Thomas J. Schiessle
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Starker Antritt in Q1/20 – Q2/20 wohl nur leicht rückläufig - COVID-19 verschiebt Zyklustief

Der Guidance-Korridor für das H1/20 dürfte, nach dem überraschend sehr erfreulichen Q1/20 (EPS: € 0,47; Q1/19: € 0,15), „am oberen Ende“ erreicht werden, der Rückgang in Q2/20 dürfte also nur moderat sein.

Die Guidance für H2/20 soll im H1/20-Bericht am 06.08.20 erstmalig veröffentlicht werden.

Basler AG

Basler develops, manufactures and sells machine vision technology. Co. provides line scan cameras and area scan cameras, as well as network cameras. Co.'s cameras are used in a diverse range of industries. They are used in industrial production applications like electronics and semiconductor inspection, in robotics, food control, postal sorting and in print image control. In the medical sector, Co.'s cameras are used in many different tasks, such as microscopy, ophthalmology, and blood or specimen analysis. Co.'s cameras are also fit optimally for the traffic and transportation sector, as well as for the surveillance sector.


EQUI.TS GmbH is an innovative, equity research boutique based in Frankfurt (Germany). It is operated by its original founders and has established a reputation as a quality research provider over a period of more than 10 years. Although it generally does not focus on any particular branch of industry, its analyses often revolve around technology and growth stocks.

Thomas J. Schiessle

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