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At ResearchPool, we value knowledge. Our research community comprises of a wide range of users including retail investors, insurance companies, independent financial advisors, financial services professionals, investment bankers, brokers, hedge funds, family offices and academics to name a few - all hungry for access to quality research on the European financial markets.

Our aim therefore is simply to give them freer access to up-to-date content - direct from producers, without the strings that come with subscriptions or data vendors. And that’s where you come in.

Easy distribution

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You hold the keys to some of the most valuable financial markets knowledge and insights out there. ResearchPool invites you to place your own price on that research, and without the middlemen, you can benefit from selling it directly to research users looking for quality content they can use right away. And if you’re looking to share your content for free, it’s even easier.

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Distribute your research to a broader European community - including new customers and users, through ResearchPool’s open network. Our unique research aggregation platform allows a Europe-wide community to search and download a vast range of both free and priced content from providers, instantly. So if you’re ready to make it available, we can make it accessible.

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Build your network by sharing or selling your valuable knowledge. With our transparent marketplace and contributor blog, you can have a say in how research distribution can be expanded, creating a better and more fluid information exchange across Europe.


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