• TickerSIMON
  • ISINUS82706C1080
  • ExchangeMexican Stock Exchange
  • SectorTechnology Hardware & Equipment
  • CountryCayman Islands
Wedbush Research

Wedbush Morning Call - Jun 14 2021 6:52AM

Dave Nicoski ...
  • Ross LaDuke

Vermilion Compass: Weekly Equity Strategy

Growth Surging Relative to Value Note: This report is presented in an abbreviated format, as we are in production of our January US Macro Vision book. As we head into Q4 earnings season we remain bullish on the broad market. Our bullish outlook is supported by the themes highlighted below: • Price Trends Remain Bullish. Price trends for major indexes in the US (large-, mid-, and small-caps) and abroad (MSCI EM and EAFE) remain on bullish trajectories. • Internals are Healthy. Advance/decline lines for large-, mid-, and small-caps (S&P 500, 400, and 600, respectively) remain in uptrends...

Wedbush Research

Wedbush Morning Call - Jun 14 2021 6:52AM

With a more favourable environment, SILICON MOTION TECH.CORP improves to Slightly Positive

SILICON MOTION TECH.CORP (US), a company active in the Semiconductors industry, is favoured by a more supportive environment. The independent financial analyst theScreener has confirmed the fundamental rating of the title, which shows 4 out of 4 stars, as well as its unchanged, moderately risky market behaviour. The title leverages a more favourable environment and raises its general evaluation to Slightly Positive. As of the analysis date April 9, 2021, the closing price was USD 69.35 and its potential was estimated at USD 74.16.

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