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La Matinale - 2022-09-23

LUMIBIRD : Trou d'air "ponctuel" sur la marge / Contact – Acheter (1), obj. 21.0€ Cours: 17.5€ au 22/09/22
AKWEL : Plombé par l'inflation / Contact – Acheter (1), obj. 21.5€ Cours: 15.1€ au 22/09/22
ALTEN : Rentabilité record – Acheter (1), obj. 143.9€ Cours: 114.5€ au 22/09/22
BW IDEOL : Projet pilote avec Lhyfe – Acheter (1), obj. 49.9kr Cours: 11.0kr au 22/09/22
CERINNOV : CA S1 parfaitement en ligne, le scénario du rebond confirmé – Acheter (1), obj. 1.80€ Cours: 1.24€ au 22/09/22
EQUASENS : Résultats S1 de bonne facture – Acheter (1), obj. 104.0€ Cours: 70.2€ au 22/09/22
INNATE PHARMA : Lacutamab donne des signaux positif dans MF exprimant KIR3DL2 – Acheter (1), obj. 6.20€ Cours: 2.43€ au 22/09/22..
MITHRA : Mithra réduit fortement sa R&D et sa perte opérationnelle – Acheter (1), obj. 17.8€ Cours: 6.41€ au 22/09/22
ONCODESIGN : Oncodesign Precision Medicine débute avec Servier – Acheter (1), obj. 16.2€ Cours: 14.3€ au 22/09/22
SQLI : Un S1 (très) solide – Arrêt du suivi Cours: 36.8€ au 22/09/22
SECTEUR METAUX : Poursuite de la baisse de la production mondiale d'acier
Alten SA

Alten is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. operates in three areas: Engineering and Technology Consulting (ETC), Telecoms Networks and Multimedia, and Information Systems (NTIS). Through the Engineering and Technology Consulting (ETC) segment, Co. studies and designs technology products for technical divisions in industry and telecoms. The Telecoms Networks and Multimedia segment focuses on Product design, Architecture, deployment, and operation of networks. Lastly, the IT systems segment comprises Applications and software development, and Infrastructure and Telecoms (Applications, systems and networks Corporate telecommunications).


Cerinnov Group SA

Cerinnov Group SA is a France-based company, which operates in the field of machinery for ceramic industry. The Company offers various types of machines, which are used in various stages of production of ceramics. Cerinnov Group SA's portfolio of machines includes laser machines, shaping and glazing machines, decration machines, customized machines, consumables and after sales - second hand equipment. The Company is present in worldwide, with subsidiaries in France, United Kingdom, Germany and United States.

Innate Pharma SA Class A

Innate Pharma S.A. is a biopharmaceutical Company developing immunotherapy drugs for cancer and inflammatory diseases. Co. specializes in the development of new monoclonal antibodies targeting receptors and pathways controlling the activation of innate immunity cells. Also, Co. has three product-candidates resulting from its research platform are being tested in clinical trials; two of these by Co.'s partners, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Novo Nordisk A/S. Co. focuses on immunopharmacology and antibody technology. Co. has a panel of molecular and cellular assays and in vivo models for assessing the pharmacodynamics, the pharmacotoxicology and efficacy of drug candidates.

Lumibird SA

Quantel and its subsidiaries are engaged in the production, development and distribution of lasers for medical applications mainly in ophthalmology and dermatology. Co. produces lasers for scientific instrumentation involved in research and development and underwater lasers. Co. also provides laser impulses for industrial applications such as laser cleaning or material processing.

N.V. Mithra Pharmaceuticals S.A.

Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA is a Belgium-based company active in the pharmaceutical industry. The Company is dedicated to provide products and services for the fertility, contraception and menopause of women. It has a number of patent families regarding Estetrol (E4), a natural estrogen produced by the human foetus, which enables the investigation of fertility and contraception products. Mithra is focused on the development of two late-stage E4-based products: Estelle, a 5th generation oral contraceptive, and Donesta, a hormone therapy for Vasomotor Symptoms in menopause. Mithra develops a contraceptive vaginal ring called Myring and Zoreline, a biodegradable subcutaneous implant for hormone dependant cancer.

Pharmagest Interactive SA

Pharmagest Interactive SA is a France-based company that develops and integrates management software packages for drugstores. The Company is engaged in the computerization of pharmaceutical dispensaries. Its flagship product is Integrated Portal Management Software, which provides pharmacists with permanent and immediate access to a range of online services and is used for the distribution of information and promotions for pharmaceutical suppliers and for pharmaceutical laboratories. In addition, the Company is engaged in the provision of maintenance services, technologies to manage medication compliance, as well as e-business solutions. It operates through Noviatek, Sailendra, Multimeds, British Caremeds and Axigate, among others.


SQLI SA is a France-based company that specializes in the design and creation of Information Technology (IT) systems. The Company specializes in implementing information systems based on new technologies. It operates in Business Information Systems sector, Digital Enterprise sector, E-commerce division, Communication and Organisation and management divisions. SQLI SA works with its clients from the consulting stage, through the design and installation processes, to the training and monitoring phase. The Company operates a network of offices in France, Benelux, Switzerland, Morocco and Canada, among others. It operates through brands: Wax Interactive and SQLI Enterprise. The Company has such subsidiaries as LSF Interactive, digital agency of marketing and communication, InventCommerce Ltd, a London-based Internet service provider and Star Republic, among others.

Portzamparc Sponsored
Portzamparc Sponsored

​Portzamparc is a subsidary of BNP Paribas which adapted the mission to contribute to responsible and sustainable growth of private clients, management companies and SMEs . They offer personalized support adapted to the objectives in particular for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

Augustin Socié

Clément Bassat

Gaetan Calabro

Jeremy Sallee

Maxence Dhoury

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