China’s 13th Five-Year Plan – Carving out a transformative and ambitious path towards prosperity

In March 2016, China adopted its 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP) which outlines the country’s goals, principles and targets for its development through to 2020, as it seeks to become ‘a moderately prosperous society’.

The plan has stated that the five guiding themes of future government’s policies will be:

  •  Innovation
  •  Coordination
  • Green
  • Openness
  • Inclusive/Sharing

In the report we have focused on sectors which, in our view, will be the principle beneficiaries of the new government priorities. The aforementioned sectors are:

  •  Advanced manufacturing: Innovation will be the primary driving force of China’s development and would occupy a central place in its development strategy. The plan focusses on advanced manufacturing, modern services, and strategic emerging industries. It lays down initiatives the government will be taking as it supports the industry’s movement up the value chain
  • Infrastructure: Upgradation of existing infrastructure as well as creation of new. Green development will be a key priority. The plan proposes development of low carbon transportation, strengthening of infrastructure energy standards, and making transportation systems more energy efficient by using modern, green technologies.
  • Environment: The plan is China’s greenest ever. It emphasises and focusses on efficiency and conservation, whether it is the usage of land, energy, or water.

The report also acquaints the reader with companies from these sectors which are best positioned to ride on the crest of government support and provide lucrative long term returns to the discerning investor.

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