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NFON: Acceleration of growth expected | BUY | EUR25 (+69%)

NFON - BUY | EUR25 (+69%)
Acceleration of growth expected

Q1 good but not fully representative of the full year
Catalyst are strong and outlook remains positive
Investment case confirmed, estimates slightly adjusted

Nfon AG is a Germany-based company that provides cloud-based telephone systems. Its product and service offering includes primarily NFON Cloud Telephone System, a public multi-tenant PBX delivering servicing from the cloud, as well as specialist solutions. The Company's services enable communication for customers and their employees on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and desk phones. Its customers range from local small businesses to international large enterprises. The Company is active in various European countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Croatia, Romania and Portugal.

Bryan Garnier
Bryan Garnier

Since 1996, Bryan, Garnier & Co has been growing with an absolute conviction that the investment banking landscape would experience a major revolution: most of the large local generalist banking groups will disappear to the benefit of a handful of global powerhouses, and an emerging group of independent, highly specialised boutique investment banks.

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