Thomas J. Schiessle
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H1/20 sehr erfreulich – Guidance 2020 angehoben – Mittelfristperspektiven erreicht, aber nicht angehoben

Die Guidanceanhebung für Gj 2020 hat nicht überrascht. Entscheidend für die Einschätzung ist die Nachhaltigkeit (Vorzieh- und/oder Extra-Nachfrage). Wird also künftig ein neuartiges/ langfristiges Pandemie-Management installiert werden? Andererseits: Je länger COVID-19-Einschränkungen anhalten, umso mehr steigt das Risiko, dass die globalen Liefer- und Logistikketten in der Breite des Geschäfts gestört werden, was Umsatzrückgänge an anderer Stelle brächte.

Draegerwerk AG Pfd.

DraegerWerk is engaged in the medical and safety technology. Co. is divided into two divisions: medical and safety. The medical division develops, produces, and markets system solutions, equipment and services for the processes at the acute point of care, including emergency care, perioperative care (in connection with the operation), critical care and also perinatal care (in connection with childbirth). The safety division develops, produces and markets products, system solutions and services for personal protection, gas detection technology and hazard management, with customers from industry, mining and public sectors such as fire departments, police and disaster protection.


EQUI.TS GmbH is an innovative, equity research boutique based in Frankfurt (Germany). It is operated by its original founders and has established a reputation as a quality research provider over a period of more than 10 years. Although it generally does not focus on any particular branch of industry, its analyses often revolve around technology and growth stocks.

Thomas J. Schiessle

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