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ODDO : COVID-19 : beaucoup de malades graves et peu d’asymptomatiques

Un secteur très impacté par COVID-19 avec une révision en baisse de ~35% des BPA et >25% de nos OC – De nombreux dossiers à risque élevé (Haulotte, Manitou, Exel Industries…) et rares sont les profils assez safe (Albioma, Rubis, GTT). - >Des sociétés face à de graves problèmes, du moins à court terme - La quasi-totalité de nos sociétés Midcap à connotation industrielle vont être lourdement touchées à court terme par la crise sanitaire mondiale du Coronavirus surtout si...

Albioma is an independent energy producer that develops projects in the thermal biomass, solar power, and anaerobic digestion sectors. Co. provides industrial partners with expertise in energy production via hybrid combustion of biomass. In addition, Co. produces biogas by biological decomposition of organic matter in a confined oxygen-free medium, which it either converts into electricity and heat or purifies and then injects into the gas transmission network. It operates facilities on Reunion Island, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guyana, mainland France and Southern Europe. Co. divides its operation into three segments: Thermal Biomass, Solar Power, and Anaerobic Digestion.


Arkema is engaged in the global chemical industry which is a processing industry based on the transformation in one or several stages of raw materials (oil derivatives, gas, minerals, natural products) into more or less complex chemical products, or into plastics obtained by polymerization. In addition, Co. manufactures a wide range of products for other major industries: construction, packaging, chemicals, automotive, electronics, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc. Co. operates in this industrial context with a business portfolio focused on three segments: High Performance Materials, Industrial Specialties, and Coating Solutions.


CGG is a global participant in the geophysical seismic industry. Co. manufactures geophysical equipment and provides marine, land, and airborne data acquisition services. Co. also provides geosciences services, including data imaging, seismic data characterization, geosciences and petroleum engineering consulting services, and collecting, developing and licensing geological data. Co.'s clients are in oil and gas exploration and production industies. Co. divides its activities into four segments: Equipment, Contractual Data Acquisition, Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir (GGR), and Non-Operated Resources, including eight business lines, six Corporate functions, and four Group Departments.


Derichebourg provides services to businesses and to local and municipal authorities. Co. covers the entire waste recycling chain, from collection through to recuperation, as well as a range of services to businesses and to local and municipal authorities. Co.'s activities can be divided into three segments: Environmental Services segment which is engaged in the processing and disposal of waste and of end-of-life products; Business Services segment which offers a range of front end services (reception, cleaning, energy, parks and gardens maintenance, temporary workers) and Airport Services segment which provides outsourced airport services like services for stopover management and airfreight.

Exel Industries

EXEL Industries designs and manufactures precision spraying equipment that it markets to three markets: farming, industry and consumers. Co. organizes its operations into two divisions: Plant Protection (manufactures professional, semi-professional and consumer agricultural spraying equipment for plant protection; plant health products sprayed include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers and other products) and Material Protection (supply of material protection products in two different areas: paint and viscous industrial product application equipment; and elimination of dust and odors).

Groupe Crit

Groupe Crit provides HR solutions to companies. Co.'s activities are divided into three segments: Temporary employment and Recruitment; Airport services; and Other services. In the Temporary employment and Recruitment segment, Co.'s offering includes temporary employment, permanent placement, secondment, outsourcing, training and consulting. The Airport services segment includes all services performed on an airplane from its landing to its take-off such as services to passengers and airplanes. The Other services segment comprises services in engineering and maintenance, and miscellaneous activities. At Dec 31 2010, Co. operated 431 branches, and was the partner of more than 25,000 companies.


Gaztransport & Technigaz is an engineering company specialized in membrane containment systems for liquefied gas transport and storage. Co. designs and markets technologies which combine operational efficiency and safety to equip liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, LNG floating platforms and multi-gas transport vessels. Co. also provides solutions for onshore storage tanks and the use of LNG as a fuel for vessels propulsion as well as a wide range of services in engineering, consultancy, training, maintenance assistance and technical studies at each stage of the liquefied gas chain.

Haulotte Group

Haulotte Group manufactures and sells machines for use in building/public works and industrial markets. Co. specializes in people and material lifting equipment. It also operates in rental market for this equipment. Co.'s offering includes access equipment, telehandlers, earth moving equipments, system and utility scaffolds, event staging and seating. Its activities can be divided into three segments: the manufacture and sale of lifting equipment, the rental of lifting equipment, and services (spare parts, repairs and financing). Co. operates geographically in Europe, North America, South America and Asia/Pacific.

Ingenico Group

Ingenico Group is a business technology company, operating in 125 countries. Co. designs, develops and supplies payment terminals, offering mercantile payment solutions, cross-border and global payment services and certified global service platform. Co.'s services are done around Payment terminals and software; Terminal estate management, security application updates; Connectivity ensuring the terminal-to-bank host connection; Full after-sales service taking charge of every phase in the lifecycle of terminals and software; 24/7, from installation, maintenance & repair to upgrades; Centralization of transactions; End-to-end security - from terminal to bank or processor..

Ipsos S.A.

Ipsos is an independent survey-based research group based in France. Co. focuses exclusively on the production, interpretation, and distribution of information gathered from individuals about their views, desires, attitudes, and behaviors. It uses two principal methods of survey-based research: Quantitative research and Qualitative research. Co. organizes its business around six areas of specialization: Advertising Research; Marketing Research; Media Research; Opinion and Social Research; and Customer Relationship/Management Research. In addition, it divides its operations into five geographical areas: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East.

LISI Link Solutions for Industry

LISI manufactures multifunctional fasteners and assembly and structural components for three business sectors: aerospace, automotive, and perfurmery. Co.'s activities are also split into three divisions: LISI Aerospace division, LISI Medical division and LISI Automotive division. LISI Aerospace division produces fasteners and assembly components for the aerospace and motor racing markets. LISI Medical division produces medical implants and is a sub-contractor of auxiliary parts. LISI Automotive division produces automotive fasteners and assembly components.

Manitou BF S.A.

Manitou BF is active on the global market for material handling. Co. divides its activities into three divisions: Rough Terrain Handling (RTH) where Co. assembles and distributes rough terrain handling equipment such as masted forklift trucks and fixed and rotating telescopic forklift trucks; Industrial Material Handling (IMH) where Co. designs and distributes semi-industrial masted forklift trucks; industrial forklift trucks; truck-mounted forklifts; and Compact Equipment (CE) where Co. designs, assembles and distributes skid steer loaders, telescopic forklift trucks, articulated loaders and mini excavators. Co.'s brands include Manitou®, Gehl®, Mustang®, Loc®, Edge®.


Mersen produces materials and electrical components intended for alternative energies, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, rail transportation, electronics and process industries. Co. divides its operations into two segments: Advanced Materials and Technologies (AMT - Materials), and Electrical Components and Technologies (ECT - Electrical). In addition, Co. produces four types of products: Electrical Applications, Electrical Protection, High-Temperature Applications, and Anticorrosion Equipment. Co. also caters to the process industries, supporting their transition towards greater energy efficiency and boasts an efficient manufacturing base with plants employing the very latest technologies.


Nexans offers cables and cabling systems for the Infrastructure, Industry, Building and Local Area Network markets. Co.'s offering covers the research, design, manufacturing, installation, training, and network supervision and control. Co. operates under three segments: Energy (power cables for energy infrastructures, special cables for industry, and equipment cables for the building market), Telecom (cables for private telecommunications networks, junction components for telecommunications network cables, and copper and optical fiber cables for public telecommunications networks) and Electrical wires (wirerods, electrical wires and winding wires production operations).


Neopost supplies mailroom equipment, offering products for franking, folding & inserting, addressing, address cleansing, tracking, tracing letters, parcels & the supply chain. Co. also offers various services, including consulting, maintenance, financial services & online service. Co.'s activities can be summed up to 2 segments: Mailroom Solutions & Communication & Shipping Solutions, divided into 9 operations: Automated mail opening, Management of incoming mail & traceability of important mail, Address printers, Automated insertion equipment, Intelligent franking, Financing solutions, Data quality, Customer Communication Management and Shipping Solutions, mainly in Europe & North America.

Rubis S.A.

Rubis is a holding company based in France. Co., through its subsidiaries, is engaged in the bulk import, production or distribution process, and storage of petroleum products in Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. Co. operates bulk liquid storage facilities for petroleum products, chemicals, fertilizers, edible oils and molasses, and foodstuffs, as well as distributes butane, propane, and petroleum products in wholesale and retail. Co.'s customers primarily include hypermarkets and supermarkets; oil companies; chemists; and traders and intermediaries of fuel, oil or gas, manures, and other liquids.

Seche Environnement S.A.

Seche Environnement offers environmental management solutions for industrial clients or local authorities. Co. operates waste treatment and recovery facilities and develops tools to produce energy from waste. Co. also collects and sorts all types of waste, whether household or industrial, hazardous or non-hazardous. For local authorities, Co. manages household waste and other environmental concerns. Co. is engaged in thermal treatment, storage, methanization of household waste and production of alternative fuels. For industrial clients, Co. has developed products and services for handling industrial waste from waste production sites to elimination facilities.

Soitec S.A.

Soitec is a manufacturer of silicon and integrated circuits. Co. offers products based on Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI), which serves to support the manufacturing of more energy-efficient integrated circuits. Co.'s operations can be divided into three divisions: Electronics, Solar Energy and Lighting. The Electronics division manufactures and sells substrates and components intended for the microelectronics industry; the Solar Energy division manufactures and sells photovoltaic modules, designs and constructs turnkey projects, and operates photovoltaic power plants; and the Lighting division isolates resources to develop materials designed for the production of light emitting diodes.

Solvay S.A.

Solvay is engaged in chemical and plastic businesses worldwide. Co. offers chemical products such as advanced materials, barium strontium, calcium chloride, caustic soda, chlorinated products, fluor, peroxygen products, polyglycerols, precipitated calcium carbonate, soda ash, and sodium bicarbonate. It also provides specialty polymers, such as Spire ultra polymers, Solviva biomaterials, and sulfone polymers. Co. structures its activities around five operating segments: Advanced Formulations, Advanced Materials, Performance Chemicals, Functional Polymers and Corporate & Business Services, each with its own specific business model and each comprised of Global Business Units (GBUs).

Somfy S.A.

Somfy SA. Somfy SA is a France-based company engaged in the design, manufacture and development of controls for openings and closures of homes and commercial buildings. The Company's range of products include automatic controls for awnings, rolling shutters, storefront grills, garage doors and gates, motors and controls for roller shutters and curtains, venetian blinds and all interior window coverings and decoration, alarm systems and for protecting large utility facilities. It has operations in France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Italy, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and the United States, among others.The Company operates through Garen Automacao, Neocontrol Solucoes em Automacao SA and MyFox, among others. It joins venture with iHome in South East Asia.

Synergie S.A.

Synergie is engaged in the development of human resources management, by providing services in the field of temporary work, outplacement, recruitment, consulting and training. Co. services different sectors: services and specialized sector (medical, senior employment, human services), transportation and logistics sector, industry sector, construction and civil engineering sector. As of Dec 31 2009, Co. is present in 13 countries in Europe and Canada and reports its activities geographically, in 4 areas: France, Northen and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Canada.


Tarkett is a global flooring company, providing a large range of flooring and sports surface solutions to business and residential end-users. Co. is organized in four segments: Europe, Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”); North America; Commonwealth of Independent States (“CIS”), Asia Pacific (“APAC”) and Latin America; and Sports Surfaces.


Technicolor is engaged in the media and entertainment and consumer services industries. Co. develops technologies that provide the solutions and services offered to its business clients (content creators and distributors, Network Service unique expertise to patent its innovation and monetize its IP portfolio, Providers and Pay-TV operators). Co.'s innovation and Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio comprises video, audio, communication/interoperability, content distribution and local network technologies. Co.'s activities can be divided into three main segments: Technology, Entertainment Services and Connected Home.

Ubisoft Entertainment S.A.

Ubisoft Entertainment is an international independent developer, publisher & distributor of video games. Co. centers its business activities on developing, publishing & distributing video games for portable & home consoles, the PC, smartphones & tablets in both physical & online formats: high-definition with games for Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 & PC; casual with games for Nintendo®, KINECT & PlayStation®3 Move; and online for on-line games. Co.'s catalogue includes various types of games: Action/Adventure, Shooters, Sports, Strategy, Simulation, TV and Movie licenses, Games for everyone and Driving. Co.'s trademarks include Assassin's Creed®, Rainbow Six® Vegas 2, and Rayman Raving Rabids®.

Vallourec S.A.

Vallourec is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. supplies tubular solutions, mainly for the energy markets as well as other industrial applications. Co.'s activities can be divided into two segments: the Seamless tubes segment (production of hot-rolled seamless carbon and alloy steel tubes, both smooth and threaded, for the oil and gas industry); and the Speciality Products segment (production of stainless steel and titanium tubes as well as specific forming and machining activities). Co. is organized into four divisions: Energy and Industry division; Oil Country Tubular Goods division; Drilling Products division; and Brazil division.

Vilmorin & Cie

Vilmorin & Cie. Vilmorin & Cie SA is engaged in the production, marketing and sale of vegetable and crop seeds for agricultural production and market gardeners. The Vegetable seeds division is involved in the production and sale of vegetable seeds under the brand names, such as Hazera-Nickerson, Vilmorin SA, HM.Clause and Mikado Kyowa Seed, among others, intended for the professional food market, including market gardeners, processors, and specialists in canning, specialists in deep-freezing and freeze-drying. The Field Seeds division is focused on field seeds, including corn, straw cereals, grape and sunflower seeds for European and American clients. The Garden Products division is structured around two companies, Vilmorin Jardin and Suttons. In March 15, 2013, it acquired the Bisco Bio Sciences of India. In October 2013, it announced that it has recently taken over Shamrock. In November 2013, it acquired Eureka Seeds Inc. In March 2014, it acquired Seed Asia based in Bangkok.


Worldline is a financial transaction processing company based in France. Co's operations are organized along three segments covering payments and digital services: Merchant Services & Terminals (facilitating consumer engagement around end-to-end e-payment transactional services on any device – before, during and after the point of sale); eMobility and eTransactional Services (assists businesses and governments in developing new digital services enabling strategic digital transformation); and Financial Processing & Software Licensing (provides processing services to banks and financial institutions for managing card-based and online cashless payments).

X-Fab Silicon Foundries SE

X Fab Silicon Foundries EV is a Belgium-based company primarily engaged in the semiconductors industry. The Company focuses on the design and manufacture of silicon wafers for mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). Its products are integrated with additional features, such as high voltage option, embedded non-volatile memory, optical, radio frequency (RF) and bipolar elements, as well as microelectromechanical sensors. The Company distributes silicon wafers for various applications, including automotive, industrial, medical, as well as consumer electronics and mobile communications sector. The Company operates in a number of countries, such as Germany, France, Malaysia and the United States.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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