Daetwyler Holding AG

Daetwyler Holding is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is an international multi-niche player dedicated to industrial component supply and distribution of engineering and electronic components. Co. focuses on the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and datacom industries through its four divisions: Technical Components, Pharma Packaging, Cabling Solutions and Sealing Technologies.
  • TickerDAE
  • ISINCH0030486770
  • ExchangeSix Swiss Exchange
  • SectorGeneral Industrials
  • CountrySwitzerland


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  • Ross LaDuke

Int'l Insights: Bullish Developed Markets Stocks

Overweight Global Technology & Industrials The absence of breakdowns in both the US dollar (DXY) and the MSCI EAFE vs. EM ratio along with the positive correlation between the two allows us to continue sticking with EAFE over EM... see charts below. As long as the DXY's uptrend remains intact, we expect EAFE to continue outperforming EM. Below we highlight attractive and actionable themes within developed int'l markets: • Technology and Industrial Manufacturing. Technology and Industrials continue to be two of the most attractive Sectors globally -- overweight. These two Sectors account fo...

Feasibility Study Results in December to be a Catalyst for this Junior

Feasibility Study Results in December to be a Catalyst for this Junior

Dave Nicoski ...
  • Ross LaDuke

Vermilion Int'l Compass: Global Equity Strategy

Global Equities Beginning a New Leg Higher Positive technical developments have continued and global equities are now breaking out to new highs -- something we noted was increasingly likely in last week's Int'l Compass. These breakouts and other technical developments highlighted below argue that this is the beginning of a new leg higher. Now is the time to be playing offense. • MSCI ACWI, EAFE, and STOXX Europe 600 are Breaking Out. The ACWI, EAFE, and STOXX 600 are making bullish inflections, following in the footsteps of MSCI EM and Japan. The proliferation of breakouts is building a stro...

DAETWYLER HOLDING AG upgrades to Neutral based on its reduced risk exposure

The independent financial analyst theScreener just revised the risk rating of DAETWYLER HOLDING AG (CH), active in the Computer Hardware industry. As regards its fundamental valuation, the title loses a star(s) and now shows 2 out of 4 stars. Its market behaviour, however, has improved and can be qualified as moderately risky. theScreener believes that the improved risk assessment offsets the loss of a star and merits an overall rating upgrade to Neutral. As of the analysis date October 11, 2019, the closing price was CHF 164.40 and its expected value was estimated at CHF 158.66.

A director sold 853 shares at 178.600CHF and

A director at Dätwyler Holding Ag sold 853 shares at 178.600CHF and the significance rating of the trade was 60/100. Is that information sufficient for you to make an investment decision? This report gives details of those trades and adds context and analysis to them such that you can judge whether these trading decisions are ones worth following. Included in the report is a detailed share price chart which plots discretionary trades by all the company's directors over the last two years clearly showing Close periods where trading activity is restricted under listing rules. The names...