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De nouveaux décalages, un nouveau produit - ACHAT - OC 8,7€ (vs 10€)

Suite à la publication S1 17 du 21/09 marquée par un décalage du calendrier suite à des imprévus dans la fabrication de lots cliniques nécessaires à l’obtention d’AMM, nous ajustons notre modèle de valorisation. Bien que le calendrier de développement pouvait paraître serré, après la publication de la nouvelle feuille de route en novembre 2016, nous n’envisagions pas un nouveau contretemps. Après mise à jour du modèle et intégration de ces retards, notre OC est révisé en baisse à 8,7€ (vs 10€). Nous réitérons notre opinion ACHAT justifié par un marché au besoin médical insatisfait, des accords de licence potentiels et un outil de production presque opérationnel.
Crossject SA

Crossject SA is a France-based company that designs and develops medical injection systems. The Company specializes in needle-free, pre-filled, single-use injection systems for intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular applications for pharmaceutical companies. Is also has a pipeline and three drugs in the preclinical or clinical phase of research. The Company's products, which are based on well-known injectable drugs (chemicals and biologics), are designed to enhance patients' safety, compliance and comfort. Crossject's first ZENEO SUPERGENERIC product is expected to reach the market in the year 2015. The Company has industrial partnerships with Hirtenberger and Recipharm.

Invest Securities
Invest Securities

Since 2006, Invest Securities has become one of the leading players in investment services for funds and managers, to whom we offer a global and personalised service. Our track record differentiates us and proves our leadership in numerous promising sectors like property and growth companies.

Consisting of 13 different profiles (pharmacist, engineer, financier, etc), the DNA of our financial analysis office is value added and sector expertise. Through daily monitoring and detailed analyses of companies and sectors, we seek to provide a differentiating vision of our 120 stocks followed. Our ideas are circulated every day to nearly 1,000 professionals.

Martial Descoutures

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