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An unfavourable environment weighs on OKAMURA CORP., which sees a downgrade to Slightly Negative

The independent financial analyst theScreener just requalified the general evaluation of OKAMURA CORP. (JP), active in the Industrial Suppliers industry. As regards its fundamental valuation, the title still shows 1 out of 4 stars and its market behaviour is seen as moderately risky. theScreener believes that the unfavourable environment weighs on the sector and penalises the company, which sees a downgrade to its general evaluation to Slightly Negative. As of the analysis date February 14, 2020, the closing price was JPY 1,041.00 and its target price was estimated at JPY 955.89.
Okamura Corp.

Okamura is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of office environmental equipment, commercial environmental equipment and logistics equipment. Co. has three business segments. The Office Furniture segment manufactures and sells office furniture, furniture for public and educational facilities, office security systems, and other products. The Store Displays segment manufactures and sells display fixtures, refrigerated showcases, store counters, and specialized displays. The Others segment manufactures and sells storage shelves for factories and warehouses and automated warehousing equipment.


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