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InsiderInsights Daily Ratings Report: November 29, 2022

InsiderInsights Ratings of Companies with Open-Market Form 4 Purchases; Sales Filed at the SEC on the date above. We separate the real investment intelligence from the noise. Saving you time, and improving your research process
Audiovox Corporation

BCB Bancorp Inc.

BCB Bancorp is a bank holding company. Through its subsidiary, BCB Community Bank (the Bank), the company provides Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)-insured deposit products and invests funds held in deposit accounts at the Bank, together with funds generated from operations, in loans and investment securities. The company also provides loans to its customers, including commercial and multi-family real estate loans, one- to four-family mortgage loans, commercial business loans, construction loans, home equity loans, and consumer loans. The company's deposit instruments include demand, negotiable order of withdrawal, savings and club accounts, money market accounts, and term certificate accounts.

Palantir Technologies

SCPharmaceuticals Inc

scPharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing products that have the potential to transform the way therapy is delivered, advance patient care and reduce healthcare costs. The company's proprietary platform is designed to enable the subcutaneous administration of therapies that have previously been limited to intravenous delivery. The company's primary product candidate, FUROSCIX, consists of the company's buffered formulation of furosemide delivered subcutaneously via an on-body infusor and is under development for treatment of congestion in patients with worsening heart failure who display reduced responsiveness to oral diuretics and do not require hospitalization.

Teladoc Health Inc.

Teladoc Health is a provider of virtual healthcare services. The company provides virtual access to care and capabilities, with a portfolio of services and solutions covering medical subspecialties from non-urgent, episodic needs like flu and upper respiratory infections, to medical conditions like cancer and congestive heart failure. In its behavioral health business, branded BetterHelp, the company serves individuals in the direct-to-consumer market and through business partnerships with other brands. The company's consumer brands, which include Teladoc, Advance Medical, Best Doctors, BetterHelp and HealthiestYou, deliver access to advice and resolution to an array of healthcare needs.


Insiderinsights' advanced insider analytics combine statistical track records with numerous behavioral metrics to rate the significance of a firm's insider trading history in real time.

Academic studies and the experience of professionals back the common sense conclusion that the Form 4 data filed daily at the SEC is a profitable data stream to mine for investment intelligence. But most investors use commodity insider feeds that are full of noise and time-consuming to analyze, or ratings services that employ last century's simplistic insider scoring methodology.

InsiderInsights compiles Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports that list US equities with recent insider activity, along with proprietary Company Ratings clearly indicating the Significance Level of insider sentiment. Our monthly Special Screens further combine our Ratings with various fundamental and price action criteria, to highlight the best value, growth, momentum, and short ideas coming from the executive suite.

Jonathan Moreland

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