Deutsche Beteiligungs - German private equity investor and manager

Deutsche Beteiligungs (DBAG) is a well-established private equity company investing primarily in mid-sized German companies. It also manages €2.1bn of third-party capital, which generates stable recurring fee income. DBAG invests in buyouts alongside its managed funds, with long-term investments made from its own balance sheet. This year, the company launched its new buyout fund (DBAG Fund VIII, with €1.1bn in commitments), which will translate into higher management fees.
Deutsche Beteiligungs AG

Deutsche Beteiligungs is an investment company. Co. raises closed-end private equity funds (DBAG funds) for investments in equity or equity-like financial instruments primarily in non-quoted companies. Co. invests as a co-investor in companies alongside DBAG funds by way of majority takeovers or minority investments. Co. basically structures majority takeovers as so-called management buyouts. Expansion capital financings are made by way of a minority investment, for example, via a capital increase. Geographically, Co. concentrates its investments primarily on companies domiciled in German-speaking regions.

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