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Interview with Alex Klenman, Chairman & Chief Operating Officer of Nexus Gold Corp. (TSXV: NXS) by Ringler Research as of June 1, 2017

​We are pleased to present an interview with Alex Klenman, Chairman & COO of Nexus Gold Corp. The interviewer, Carsten Ringler from Ringler Consulting and Research GmbH does not own shares of Nexus Gold Corp. He was reimbursed indirectly by a third party for the preparation and distribution of this interview.

About Nexus Gold:
Nexus Gold Corp. is a Vancouver based exploration and development company focusing on gold projects in the world's leading exploration and mining areas. The company is currently developing two promising projects in the West African country Burkina Faso. Nexus Gold is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (NXS) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (F6E), and in the USA (NXXGF). More information about the projects and the company can be found at:


Ringler Research
Ringler Research

Ringler Research is a boutique consulting and research house based in Germany and a brand of Ringler Consulting and Research GmbH.

We provide various consulting services to mining companies and institutional capital market participants. This includes, for example, the creation and distribution of research studies on mining companies´ stocks. Ringler Consulting and Research GmbH was founded in 2014 by Mr. Carsten Ringler, who represents the company as Managing Director.

Mr. Carsten Ringler has extensive capital markets experience in trading and valuation of stocks, fixed income and money market products. His Trader career began in 1991 when he worked for Deutsche Bank AG on the trading floor of the German stock exchange in Frankfurt. In his last position as managing director of a securities trading bank he was, inter alia, responsible for the fields of compliance, risk management and commodity trading. During this time he developed a mutual fund with a focus on mining companies and was responsible for the stock selection process and Fund Advisory.

Ringler Research, the information portals and are brands of Ringler Consulting and Research GmbH based in Germany.

Our Research-Boutique offers a wide range of consulting services for mining companies and institutional capital market participants. This includes the generation of bank-independent research reports, specialist articles and interviews, which are made available to hundreds of thousands of capital market participants through a variety of channels. Also, complex campaigns are designed for mining companies, with the goal to increase the visibility and awareness in the capital markets community.

More information about Ringler Research can be found at:

Carsten Ringler

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