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‘’The duck knows first when the river becomes warm in spring’’. Chinese Proverb

We keep harping back on one of our central Chinese themes under President Xi’s leadership: economic policy is driven less by short term considerations and more by adhering to its 2025 program. Central to this thesis is the need to relocate another 200-odd million from the countryside into the urban community. In effect, this means a doubling up of infrastructure spending over the coming decade and a continued robust home building program.



Simon Hunt Strategic Services Limited (SHSS)


Simon Hunt Strategic Services (SHSS) was formed in early 1996 to provide clients with expert advice on the global economy including China and the copper industry. Prior to establishing SHSS Simon was the founder of another consultancy, Brook Hunt & Associates, which he set up in 1975.

Apart from providing expert advice on the global economic environment, a special focus was given to China and the rest of Asia since Simon saw the East is the new driver of economic activity and copper consumption.

Simon has visited China every year since 1993 spending 3-4 months every year since then in the country and until 2008 visiting around 80 factories in about 50 towns and cities. He now visits a few of those who are old and trusted friends. He has a partner in Beijing who is well known within the political hierarchy there.

To help in producing interesting and mostly accurate forecasts of the global economy Simon has a few friends who are able to provide advice on what is going on behind the scenes.

In addition to providing a comprehensive copper advisory services which includes detailed studies on both the global and China’s economy, called the Copper Advisory Service, (several reports every month), he breaks down the service into two parts: the Copper Service and the Economic Service. The complete service costs £7000 with the former priced at £4000 and the latter £3000 a year.

The service also allows clients to phone when needing questions answered and for him to visit clients.

Client-specific studies are also undertaken ranging from market studies for specific end uses or semi-products to strategy reviews, structural changes in the industry etc.

Simon began his career in Rhodesia as a PA to the chairman of Rhodesian Selection Trust, moved to Anglo American in London, helped start up an international copper development and promotion organisation, went into the City of London before setting up Brook Hunt.

His reports include insights into geopolitical changes and how they are and will continue to impact business activity and the copper industry.

His conclusions are often controversial but mostly accurate, for instance by starting to be optimistic for the copper industry in the first quarter of 2016. 

Simon Hunt

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