Thomas J. Schiessle
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Gj.19-20 bei Meditec mit sehr gutem Start – Corona-Virus verunsichert wie lange?

Der Jahresstart war beeindruckend und von uns i.W. erwartet. Das Produktportfolio verkauft sich offensichtlich sehr gut; die Kosten sind im Griff. Gegen eine hohe Vergleichsbasis dürfte u.E. das Wachstum in den kommenden Quartalen langsamer – aber deutlich schneller als bei den Wettbewerbern - steigen. Bedingung hierfür ist der zügige Sieg über die Corona-Virus-Epidemie. Aktuell sind noch keine belastbaren Aussagen über weiteren Epidemie-Verlauf dort machbar.

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Carl Zeiss Meditec is a holding company. Co.'s businesses are focused on two primary areas: Ophthalmology and Microsurgery. In Ophthalmology, Co.'s operations are divided in to two strategic business units: Ophthalmic Systems, which includes a range of laser and diagnostic systems for ophthalmology; and Surgical Ophthalmology, which consists of activities in the field of ophthalmic implants and consumables. In Microsurgery, Co. provides surgical microscopes and visualization solutions, e. g. for ear, nose and throat surgery, or neurosurgery. These products are mainly used to assist with the removal of tumors, as well as the treatment of vascular diseases and functional disorders.


EQUI.TS GmbH is an innovative, equity research boutique based in Frankfurt (Germany). It is operated by its original founders and has established a reputation as a quality research provider over a period of more than 10 years. Although it generally does not focus on any particular branch of industry, its analyses often revolve around technology and growth stocks.

Thomas J. Schiessle

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