Byd Electronic (P Chip)

BYD Electronic (International) is an investment holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the manufacturing of handset components and modules. Co. also provides design and assembly services for handsets to its customers. Co. provides handset manufacturers of different brands with such services as the manufacture of such handset components as casings, structural parts, and modules, as well as complete handset design and assembly. Co. also provides such services as design, parts manufacturing and assembly for manufacturers of other electronic products.
  • Ticker0285
  • ISINHK0285041858
  • ExchangeHong Kong Stock Exchange
  • SectorTechnology Hardware & Equipment
  • CountryHong Kong

With a more favourable environment, BYD ELT.(INTL.) CTD. improves to Slightly Positive

BYD ELT.(INTL.) CTD. (HK), a company active in the Electrical Components & Equipment industry, is favoured by a more supportive environment. The independent financial analyst theScreener has confirmed the fundamental rating of the title, which shows 4 out of 4 stars, as well as its unchanged, moderately risky market behaviour. The title leverages a more favourable environment and raises its general evaluation to Slightly Positive. As of the analysis date May 1, 2020, the closing price was HKD 17.94 and its potential was estimated at HKD 19.40.

Feasibility Study Results in December to be a Catalyst for this Junior

Feasibility Study Results in December to be a Catalyst for this Junior

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Int'l Insights: Emerging Markets Strategy

The MSCI EM index continues to develop positively from a price perspective and we expect higher prices ahead. RS for the MSCI EM index is consolidating when compared to the MSCI EAFE index, which we believe is largely due to consolidation in the U.S. dollar. Therefore, the direction of the dollar will be critical for EM equities. A breakout in the USD may begin to create problems for EM, whereas a failure to break above 97.70-98 resistance and a gradual weakening of the USD should be an environment where EM can outperform. Below we highlight attractive and actionable themes within EM: • EM C...

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Vermilion Int'l Compass: Global Equity Strategy

The MSCI ACWI and ACWI ex-US have managed to break above their respective 200-day moving averages, providing further evidence that global equities are going through a bottoming process. • Remain overweight China which is leading global equities higher. RS uptrends remain intact for the Shanghai Composite and MSCI China indexes. In today's report we highlight a number of actionable charts Chinese companies, focusing on less-exploited price patterns... see page 2. • EAFE small- vs large-cap ratio exhibits early signs of bottoming. We view the potential bottom for the MSCI EAFE small- vs. larg...

A director bought 500,000 shares at 18.000HKD and

A director at Byd Electronic (International) Company Limited bought 500,000 shares at 18.000HKD and the significance rating of the trade was 68/100. Is that information sufficient for you to make an investment decision? This report gives details of those trades and adds context and analysis to them such that you can judge whether these trading decisions are ones worth following. Included in the report is a detailed share price chart which plots discretionary trades by all the company's directors over the last two years clearly showing Close periods where trading activity is restricted un...