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ABIVAX: ABX464 still well positioned vs Big Pharma competitors | BUY | EUR52 (+189%)

ABIVAX - BUY | EUR52 (+189%)
ABX464 still well positioned vs Big Pharma competitors

We believe post Lilly’s Mirikuzmab, and Pfizer’s Etrasimod data yesterday, ABX464 still looks like a potential best-in-class. We believe a swath of drug failures and setbacks has thinned the field to the point where today if Pharma are still waiting for an oral drug readout there are only two true contender next to Abivax: Immunic’s Vadoflimus which will readout in the next four weeks, and Morphic – which is early but comes on the heels of the Protagonist PN-942 failure. Furthermore even after strong 20%-25% 52 week pbo adjusted remissions by Lilly and Pfizer(Arena) at 52 weeks, Abivax ABX464 has so far met this high bar, with an novel differentiated mechanism – which deserves more of a premium than we have seen in current trading (in our view).
We believe BD is still likely to occur in the IBD space
Abivax SA

ABIVAX is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel anti-viral compounds and therapeutic vaccines against severe and life threatening infectious diseases. ABIVAX utilizes RNA-protein interaction interference and cytotoxic TH1 cell amplification to generate therapies to help patients clear viruses like HIV, HBV and HPV. The Company's product pipeline comprises ABX 203, which is the therapeutic vaccine candidate obtained from the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Cuba (CIGB) and is intended for patients with chronic hepatitis B disease; and ABX196, the adjuvant for therapeutic vaccines, among others.

Bryan Garnier
Bryan Garnier

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Dylan Van Haaften

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