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Education - Online K12 AST regulations have minimal impact on leading K12 AST players.

The long anticipated online K12 regulations have finally been announced, and
remove some of the regulatory overhang on the K12 AST segment. We view the
regulations as mildly negative as rules on teaching hours and prepaid fee collection
are slightly more stringent than offline K12 AST. Similar to management guidance,
we think both leading K12 AST players will be able to meet regulatory requirements
and expect strong results to be announced next week. Excluding the post-K12
segment in the education sector, we prefer EDU over TAL. Maintain OVERWEIGHT.
China Education Group Holdings Ltd

China Maple Leaf Educational

Minsheng Education Group (P Chip)

Minsheng Education Group Co Ltd. Minsheng Education Group Company Limited is an investment holding company. The Company is principally engaged in the provision of education services in China. The Company provides higher education with the focus on private education of nurturing professional. The Company operates four schools in China. The subsidiaries of the Company include Minsheng Education Development (Hong Kong) Company Limited, Minsheng Education Development Company Limited, Minsheng Education Company Limited, Minsheng Education Services Company Limited, and Chongqing Pass Education Services Co., Ltd., among others.

New Oriental Education & Technology Group ADS

TAL Education Group ADS

Wisdom Education International Holdings (P Chip)

Wisdom Education International Holdings Co Ltd. Wisdom Education International Holdings Company Limited is an education company in South China operating primary and secondary schools. Along with the People's Republic of China educational programs, the Company provides international programs for its high school students. The Company offers a range of school-based elective courses, including courses for sports, art, music and Chinese culture. The Company operates approximately five private schools on over four campuses, including approximately four schools located in Guangdong province in the Pearl River Delta economic zone and a school located in Liaoning province in the Northeast Three Provinces economic zone. The Company's schools have a total student enrolment of approximately 27,640. The Company's schools include Dongguan Guangming School, Dongguan Guangming Primary School, Dongguan Guangzheng Preparatory School, Huizhou Guangzheng Preparatory School and Panjin Guangzheng Preparatory School.


Charles Wong Kok Min

Julia Pan Mengyao

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