Gregory Ramirez

SAGE GROUP NEUTRAL | 780p Solid operating margin and subscription KPIs in H1 FY22

º H1 FY22 operating margin exceed expectations
Operating KPIs remain solid
FY22 guidance is reiterated
Sage Group plc

Sage Group is a technology provider that assists to manage businesses of all sizes. Co. provides a suite of cloud business management solutions and services including accounting, financials, enterprise management, people, payroll, payments and banking, as well as marketplace apps that can be provisioned to match the exact needs of any business. Co. has three reportable segments in which it operates, being Northern Europe (the U.K. and Ireland), Central and Southern Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Poland, France and Portugal) and NorthAmerica (the U.S., Canada and North America Intacct).

Bryan Garnier
Bryan Garnier

Since 1996, Bryan, Garnier & Co has been growing with an absolute conviction that the investment banking landscape would experience a major revolution: most of the large local generalist banking groups will disappear to the benefit of a handful of global powerhouses, and an emerging group of independent, highly specialised boutique investment banks.

Gregory Ramirez

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