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Clinical updates at AACR and cash runway into 2024

Transgene reported FY 2022 financial results and provided a corporate update. The financial figures were largely in line with expectations. The Company reported a net loss of EUR 32.8m in 2022 (vs EUR 19.5m in 2021), including an R&D spend of EUR 32.2m (vs EUR 32.9m in 2021). At the end of 2022
Transgene Biotek

Transgene Biotek is a biotechnology company based in India. Co. is engaged in the development of therapeutic and preventative pharmaceuticals. Co. maintains a product portfolio which includes therapeutic areas such as Bio-generics, Oncology and New Drug Delivery Systems among others. Co.'s products are categorized under 4 main technology platforms: Bio-Generic Drugs, which includes Orlistat, Tacrolimus and recombinant Erythropoietin; Novel Drug Delivery Technology for the oral delivery of protein drugs, with the first two targets being Insulin and Hep B vaccine; platforms for drugs against auto-immune diseases; and Oncology drugs encompassing RNAi technology as well as monoclonal antibodies.

Bryan Garnier
Bryan Garnier

Since 1996, Bryan, Garnier & Co has been growing with an absolute conviction that the investment banking landscape would experience a major revolution: most of the large local generalist banking groups will disappear to the benefit of a handful of global powerhouses, and an emerging group of independent, highly specialised boutique investment banks.

Olga Smolentseva

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