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Ateme SA

Ateme SA. Ateme SA is a France-based company, which is a global solution provider in advanced video compression for the broadcast and telecom industries. It develops hardware and software solutions in video and signal processing. ATEME encoding solutions are deployed widely in broadcast contribution links over satellite or fiber networks, in video distribution to the home, and in multi-screen delivery of live channels and VOD, also known as Over-The-Top video. The company addresses compression applications ranging from Ultra High Definition TV and 3D to Web and mobile streaming. The Company offers a range of products divided into such group as Contribution Encoders, Broadcast Encoders, Transcoders, Integrated receiver decoders, Multiplexers and Network Management System.

Aurea SA

Aurea is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is operating in the environmental and sustainable development sector. Co. specializes in recycling used motor oils, aluminium, PVC, complex plastics, tires and in de-pollution of water. Through Eco Huile, Co. regenerates used motor oils. Through Roll Gom, Co. specializes in the treatment of used tires. Through Recycarbo, Co. reprocesses dangerous aqueous industrial waste, tainted by hydrocarbons or derivatives. Through Regeal Affimet, Co. recycles aluminium. Through Rulo, Rulo France, Broplast, BHS and Materege, Co. recycles PVC products and complex plastics.

Beneteau SA

Beneteau designs, manufactures and sells yachts and powerboats through an international network of dealers. Co. also designs, manufactures and sells mobile homes. Its operations can be divided into two segments: The Boats segment and the Leisure Homes segment. The Boats segment groups together the activities for manufacturing and marketing boats with a customer base made up of dealers; The Leisure Homes segment groups together the activities for manufacturing and marketing mobile homes with a customer base made up of campsites and wholesalers, and the the activities for manufacturing and marketing wood-frame houses. Some of Co.'s brands are Beneteau, Jeanneau, CNB, IRM and O'Hara.

Bonduelle SCA

Bonduelle is active in the market of processed vegetables both within and outside the European Union. Co.'s business is made up of three activities: canned, frozen and fresh vegetables (prepared and fresh-cut). It distributes its products mostly through retail channels (large supermarkets and stores) and food service sectors (restaurants, inter-company canteens). Some of Co.'s brands are Bonduelle, Cassegrain, Frudesa and Artic Gardens. Co. is organized into two geographic regions and four business segments: Bonduelle Europe Long Life (BELL), Bonduelle Fresh Europe (FRESH), Bonduelle Americas (BAM), and Bonduelle Development (BDV).

Chargeurs SA

Chargeurs SA is a France-based company, which provides customizable specialty material solutions. The Company and its subsidiaries operate in four sectors: Protective Films, Fashion Technologies, Museum Solutions and Luxury Materials. Protective Films designs, produces and markets technical solutions to protect the quality of steel, aluminum, plastic or other surfaces during the transformation process, as well as film application machines. Fashion Technologies produces and markets linings for clothing. Museum Solutions includes the industrial divisions Senfa, specialized in the functionalization of technical textiles, and Chargeurs Creative Collection, specialized in the provision of services to cultural institutions. Luxury Materials manufactures and markets combed wool ribbons. The Company is active globally.

Claranova SE

Avanquest Software and its subsidiaries are engaged in manufacturing and distributing of communication software. Co. markets its communication software through Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements signed with international modem, computer and cellular phone vendors. Co. also sells its communication software "in shops" through a network of Resellers and, currently, on its Web sites. In addition to the software, Co. provides customers with the software medium (floppy disks or CD-ROM), and an electronics User Guide and online help, included with the product. Co.'s Customer Service department can also provide clients with technical assistance for its products.

Delta Plus Group SA

Delta Plus Group designs, standardizes, manufactures and markets personal protective equipment (E.P.I.) in Europe and in the rest of the world. Co.'s main activity sectors include BTP (Building and Public Works), activities in oil & gas and the heavy industry, offering products that meet the needs of different trades and activities such as wind power, logistics, the agri-food sector, the medical sector and the craft sector. Its portfolio consists of about 1,500 products, corresponding to more than 8,000 references. Co. divides its E.P.I. products into five main categories: Head Protection, Hand Protection, Body Protection, Feet Protection, and Anti-Fall Products.


VM Materiaux is engaged in the building market with 3 complementary fields of activity. Co.'s operations can be divided into three segments: Building material trading (Co. has a trading network specialized in distribution of materials for the building and public works sector), Concrete industry (Co. produces pre-cast and ready-mix concrete) and Industrial joinery (Co. manufactures a range of PVC, aluminium or wooden external joinery (doors and windows), as well as entry closures (shutters, fences and gates)). Co. operates only in France. Among its clients, Co. has both professionals in the building industry and DIY customers.

Jacquet Metals SA

Jacquet Metal Services is a European distributor of specialty steels, also active in China and the U.S.A. Co.'s main activity consists of purchasing, storing, and delivering different families of products. Co. is active in four markets for the distribution of special steels through four brands: JACQUET (distribution of stainless steel thick "Quarto" plates); Stappert (distribution of long stainless steel products); Abraservice (distribution of wear-resistant "Quarto" plates); IMS group (distribution of engineering steels). Co.'s main consumer sectors are the following industries: chemical; agro foods; treatment and storage of gases; water treatment; environment and cleanup; and energy.

Lacroix Group SA

Lacroix is an industrial company organized around three branches. In the Signaling branch, Co. designs, manufactures and sells road and urban signaling. Co. also provides appraisal services, fitting and work site signaling. In the Telemetry branch, Co. sells technical facility network remote control and management products for drinking water and waste water disposal networks, heating and ventilation air control facilities, and industrial sites. In the Electronics branch, Co. provides electronic sub-contracting services (electronic board design and industrialization, component purchasing and procurement, board and finished product assembly, tests and qualifications and after-sales service).

LNA Sante SA

LNA Sante SA Formerly known as Le Noble Age. LNA Sante SA, formerly known as Le Noble Age SA is a France-based company that owns and operates retirement homes and complexes for elderly residents. The Company's residences provide care and assistance for elderly people with a variety of needs, from those with a high level of independence, to those who are completely dependent. LNA Sante SA is also engaged in real estate operations. The Company has residences in France and Belgium. LNA Sante SA operates through its several subsidiaries, including Le Parc de Diane Sarl, Institut Medicalise de Mar Vivo, Gerhome, Residence le Point du Jour and the home healthcare service provider ARAIR Assistance, as well as ARAIR Group's support and training services, among others.

METabolic EXplorer SA

Metabolic Explorer SA. Metabolic Explorer SA is a France-based biological chemistry company that specializes in the development of bioprocesses for the production of chemical compounds used in a range of products, such as textile fibers, paints, solvents, animal feed supplements and adhesives, among others. Metabolic Explorer SA offers chemicals, such as Glycolic acid, L-Methionine, MPG (1.2 Propanediol) and PDO (1.3 Propanediol). The Company markets its products mainly for three families of industrialists: Manufacturers of agro-resources, Existing producers of chemical compounds and Manufacturers employing chemical compounds. In addition, the Company is engaged in the research and development works and runs its own laboratory to develop micro-organisms.

NRJ Group SA

NRJ Group is engaged in the multimedia industry, particularly in France's private radio market. Co. also operates in 22 other countries, as of Dec. 31, 2012. Co. works as a publisher, producer, and brodcaster, while marketing its own media space. Co. also develops new media such as television, internet and mobile telephony. Co.'s core business consists of creating and developing media, whether it be radio stations, television or the Internet. Co.'s operations can be divided into six segments: Musical Media and Events; Television; International Activities; Shows and Other Productions; Broadcasting and Other Activities. Co.'s brands are NRJ, NOSTALGIE, CHERIE FM, RIRE and CHANSONS.

Pharmagest Interactive SA

Pharmagest Interactive SA is a France-based company that develops and integrates management software packages for drugstores. The Company is engaged in the computerization of pharmaceutical dispensaries. Its flagship product is Integrated Portal Management Software, which provides pharmacists with permanent and immediate access to a range of online services and is used for the distribution of information and promotions for pharmaceutical suppliers and for pharmaceutical laboratories. In addition, the Company is engaged in the provision of maintenance services, technologies to manage medication compliance, as well as e-business solutions. It operates through Noviatek, Sailendra, Multimeds, British Caremeds and Axigate, among others.

Rubis SCA

Rubis is a holding company based in France. Co., through its subsidiaries, is engaged in the bulk import, production or distribution process, and storage of petroleum products in Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. Co. operates bulk liquid storage facilities for petroleum products, chemicals, fertilizers, edible oils and molasses, and foodstuffs, as well as distributes butane, propane, and petroleum products in wholesale and retail. Co.'s customers primarily include hypermarkets and supermarkets; oil companies; chemists; and traders and intermediaries of fuel, oil or gas, manures, and other liquids.

Societe Pour L'Informatique Industrielle

Societe Pour l Informatique Industrielle SA is a France-based company principally engaged in the provision of consultancy services to enterprises in the industrial, financial and service sectors on the implementation of technically complex projects, including technical and industrial systems, telecommunications and networks, e-banking, information systems, systems administration and new information and communication technologies. The Company has two principal activities: the external research and development in data processing and telecommunications, and integration of systems in technical data processing and networks. It offers a range of services, including consulting and studies, development engineering and tests, as well as deployment and maintenance. The Company has such subsidiaries as Rucker Aerospace GmbH, Rucker France and its Dutch subsidiary Silver Aerospace BV, and I+D group in Colombia, among others.

Vilmorin & Cie SA

Vilmorin & Cie SA is engaged in the production, marketing and sale of vegetable and crop seeds for agricultural production and market gardeners. The Vegetable seeds division is involved in the production and sale of vegetable seeds under the brand names, such as Hazera-Nickerson, Vilmorin SA, HM.Clause and Mikado Kyowa Seed, among others, intended for the professional food market, including market gardeners, processors, and specialists in canning, specialists in deep-freezing and freeze-drying. The Field Seeds division is focused on field seeds, including corn, straw cereals, grape and sunflower seeds for European and American clients. The Garden Products division is structured around two companies, Vilmorin Jardin and Suttons. In March 15, 2013, it acquired the Bisco Bio Sciences of India. In October 2013, it announced that it has recently taken over Shamrock. In November 2013, it acquired Eureka Seeds Inc. In March 2014, it acquired Seed Asia based in Bangkok.

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