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InsiderInsights Daily Ratings Report: May 18, 2022

InsiderInsights Ratings of Companies with Open-Market Form 4 Purchases; Sales Filed at the SEC on the date above. We separate the real investment intelligence from the noise. Saving you time, and improving your research process
22nd Century Group Inc.

22nd Century Group is a plant biotechnology company focused on technology that allows the company to alter the level of nicotine and other nicotinic alkaloids in tobacco plants and the levels of cannabinoids in hemp/cannabis plants through genetic engineering and plant breeding. The company's products include:Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes, which contains less nicotine to reduce smokers' exposure to nicotine, which is the primary addictive component of cigarettes under the product names of Moonlight? and Moonlight Menthol?; and SPECTRUM? Government Research Cigarettes, which supplies cigarettes with different nicotine contents (from very low to high) to National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Adverum Biotechnologies

Adverum Biotechnologies is a clinical-stage gene therapy company targeting unmet medical need in ocular and rare diseases. The company develops gene therapy product candidates designed to provide durable efficacy by inducing sustained expression of a therapeutic protein. The company's main capabilities include clinical development, vector discovery, and in-house manufacturing expertise, specifically in scalable process development, assay development, and current Good Manufacturing Practices quality control. The company is conducting a clinical trial for its gene therapy candidate ADVM-022, AAV.7m8-aflibercept, for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration.

American Assets Trust Inc.

American Assets Trust is a self-administered real estate investment trust that owns, operates, acquires and develops retail, office, multifamily and mixed-use properties in Southern California, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Hawaii. The company operates in four segments: Retail, which primarily include rental of retail space and other tenant services, including tenant reimbursements, parking and storage space rental; Office, which primarily include rental of office space and other tenant services; Multifamily, which include rental of apartments and other tenant services; and Mixed-use, which include rental of retail space and other tenant services.

American Equity Investment Life Holding Company

American Equity Investment Life Holding is a holding company. The company is engaged in the development and sale of fixed index and fixed rate annuity products. The company issues fixed annuity products through its subsidiaries, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company of New York and Eagle Life Insurance Company. The company's products include: Fixed Index Annuities, which allow policyholders to earn index credits based on the performance of a particular index without the risk of loss of their account value; and Fixed Rate Annuities, which include annual reset and multi-year rate guaranteed products, and also sell single premium immediate annuities.

Atlas Technical Consultants Inc (A)

Avid Technology Inc.

Avid Technology develops, markets, sells, and supports software and solutions for video and audio content creation, management and distribution. The company's solutions are used in production and post-production facilities; film studios; network, affiliate, independent and cable television stations; recording studios; live-sound performance venues; advertising agencies; government and educational institutions; corporate communications departments; and by independent video and audio creative professionals. Projects produced using the company's tools include feature films, television programming, live events, news broadcasts, sports productions, commercials, music, video and other digital media content.

BRT Apartments

BRT Apartments is an internally managed real estate investment trust that is primarily focused on the ownership, operation and development of multi-family properties. Most of the company's properties are located in the Southeast U.S. and Texas. Generally, the company's multi-family properties are garden apartment, mid-rise or town home style properties that provide residents with amenities, such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, laundry facilities and cable television access. In addition to its multi-family properties, the company owns other real estate assets including undeveloped land, cooperative apartment units and a leasehold position at a commercial property.

Carvana Co. Class A

Carvana is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, the company is an e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars. On the company's platform, consumers can research and identify a vehicle using its 360-degree vehicle imaging technology, obtain financing and warranty coverage, purchase the vehicle, and schedule delivery or pick-up, all from their desktop or mobile devices. The company uses proprietary algorithms to support its nationally pooled inventory of over 14,000 vehicles, inspect and recondition its vehicles and operates its own logistics network to deliver cars directly to customers. Customers in certain markets also have the option to pick up their vehicle at one of the company's vending machines.

Custom Truck One Source, Inc.

Diebold Nixdorf Incorporated

Diebold Nixdorf is engaged in enabling Connected Commerce?. The company automates, digitizes and transforms the way people bank and shop. The company's integrated solutions connect digital and physical channels for consumers. The company's operating structure is focused on its two customer segments consisting of Banking and Retail. The products for banking customers consist of cash recyclers and dispensers, deposit terminals, teller automation and kiosk technologies, as well as physical security solutions. The retail product portfolio includes modular, integrated and mobile point of sale and self-checkout terminals that meet automation and omnichannel requirements of consumers.

Donegal Group Inc. Cl A

Donegal Group is an insurance holding company. Through its insurance subsidiaries, the company provides personal and commercial lines of property and casualty insurance. The company has three segments: its investment function, its commercial lines of insurance and its personal lines of insurance. The company's insurance operations consist of two segments: commercial lines of insurance and personal lines of insurance. The commercial lines its insurance subsidiaries write consist primarily of commercial automobile, commercial multi-peril and workers' compensation insurance. The personal lines its insurance subsidiaries write consist primarily of private passenger automobile and homeowner's insurance.

Drive Shack

Drive Shack is an owner and operator of golf-related leisure and eatertainment venues. The company conducts its business through the following primary operating segments: Entertainment Golf | Drive Shack and Traditional Golf | American Golf. The company is a golf-related leisure and eatertainment company that provides sports and social entertainment with gaming and golf technology, a menu, craft cocktails, and engaging social events throughout the year. American Golf is an operator of golf properties in the United States. The company's operations are organized into the following principal categories: public properties, private properties and managed properties.



Kodiak Sciences

Kodiak Sciences is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on therapeutics to treat chronic, high-prevalence retinal diseases. The company's main product candidate is KSI-301, a biologic therapy built with the company's antibody biopolymer conjugate platform, which is designed to maintain drug levels in ocular tissues. KSI-301 is used to treat patients with wet age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, including diabetic macular edema, and macular edema due to retinal vein occlusion. The company has applied its antibody biopolymer conjugate platform to develop additional product candidates beyond KSI-301, including KSI-501, its bispecific anti-IL-6/VEGF bioconjugate.

New Mountain Finance Corporation

New Mountain Finance is a closed-end, non-diversified management investment company that is engaged in the sourcing and origination of debt securities at various levels of the capital structure, including first and second lien debt, notes, bonds and mezzanine securities. In some cases, the company's investments may also include equity interests. The company makes investments through both primary originations and open-market secondary purchases.


Purple Innovation, Inc.

RingCentral Inc. Class A

RingCentral is a provider of software-as-a-service solutions. The company's product portfolio, among others, includes: RingCentral Office, which provides a unified activity for communication and collaboration across multiple modes; RingCentral Meetings, which is a collaborative meetings solution that provides web meetings, video conferencing, and screen sharing integrated with team messaging; RingCentral Professional, which is a cloud based virtual telephone service offering designed for personnel who are on the go; and RingCentral Fax, which provides online fax capabilities that allow businesses to send and receive fax documents without the need for a fax machine.

Sensient Technologies Corporation

Sensient Technologies is a manufacturer and marketer of colors, flavors and fragrances. The company's three reportable segments are: Flavors & Fragrances Group, which develops, manufactures, and supplies flavor and fragrance systems for the food, beverage, personal care, and household-products industries; Color Group, which provides natural and synthetic color systems for use in foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals, colors and other ingredients for cosmetics; and Asia Pacific Group, which provides a range of products from its Flavors & Fragrances Group and Color Group, as well as products developed by regional technical teams to appeal to local preferences.

Twilio Inc. Class A

Twilio provides a cloud communications platform that enables developers to build, scale and operate communications within their software applications via the company's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The company's platform consists of three layers: Engagement Cloud, which provides functionality for a specific purpose, such as two-factor authentication or a contact center; Programmable Communications Cloud, which provides a range of products that enables developers to embed voice, messaging and video capabilities into their applications; and Super Network, which contains a set of API's giving the company's customers access to components of its platform.



Vectrus provides facility and logistics services and information technology and network communications services in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. The company's facility and logistics services consist of airfield management, ammunition management, civil engineering, communications, emergency services, equipment maintenance, repair and services, life support activities, public works, security, transportation operations, and warehouse management and distribution. The company's information technology and network communications services consist of communications, management and service support, network and cyber security, systems installation and activation and mission support.

Yellow Corporation


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