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PAYMENTS : ESG considerations

In this slideshow we introduce ESG ratings on the payments sector. In this industry, environmental issues take a step back compared to social and governance ones. Indeed, due to its highly regulated nature and the fast pace of innovation, employee satisfaction, retention, training, and supervision is of the utmost importance. Edenred and Worldline both provide a slew of data, and have clear quantified targets for the future. Both have been assigned green rating in all categories. On the contrary, Adyen does not disclose a lot of data, and does not have a clear detailed public plan in place on those matters, leaving us with no choice but to assign orange ratings in environment and social, despite the great performance in governance.

Edenred designs and delivers services to clients, companies or public sectors, enabling them to offer beneficiaries additional purpose-directed purchasing power, such as the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher, and provides prepaid corporate services. Co.'s product offering ensures that allocated funds are used as intended, allowing its clients to manage: Employee benefits (Ticket Restaurant®, Ticket Alimentacion®, Ticket CESU, Childcare Vouchers®, etc.); Expense management process (Ticket Car®, Ticket Clean way®, Repom®, etc.); and Incentive and rewards programs (Ticket Compliments®, Ticket Kadeos®, etc.). Co. also supports public institutions in managing their social benefits programs.


Worldline is a financial transaction processing company based in France. Co's operations are organized along three segments covering payments and digital services: Merchant Services & Terminals (facilitating consumer engagement around end-to-end e-payment transactional services on any device – before, during and after the point of sale); eMobility and eTransactional Services (assists businesses and governments in developing new digital services enabling strategic digital transformation); and Financial Processing & Software Licensing (provides processing services to banks and financial institutions for managing card-based and online cashless payments).

Bryan Garnier
Bryan Garnier

Since 1996, Bryan, Garnier & Co has been growing with an absolute conviction that the investment banking landscape would experience a major revolution: most of the large local generalist banking groups will disappear to the benefit of a handful of global powerhouses, and an emerging group of independent, highly specialised boutique investment banks.

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