Alejandro Acosta, CFA
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Groupe Guillin - A well managed family owned business, for the long-term investor

Groupe Guillin is not particularly cheap, but it is a well managed family-owned business. 

This could be an opportunity to be associated with a rather good business for the long-term 

Groupe Guillin S.A.

Groupe Guillin. Groupe Guillin SA is a France-based company that specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of plastic packaging products for use in various sectors of the food industry. It offers a range of products, including trays, plates, as well as sheets for thermoforming and various solutions for catering and meal distribution. Groupe Guillin SA comprises of seventeen subsidiaries including, Alphaform, which manufactures plastic plates, bowls, boxes and trays for use in the transportation and distribution; Dynaplast, producing rigid plastic sheets and plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables, Guillin Emballages, engaged in the design and manufacture of thermoformed plastic packaging, Socamel Technologies, focused on the institutional catering market, producing multi-service trolleys and plastic trays and Rescaset Concept, also active on the catering market and offering china trays, plates and dishes, among others.

Alezor Research
Alezor Research

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Alejandro Acosta, CFA

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