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ABG Sundal Collier is the independent, Nordic investment banking powerhouse, developed over 30 years, founded on a hard working partnership culture and the ability to attract top talent.

Our strategy is to be an advisor and an intermediary, and the core product offering comprise corporate advisory services, corporate financing services and investor research and brokerage services.

Our corporate advisory team offers access to a broad financial and industrial network and unparalleled transaction experience. We provide financing to corporates through our superior Nordic and international distribution platform, and we are optimally structured for naturally matching trading flows, delivering best execution for clients.

The group employ approx. 250 staff working from the Nordic offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and in the offices in the key international markets US, UK and Germany. 

Daniel Thorsson ... (+2)
  • Daniel Thorsson
  • Nikola Kalanoski

Qlosr Group - Well-positioned to face an important quarter

Minor estimate revisions Balance sheet in better shape than we expected Currently trading at 7.0-4.5x ’23e-’24e EV/EBITA

Eirik Thune Øritsland ... (+2)
  • Eirik Thune Øritsland
  • Øystein Elton Lodgaard

Napatech - Strategic partnerships starting to materialise

Challenging year outweighed by record large order in ’23 Could play a role in further market consolidation Fair value range of NOK 13-18/share

Fredrik Ivarsson ... (+2)
  • Fredrik Ivarsson
  • Nikola Kalanoski

Humble Group - Set for an exciting Q4

‘23e-‘24e EBITA estimates up 5% Working capital build-up sets high Q4 expectations Share trading at EV/EBITA ‘23e-‘24e 9-7x

Mikkel Kousgaard Rasmussen ... (+2)
  • Mikkel Kousgaard Rasmussen
  • Morten Larsen

Penneo - Q3 a tad on the soft side, requiring a strong Q4

Q3 ARR ~2% lower vs. ABGSCe, adj. EBITDA better Reiterated guidance requires strong ARR growth in Q4 Long-term case intact: a quality offering in large markets

Stefan Knutsson
  • Stefan Knutsson

Prevas - Continuing its selective M&A strategy

Acquires two companies, adding SEK 78m in sales ‘23e sales up ~6% and EBITA up 4% Demand within industry automation remains strong

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