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Henkel – Trading Alert – 2017-10-27

Page 1: Index – Company – technical measures and spreads
Theoretical exposure for Asset Managers and Traders Commentary – Absolute and Relative charts
Page 2-4-: Indicator explanations
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Henkel KGaA Pfd.

Henkel business comprised of Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care, and Adhesive Technologies. Co.'s Laundry & Home Care business unit include laundry and home care Branded Consumer Goods business. The Laundry Care business includes heavy-duty and specialty detergents, fabric softeners, laundry performance enhancers, and other fabric care products. Co.'s Beauty Care business unit is active in the Branded Consumer Goods business with Hair Cosmetics, Body Care, Skin Care, Oral Care, and professional Hair Salon business. Co.'s Adhesive Technologies business unit provides solutions with adhesives, sealants and functional coatings in two business areas: Industry; and Consumer, Craftsmen and Building.

Trend and Timing
Trend and Timing

Trend and Timing (T&T) is an independent company helping you to be in the right Trend with the right Timing!
T&T experience is based on Thierry Huteau 30 years’ experience as Technical & Quantitative analyst for an Equity Derivative desk. As options are a melting asset, obviously Timing was crucial to enter the Trend at a very early stage.
T&T has developed numerous tools, always inspired by common sense, to understand and detect internal trend strength.
Market Scoring enables to know methodologically the current trend and to rank each index components. T&T use 7 Trend ratings: 3 Bull, 1 Neutral and 3 Bear. T&T can infer from it the Trend Intensity.
Sectors analysis is a very useful to perceive investors psychology. Therefore T&T pay rigorous attention to Absolute and Relative Trend through 3 categorizations: Cyclical - Defensive and Financial and quantify in detail their respective strength.
T&T Publications:
- Dow Jones Industrial Daily review. (index, sectors and index components trends – S&P500 Daily and Intraday charts)
- Trading Alert USA
- Eurostoxx 50 Daily review. (index, sectors and index components trends - Daily and Intraday charts)
- Trading Alert Europe
- Europe - USA Trend and Strength comparisons based on sectors and 270 European stocks + 170 USA stocks for a total capitalization above 23 000 Billion $) - Daily review
- Europe sectors landscape: 19 sectors - 300 components, Absolute & Relative Trend and Scoring - Weekly review
- USA sectors landscape: 19 sectors - 1200 components, Absolute & Relative Trend and Scoring - Weekly review
- Apple - Facebook - Amazon - Microsoft - Alphabet Trend and Strength against Nasdaq 100 and S&P500, Weekly review.
- World 40 largest equity markets, Trend, Scoring & Ranking - Weekly review
- 65 USD ETF's Scoring and Trend: Index, Fixed Income, Forex and commodity - Weekly review

Thierry Huteau

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