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A double requalification allows WANHUA CHEMICAL GP.CTD. to improve to Positive

WANHUA CHEMICAL GP.CTD. (CN), a company active in the Commodity Chemicals industry, has received a double requalification by the independent financial analyst theScreener. Its fundamental valuation is now 3 out of 4 stars while its market behaviour can be considered as defensive. theScreener believes that the gain of a star(s) and an improvement in the market risk perception allows upgrading the general evaluation to Positive. As of the analysis date November 14, 2017, the closing price was CNY 40.21 and its potential was estimated at CNY 45.59.
Wanhua Chemical Group (A)

Wanhua Chemical Group is engaged in the development, production and sale of polyurethane and auxiliary agent, Isocyanate (MDI), and derived products; provision of technical and employee training services; import and export business operations; permitted access railway management; production and supply of heat, electricity and pure water; construction of heating network; distribution of chemical products; project investment; technology development; technical training; development, production and sale of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (TPU) and polyhydric alcohol; sale of chemical raw material and products; and research, development and technical services of chemical new material.


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