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Lettre quotidienne du 22 01 2020 : Clôture en territoire positif à la Bourse de Casablanca

- Un MASI en progression de 0,90% à 12 633,57 points et un MADEX en amélioration de 0,92% à 10 311,98 points ;

- Un volume transactionnel très dynamique de M MAD 416,9 ;

- ENNAKL s’apprécie de 9,59% à MAD 34,74 tandis que ALLIANCES perd 5,54% à MAD 49,11 ;

- Une performance commerciale satisfaisante à fin 2019 pour ENNAKL

BMCE Capital Research
BMCE Capital Research

BMCE Capital Research is a subsidiary of BMCE Capital Group dedicated to Research and Financial Analysis. It is addressed to professional investors (financial institutions, management companies, etc.) to which it provides information and independent analysis aligned with international standards. BMCE Capital Research covers equities, interest rate, Forex and commodities markets in Morocco, Tunisia and WAEMU region (Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières, BRVM). Thanks to its latest generation technology platform, to its teams and to those of its partners, the Research Office of BMCE Capital is now able to cover simultaneously several places in Africa and to produce several publications co-branded under its umbrella brand African Securities Network, ASN.

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