with 4,433 franchised, 907 managed, eight owned and leased hotels, and 1,655 total hotels in the pipeline.

International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A.

International Airlines Group is an international scheduled airline and global premium airlines. Co.'s principal place of business is London with significant presence at Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports.


Knorr Bremse AG is a Germany-based company that manufactures braking systems and other subsystems for rail and commercial vehicles. It operates through two segments: Rail Vehicle Systems and Commercial Vehicle Systems. The Rail Vehicle Systems segment equips mass transit vehicles, such as metro cars, and mainline freight and passenger trains with brake systems, as well as entrance systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, auxiliary power supply, driver assistance systems, electrical traction equipment and control technology, among others. The Commercial Vehicle Systems segment offers products for trucks, buses, trailers and agricultural machinery. Its product portfolio includes brake systems and vehicle dynamics solutions, such as driver assistance, energy supply and distribution systems, such as air compressors, and fuel efficiency products and transmission subsystems, such as vibration dampers, among others. The Company also offers aftermarket services.

Kone Oyj B

KONE is an elevator and escalator industry group based in Finland. Co. is engaged in the provision of products and services for the installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators, escalators and automatic building doors. Co. provides its products and services throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment, beginning from the installation of new equipment to the maintenance and modernization during their lifecycle and the full replacement of the equipment. Co.'s customers are active in industry segments such as residential, office, retail, public transportation, hotel, hospital, and marine.

La Francaise des Jeux SA

Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde offers a range of decoration and furnishing items in a variety of styles and themes. At end-2016, Co. operated a network of 288 stores in seven countries, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland. It also operates an e-commerce platform available in 11 countries. Co.'s product offering contains approximately 16,000 stock-keeping units available in a range of prices. The offer falls into two categories: decorative products, such as household textiles, tableware and kitchenware, mirrors and picture; and furniture, such as beds, tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas, cupboards, bookshelves, junior furniture and outdoor furniture.

Mediaset Espana Communicacion

Gestevision Telecinco is a television network company based in Spain. Co. heads a group of dependent companies, which form the Telecinco Group. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the management and commercial exploitation of a television network. Co.'s television network acquires, produces, and distributes audiovisual content. Co. also sells the network advertising airtime, carried out by its subsidiary. In addition, Co. is involved in the sale of other advertising products; production of news programs; the production and sale of audiovisual property rights; and teleshopping.

Mediawan SA

Mediawan was incorporated as a Special Purpose Acquisition Company for the purpose of acquiring one or more operating businesses or companies in the traditional and digital media content and entertainment industries in Europe. Through it's subsidiary, Groupe AB, Co. is an independent publisher, producer and distributor of audiovisual content in French-speaking Europe. Its main activities are producing and distributing TV series, TV films, cartoons and documentaries as well as publishing TV channels and related digital services. The group has a portfolio of 19 channels, which are distributed in French-speaking Europe and Africa.

Melexis N.V.

Melexis designs, develops, tests and markets advanced integrated circuits primarily for the automotive industry. Co. sells its products to a wide customer base in the automotive, medical and industrial markets in Europe, Asia and North America. Co.'s main products are Hall effect ICs, Pressure and Acceleration Sensors, Sensor Interface ICs, Automotive Systems-on-a-Chip, Embedded Microcontrollers, Bus System Chips, Optical and Infrared sensors. In each case the products are primarily developed for automotive applications and designated lead customers with subsequent use in commercial and industrial applications.


Mercialys is a real estate company, specialized in the transformation and management of shopping centers. Co. manages a portfolio of 91 properties located throughout France at Dec 31, 2013. Co.'s assets are classified into three categories: large regional shopping centers (GLA of over 365,800 sq. m.), neighborhood shopping centers (GLA of over 181,600 sq. m.), and Other assets (40,900 sq. m.). At Dec. 31, 2013, the portfolio comprised 25 large regional shopping centers, 36 neighborhood shopping centers, and 18 other sites such as food stores, specialty stores, independent cafeterias, service malls, and convenience stores, representing a total gross leasable area of about 588,300 sq. m.

Merlin Properties Socimi SA

Merlin Properties SOCIMI SA is a Spain-based company engaged in the operation of a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company focuses on the acquisition, management and rental of commercial properties located in the Iberian Peninsula, primarily in Spain. The Company's activities are divided into the following segments: Office buildings, operating a portfolio of office space; High-street retail, engaged in leasing retail stores; Shopping centers, engaged in managing department stores; Logistics, operating logistics warehouses and distribution centers, and Others. The Company's other activities include property management services rendered to third parties.


Metro AG, formerly Metro Wholesale & Food Specialist AG, is a Germany-based international wholesale and food service business group and dedicated food specialist with a customer base in wholesale in approximately 35 countries in Europe and Asia. The Company business is carried out by two operating segments: the METRO Wholesale segment and the Real segment. The Company operates also as a retailer in the hypermarket segment of German grocery retail market. The Company operates internationally under brands METRO and Real. The Company operates approximately 751 warehouses in 25 countries and approximately 79 delivery depots. The Company also provides foodservice distribution via Classic Fine Foods group, Rungis Express group and Pro a Pro group.

MTU Aero Engines AG

MTU Aero Engines manufacturers engine modules and components, and providers MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) services for commercial aero engines. Co.'s activities range through the development, construction, testing and production of new commercial and military engines and spare parts, through to maintenance, repair and overhaul of commercial and military engines. Co.'s segments comprised of: OEM business (Original Equipment Manufacturing), which covers new commercial engines, including spare parts, and the whole of the military sector; and MRO business, which engaged in commercial maintenance activities covering the areas of maintenance and logistical support for commercial engines.

Novo Nordisk A/S B

Novo-Nordisk is a global healthcare company engaged in the innovation of diabetes care. Co. also provides haemophilia care, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. The Diabetes care business segment includes research, development, manufacturing and marketing of products within the areas of insulin, GLP-1 and related delivery systems, oral antidiabetic products (OAD) and obesity. The Biopharmaceuticals business segment includes research, development, manufacturing and marketing of products within the areas of haemophilia, growth hormone therapy, hormone replacement therapy, inflammation therapy and other therapy areas.

Patrizia AG

Patrizia Immobilien is engaged in the purchasing, management, appreciation and sale of residential and commercial real estate. Co. operates via two operating segments. The Investments segment primarily bundles portfolio management and the sale of own investments while the Management Services segment covers a range of real estate services, in particular analysis and advice during the purchase and sale of individual residential and commercial properties or portfolios, the management of real estate, management of real estate portfolios as well as consultation with regard to investment strategy, portfolio planning and allocation and the execution of investments.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

Pfeiffer Vacuum provides vacuum technology solutions. Co.'s products are divided into the areas of vacuum generation, vacuum measurement and analysis, installation elements, vacuum chambers and vacuum systems. It includes a range of hybrid and magnetically levitated turbopumps, oil-lubricated and drycompressing low and medium vacuum pumps, leak detectors, mass spectrometers and gauge heads. Co. manufactures vacuum chambers in cubical, cylindrical and bell-shaped designs. Co. also develops and manufactures vacuum systems for customer specific processes, such as testing components for the automotive and electronics industries, testing pressure vessels or packaging in the food industry.


Proximus supplies integrated telecommunications services on the Belgian market. Co.'s activities are divided into four segments: Consumer Business Unit (CBU), which sells voice products and services, internet and television, on fixed and mobile networks, to residential customers; Enterprise Business Unit (EBU), which caters to professional customers; Service Delivery Engine and Wholesale, which centralizes all the network and IT services and costs, provides services to CBU and EBU and sells these services to other telecom and cable operators; and International Carrier Services, which focuses on international carrier activities.


Reply is engaged in the provision of consulting, system integration and digital services, dedicated to the creation, design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. Co. is consisting of a network of specialist companies, supports European industries belonging to the Telco & Media, Manufacturing & Retail, Bank & Insurances and Public Administration segments, in defining and developing new business models utilizing Big Data, Cloud Computing, CRM, Mobile, Social Media and Internet of Things paradigms.

Roche Bobois International SAS

Roche Bobois SAS Formerly known as Furn Invest SAS. Roche Bobois SAS, formerly Furn Invest SAS, is a France-based company operating in the furniture design and distribution businesses. It offers a broad range of made-to-order customizable designs, manufactured in small European workshops. The full furniture collection, divided in Living Room, Dining Room, Desks, Bedroom, Outdoor Furniture, and Other Products includes sofas, armchairs, cocktail tables, dining chairs, sideboards, beds, wardrobes, storage and accessories including lighting, cushions and rugs. The Company service offering includes Delivery, Financing, Warranty, Wedding Registry, Maintenance Guide, Catalogues, Interior Design and Online 3D (tridimensional) Planner. The Company operates through retail or franchising stores and owns more than 250 showrooms across the world. It is active in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Rothschild & Co

Rothschild & Co SCA is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in banking activities and private equity. Co.'s banking activities include Investment Banking which comprises advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, advisory services for finance and restructuring, the primary equity capital market and the private placement of loans and shares; Corporate banking which comprises direct loans and structuring of financing packages; Private banking which comprises trust services, asset management and strategic planning; and Merchant Banking. Co.'s private equity activities involve investing in essentially medium-sized French companies, alongside a financial partner.

Royal Dutch Shell A

Royal Dutch Shell is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the oil and gas industry. Co. reports its business through four segments: Integrated Gas, which engaged in the liquefaction and transportation of gas and the conversion of natural gas to liquids to provide fuels and other products; Upstream, which engaged in the exploration for and extraction of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids; Downstream, which engaged in oil products and chemicals manufacturing and marketing activities; and Corporate, which comprising Co.'s holdings and treasury organisation, its self-insurance activities and its headquarters and central functions.


Safran designs, develops and manufactures high technology electronics through three businesses: Aerospace, Defense and Security. Aerospace includes Aerospace Propulsion (propulsion systems for commercial aircraft, military transport, training and combat aircraft, rocket engines, civil and military helicopters) and Aircraft Equipment (mechanical, hydromechanical and electromechanical equipment); Defense (optronic, avionic and electronic systems); and Security (biometric technologies for fingerprint, iris and face recognition, identity management products, access management and transaction security, including tomographic systems for detection of dangerous or illicit substances in baggage).

Salini Impregilo

Salini Impregilo is engaged in the water segment. Co. is organised according to the distribution of its activities into its various segments: Corporate, which is engaged in the coordination and supervision of Impregilo S.p.A.'s main investments; Construction, which consists of the business headed by Impregilo S.p.A.; Concessions, which consists of the business coordinated by Co.'s subsidiary, Impregilo International Infrastructures B.V. (the Netherlands) and carried out through subsidiaries, jointly controlled entities and associates; as well as Engineering & Plant Construction, which consists of the business headed by FISIA Italimpianti and FISIA Babcock Environment (Germany).

Scandic Hotels Group

Scandic Hotels Group Ab. Scandic Hotels Group AB is a Sweden-based company engaged, along with its subsidiaries, in the operation of hotels. The Company's main market in which the Group operates in: Sweden, which includes Swedish hotels that are operated under the Scandic brand; Norway, which includes Norwegian hotels that are operated under the Scandic brand, and Other Nordic countries & segments include hotel operation in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany, as well as the hotel concept HTL, which is operated by the sub-group HTL Hotels. The Company operates a network of approximately 224 hotels and almost 42,000 hotel rooms in seven countries. Scandic Hotels Group AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunstorm Holding AB.

Schindler Holding AG Part.Cert.

Schindler Holding is a holding company. Co. through its subsidiaries is engaged in the production of escalators, elevators and moving walks. Co. operates globally in one main division: Elevators and Escalators. The Elevators and Escalators division provides a range of elevators for different applications, including freight and special elevators, high-rise elevators, residential elevators and commercial elevators. Co. also provides commercial and public transport escalators and inclined and horizontal moving walks.

Siltronic AG

Siltronic AG is a Germany-based producer of hyperpure silicon wafers. The Company offers polished wafers, epitaxial wafers and annealed wafers, among others. Its products are used for semiconductor components, including high-voltage applications, low resistivity devices in automotive engineering and telecommunications, as well as integrated microprocessors and memory modules for information processing in cell phones, laptops and other consumer goods. The Company also produces high reflectivity (HiREF) wafers, as well as PowerFZ wafers for power applications and Ultimate Silicon for complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) applications. It operates production facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States.


SMCP is engaged in the apparel and accessories retail market. Co.'s products are sold through a network of points of sale and websites. Co.'s product range is composed of on-trend and quality womenswear, menswear and accessories. Co.'s three brands can be characterized as follows: Sandro, targeted at sophisticated and self-confident women with a sleek, cool sense of style and a Parisian nonchalance; Maje, a bohemian chic positioning, targeting a feminine and young-at-heart and joie de vivre clientele and Claudie Pierlot, characterized as Parisian-preppy, wise and with a rebel touch. Claudie Pierlot is focused on a timeless, effortless style.


Solocal Group SA. Solocal Group SA is a France-based company, which is engaged in local online communication. The Company provides digital content, advertising solutions and transactional services that connect people with local businesses. Solocal Group SA operates in France, Spain, Austria and the United Kingdom and supports the online development of SMB and client accounts, mainly through its four flagship brands: PagesJaunes (engaged in local advertising and information on the Internet and in mobile and print media), Mappy (a portal of services relating to travel: maps, journey planners, local area information searches, before and during the journey), Ooreka (a database of content with practical guides, tutorials, among others, written by such specialists as notaries, lawyers, doctors, electricians and gardeners, among others.


Spie is a provider of electrical engineering and IT services and an infrastructure and building contractor. Co. helps to design, finance, manage and implement an array of projects ranging from high-speed TGV and conventional rail lines to metros and light rail systems. In addition, Co. offers telecom and information network services. Through the Commercial Segment, Co. is engaged in construction and renovation projects. Co. also offers wired building services as well as multi-disciplinary industrial maintenance and facilities management solutions.


SQLI SA is a France-based company that specializes in the design and creation of Information Technology (IT) systems. The Company specializes in implementing information systems based on new technologies. It operates in Business Information Systems sector, Digital Enterprise sector, E-commerce division, Communication and Organisation and management divisions. SQLI SA works with its clients from the consulting stage, through the design and installation processes, to the training and monitoring phase. The Company operates a network of offices in France, Benelux, Switzerland, Morocco and Canada, among others. It operates through brands: Wax Interactive and SQLI Enterprise. The Company has such subsidiaries as LSF Interactive, digital agency of marketing and communication, InventCommerce Ltd, a London-based Internet service provider and Star Republic, among others.

Stadler Rail

Stadler Rail AG. Stadler Rail AG is a Switzerland-based company engaged in design and manufacturing of rail vehicles. The Company's product portfolio includes suburban and regional transport trains, light rail vehicles, trams, high-speed and intercity trains, city transport vehicles, locomotives, passenger trains and tailor-made vehicles. The Company serves customers worldwide.

Stroeer SE & Co KGaA

Stroeer SE & Co KGaA. Stroeer SE & Co KGaA is a Germany-based digital multi-channel media company and provider of out-of-home (OOH) and online advertising. The Company operates through three segments: Content Media, Direct Media and OOH Media. The Content Media segment includes display and video advertising, as well as digital marketing services. The Direct Media segment comprises dialog marketing and transactional product groups. The services include direct sales and non-voice channels, such as social media and chat, among others. The OOH Media segment covers activities related to large-format advertising, street furniture and advertising on public transport, and includes the giant poster business BlowUP and the online platform for booking of regional out-of-home campaigns,, among others.

Suess Microtec AG

SUESS MicroTec SE Formerly known as Suess MicroTec AG. SUESS MicroTec SE is a Germany-based holding company (the Group) that supplies process equipment for microstructuring in the semiconductor industry. The Group operates through four segments: Lithography, Bonder, Photomask Equipment and Others. The Lithography division develops, produces and sells the mask aligner, developer, and coater product lines, as well as ultraviolet (UV) projection and laser processing product lines. The Bonder division comprises the development, production and distribution of the substrate bonder product line. The Photomask Equipment division includes the development, manufacture and sale of HMx, ASx, MaskTrack and MaskTrack Pro product lines through SUSS MicroTec Photomask Equipment GmbH & Co KG. The Others division combines further activities of the Group in the area of micro-optics and lenses and the centralized Group functions.

TAG Immobilien AG

TAG Immobilien is engaged in the acquisition, development and management of residential real estate as well as property sales. Co. operates within two segments: residential and commercial. Co.'s residential property portfolio is concentrated in the regions of Thuringia / Saxony, the greater metropolitan areas of Berlin and Hamburg, and the Salzgitter and North Rhine-Westphalia regions while its commercial portfolio is situated in locations such as Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. As of Dec 31 2013, Co.'s portfolio consisted of 70,587 units and comprised of 4,582,344 sq. m. of floor area.

Talanx AG

Talanx is a financial and management holding company. Co. is internationally active in primary insurance and reinsurance and in both property/casualty and life business. In the more than 100 years of Co.'s history, Co. has evolved from a single-line liability insurer for industry into a global insurance group with a focus on the industrial and retail lines and reinsurance business. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in five business segments: Life/Health Reinsurance; Non-Life Reinsurance; Retail Germany; Industrial Lines; and Retail International.

Telefonica Deutschland Holdings

Telefonica Deutschland Holding is a telecommunication company. Co. offers its consumer retail and business customers postpaid and prepaid wireless communications products, along with wireless data services using Global Packet Radio Service, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System and Long Term Evolution technology as well as Digital Subscriber Line wireline telephony and high-speed internet services. Co. markets its products and its wireless and wireline communications products as well as services via the core brand O2. Co.'s secondary brands include the brands Fonic and netzclub. Co. also markets high-speed DSL internet access and wireline telephony.


Tieto is an IT services company in the Nordics providing full lifecycle IT services. The reportable operating segments in service line dimension are Managed Services, which is an IT infrastructure and cloud provider that provides enterprise platform services and end user solutions; Consulting and System Integration, which provides consulting and system integration services, application management and transformation consulting; Industry Products, which provides industry-specific software products and productized solutions; and Product Development Services, which provides services in the field of communications and embedded technologies for a global customer base.

Tikehau Capital Partners SAS

Tikehau Capital SCA Formerly known as Tikehau Capital SCS. Tikehau Capital SCA is a France-based asset management and investment company. The Company invests in various asset classes, including Private Debt, which comprises debt financing transactions, such as senior debt, unitranche and mezzanine, as well as collateralized loan obligations; Real Estate, which focuses on commercial property and seeks sale and lease-back transactions in which the Company's vehicles act as purchaser; Private Equity, which encompasses investments in the equity capital of listed and non-listed companies, and Liquid Strategies, which encompasses investments in bonds, investment grade securities and the management of open-ended funds. The Company operates either through direct equity investments or through its asset management subsidiary, Tikehau IM, on behalf of institutional and private investors. The Company has offices in Paris, London, Brussels, New York and Singapore, among others.

Unibail Rodamco Westfield

Unibail-Rodamco is a commercial property operator, investor and developer. Co. is operationally organized in six geographical regions: France, Spain, Central Europe, Austria, the Nordics and The Netherlands. Its activities are divided into three business lines or segments: Shopping Centres, Offices and Convention & Exhibition. Co.'s Shopping Centres segment focuses primarily on the retail sector; the Offices segment takes care of office assets that are mainly located in the Parisian Central Business District; and the Convention-Exhibitions segment consists of a real estate venues and operations organization, and trade show organization.

United Internet AG

United Internet AG. United Internet AG is a Germany-based Internet service provider (ISP) and holding company of the United Internet Group. The Company's products and technical services are divided into two key segments. The Access segment comprises narrowband, broadband and mobile access subscriptions, including the corresponding applications. The Applications segment includes such applications as home pages, e-shops, Personal Information Management applications, group work, online storage and office software. The Application segment also includes the operations of the Company's brands Sedo and affilinet, which serve customers performance-based advertising and sales possibilities. The Company's brand portfolio also includes GMX, WEB.DE, 1&1, united-domains, Fasthosts and InterNetX. In addition, the Company develops Internet based applications, such as cloud applications. The Company acts primarily via its wholly owned subsidiary 1&1 Internet AG, and Sedo Holding AG, in which it holds a majority stake.


Inside Secure designs, develops and sells software, silicon IP, tools and know-how to be integrated into mobile and connected devices to protect its customers' transactions, content, applications, and communications. Co. is serving markets such as: network security; IoT security; content & application protection; and mobile payment & banking. Co.'s technology protects solutions for a broad range of customers including: service providers; digital content distributors; security system integrators; device vendors; and semiconductor manufacturers.

Vonovia SE

Vonovia is a residential real estate company based in Germany. Co. maintains 357,117 residential units and a portfolio worth approximately Euro24.1 billion in cities and regions throughout Germany. Co. manages residential units, garages and parking spaces as well as commercial units. Co. focuses on customer orientation and tenant satisfaction, offering tenants affordable, attractive and livable homes, as well as offering additional real estate-related services. Co.'s residential units are located in contiguous settlements at approximately 770 locations in Germany.

Wallix Group SA

Wallix Group SA. Wallix Group SA is a France-based company specialized in the security software industry. The Company publishes computer security software relating to the access control and the traceability of privileged accounts or privileged access management (PAM) in the information systems of a number of companies. The Group serves various sectors, including healthcare, cloud & telcos and bank & insurance, among others. Through its solution, Wallix Bastion, the Group helps companies enhance their protection from cyber risks. Its solutions are distributed via a network of trained resellers. Wallix Group's portfolio includes audit and compliance, remote access security, cloud security and controlling industrial systems. In addition, through its subsidiaries the Company also provides computer security software editing services. Apart from France, the Company also operates in the United States.

Whitbread PLC

Whitbread is a hospitality company. Co. serves its customers in the U.K. and beyond through its two businesses: Premier Inn and Restaurants; and Costa. Premier Inn is a hotel business, with over 760 hotels and more than 68,000 rooms as of Mar 2 2017. Co.'s hotel are located alongside its own restaurant brands. Co. also have hotels in the Middle East, and Germany, with more hotels in the pipeline. Costa is the coffee shop, with over 2,200 coffee shops in the U.K., over 1,300 stores in 29 international markets and over 6,800 Costa Express self-serve units as of Mar 2 2017.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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