Eric Morera

NetEase Inc. ($NTES) Strong Bullish Trend

NetEase Inc. ($NTES) Strong Bullish Trend September 17, 2020 By Cloud computing is one of the sectors that have vastly outperformed the marketplace since the March 2020 low.  NetEase Inc is in the cloud computing business, focused on community, communications, commerce and video games.  Lets take a more detailed look at their operations: “NetEase, Inc. is a Chinese Internet technology company providing online services centered on content, community, communications and commerce. The company was founded in 1997 by Ding Lei.  NetEase develops and operates online PC and mobile games, adve...

Eric Morera

GBPNZD : Trading with the Trend

GBPNZD : Trading with the Trend September 20, 2020 By Towards the end of August 2020 the GBPNZD pair reversed and has been trending lower since. At EWF we always encourage traders to trade with the trend and not against it.  Looking at the 1 Hour chart, GBPNZD was clearly trending lower and was in a correction mode at the start of last week which pushed price higher and was met with bears to push the pair back lower. There were visible signals where possible SELLERS were waiting to get in the market. In the chart below, a lower low lower high sequence (green) in price confirmed the do...

Eric Morera

TecDAX: Buying Opportunity in German Technology

TecDAX: Buying Opportunity in German Technology September 20, 2020 By TecDAX is a stock index which tracks the performance of 30 largest German companies from the technology sector. Even though these enterprises are of a high economic importance, their market capitalization and the book order turnover are far below of that of the DAX index. The TecDAX is related to DAX in a similar way like NASDAQ is related to Dow Jones Industrial Average index. From technical perspective, NASDAQ has been the strongest index in the US. As a matter of fact, it has provided high rewards for those trade...

Eric Morera

AUDJPY : Support Becomes Resistance

AUDJPY : Support Becomes Resistance September 20, 2020 By On September 10/2020 AUDJPY registered a temporary top and started to trend lower.  When a market is trending it will make higher highs and higher lows in a bullish trend and lower lows lower highs in a bearish trend. Support and Resistance levels/zones are the basics of technical market analysis and traders use these levels/zones to trade breakouts or retests of these levels/zones. At EWF we always encourage traders to trade with the trend and not against it. The chart below confirms AUDJPY was trending lower making lower lows...

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  • Fabrice KOUAME
  • Gustave KRAGBE

Daily Market briefing - West African Regional Stock Exchange

BRVM has closed its trading day on Monday September 21st, 2020 lower compared to last Friday. The market capitalization (Stocks + Bonds) decreased by 0.22% to stand at XOF 9 357.92 billion against XOF 9 378.24 billion previously.

Corporates recommandations - 21 September 2020

Corporates recommandations - 21 September 2020

Financials recommandations - 21 September 2020

Financials recommandations - 21 September 2020

Nadejda Dafinkicheva

Weekly Bulletin - 14 September - 18 September 2020

All main indexes on BSE decreased last week in the 1.1% to 1.6% range with exception of BGREIT (133.84), which added 0.5%. The volumes slightly increased (+13% vs YTD), while the turnover continued its downtrend by falling 50% compared to the average YTD.  The losers prevailed in our watch list as 19 out of 29 companies were coloured in red versus 4 gainers. Sirma Group (SKK, BGN 0.63, -6.7%), M+S Hydraulic (5MH, BGN 5.15, -6.4%) and Albena (6AB, BGN 21.20, -6.2%) led the losers while Eurohold (4EH, BGN 1.65) finished on the opposite side by increasing 3.10%. Sopharma (3JR, BGN 3.14) was in th...

Stephan Bogner

Zinc8 signs co-operation agreement with global transformer manufacturing powerhouse Vijai Electricals

Once again, Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. grabs the headlines as the emerging battery manufacturer today announced the signing of an Agreement in Principle with Vijai Electricals Ltd., one of the most trusted and reputed brand names in the global grid and utility space. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Vijai Electricals is among the world‘s largest manufacturers of Electrical Power & Distribution Transformers and a global player in the T&D (Transmission & Distribution) utility sector with 47 years of experience including +150 T&D projects. Since 2014, Vijai Electricals‘ T&D division is part of...

Stephan Bogner

Zinc8 Energy Solutions unterzeichnet Kooperationsabkommen mit dem weltweit führenden Hersteller von Transformatoren Vijai Electricals

Einmal mehr sorgt Zinc8 Energy Solutions Inc. für Schlagzeilen. Der aufstrebende Batteriehersteller gab heute die Unterzeichnung einer Grundsatzvereinbarung mit Vijai Electricals Ltd. bekannt gab, einem der zuverlässigsten und renommiertesten Markennamen im globalen Strom- und Versorgungsbereich. Mit Hauptsitz in Hyderabad, Indien, gehört Vijai nicht nur zu den weltweit grössten Herstellern von elektrischen Leistungs- und Verteilungstransformatoren, sondern ist auch ein Global Player im T&D (Transmission & Distribution)-Stromversorgungssektor mit 47 Jahren Erfahrung, einschliesslich >150 T&D-P...

Breakfast Report - 21 September, 2020

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria's headline inflation in August rose to a 29-month high of 13.22%. This is due to recent pricing reforms in the energy sector and the FX market. Both food and core inflation contributed to the inflationary pressure, as both were at two-year highs printing at 16.0% and 10.52% respectively. All sub-indexes of the consumer price index (CPI) rose at a faster pace in August as the hike in the ex-depot price of PMS trickled into the prices of not only food items but also the cost of services. Across the core segment, prices in the health s...

*** Octo - Creditorial - 21 September 2020 ***

*** Octo - Creditorial - 21 September 2020 *** CRITERIA CAIXA / ILIAD / AVIVA

*** Octo - Creditorial - 21 Septembre 2020 ***

*** Octo - Creditorial - 21 Septembre 2020 *** CRITERIA CAIXA / ILIAD / AVIVA

Shahrukh Saleem

LUCK: Ventures cushion in time of crunch, (AKD Daily, Sep 21, 2020)

AKD Daily LUCK: Ventures cushion in time of crunch We update our investment case for LUCK, incorporating the FY20 detailed accounts where we adjust our working capital assumption as working capital cycle moves towards normalcy after worsening in FY20 due to company providing discounts, while also adjusting gas tariff assumption and streamlining difference between PBS price and realized price. Real surprise lies in company’s other ventures where Kia Lucky Motors (KLM) stands out, as company posted positive operating margins while cement operations in Congo also posted impressive net margin...

Marnik Hinnekens

TP ICAP - Europe - Morning CreditUpdate 21/09/2020 - Iliad, Banques sytemiques

Fixed Income        TP ICAP (Europe) S.A. | Recherche Crédit | Lundi 21 septembre 2020 > Lien d’accès au CreditUpdate:      Iliad (Achat) : Acquisition de l’opérateur polonais Play pour €2,2 mds Les banques systémiques (G-SIB) sont plus performantes que les autres banques dans la crise actuelle   Société Générale (Achat) : Cession envisagée de sa filiale Lyxor pour environ $1md ESG: UBS (Achat): Compte faire des investissements durables sa solution privilégiée pour son activité de Wealth Management Covestro (Vente vs No reco) : Acquisition envi...

Nadejda Dafinkicheva

FFBH Daily Bulletin - 21.09.2020

SOFIX (42.97, -1.08%) fell on Friday, as 9 out of 15 members registered losses. The other indexes also declined, where BGREIT (133.84, -0.22%) remained least affected as only Bulgarian Real Estate Fund (5BU, BGN 1.69, -1.17%) stepped on the negative side. The losses were concentrated in the financial sector, represented by Central Cooperative Bank (4CF, BGN 0.935, -6.03%) and in the outgoing members in main index as Industrial Holding Bulgaria (4ID, BGN 0.77, -3.75%), M+S Hydraulic (5MH, BGN 5.15, -3.74%) and Albena (6AB, BGN 21.20, -3.64%). On the opposite side, the tech company Telelink (TBS...

Michel Said ...
  • Passant Mohamed

CLHO EY | A deftly maneuvered healthcare player; Reiterate OW

Solid business model at undemanding valuation. We reiterate our Overweight rating on CHG, a unique exposure to Egypt’s healthcare story, on the mix of a high growth profile, healthy margins, strong FCF generation, liquid BS, and solid business model. We foresee a strong rebound in 2H20, translating into a 2020e y-o-y flattish adjusted EBITDA of EGP507mn. We revise our TP downwards by c15% to EGP6.30/share, as we trim our 2020-24e EBITDA forecasts by 15%, as the pandemic resulted in a difficult to catch-up to, one-year delay in revenue evolution. CHG trades on a 2021e P/E of c20x, 23% below reg...

Peter Thilo Hasler

Gold and Lithium in Australia

Founded in 2017, SunMirror is a Swiss based holding company that acquires equity stakes in pre-production mineral exploration companies with a focus on gold and lithium. With Lithium 1 Pty. Ltd., SunMirror acquired two potentially highly valuable, but early-stage exploration projects in Australia in the beginning of 2020: (1) a 100% ownership in Moolyella, located in Northwest Australia, with a potential for lithium, nickel, and tin-tantalum containing minerals, and (2) a tenement of the Exploration Licence in the Kingston-Keith Mining Project, which is situated in a prolific gold and nickel ...

Research Team

DM BOŚ: Daily research report – date 21.09.2020

Headlines Large-cap companies news … 2 Play: Iliad calls for 100% shares of Play at PLN 39 per share. CD Projekt: Night City Wire Part 3: new trailers – Postcards from Night City and Gangs of Night City CD Projekt: Resale update; 75% of resale target achieved by Wednesday Small- and mid-cap companies news … 3 GTC: The appointment of the CEO Bloober team: Rockbridge TFI has proposed 1:10 stock split Real Estate: Demand for office space Poland: capital market calendar … 4 DM BOŚ Coverage Universe … 9

François ADJITIN

FLASH HEBDO DU 14/09/2020 AU 18/09/2020

Commentaire du Marché Marché des Actions La Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières (BRVM) demeure une fois de plus cette semaine dans le rouge. En effet, la plupart des titres ont tiré le marché à la baisse : les indices BRVM Composite et BRVM 10 se sont respectivement déprécié de 1,09% à 126,33 points et 1,03% à 118,46 points. Ainsi, la performance à date du marché financier de l’UEMOA s’est amoindrie de 19,79% pour un PER de 10,10.  La balance des variations affiche 16 baisses, 16 hausses et 14 valeurs inchangées. Sur le plan sectoriel, l’indice «Distribution» a connu la contre-perf...

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