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Dev Clever Holdings Plc (DEV: LSE) is UK-based and focuses on the global EdTech market. Its two core platforms, and Victar VR, offered on a B2B, B2C and B2G SaaS subscription basis, are aimed at reducing skills gaps in young people through: remote learning and career guidance tools, live career counciling and enterprise services. DEV’s current focus is the Indian market (Veative Labs acquisition monetises India for DEV) with a potential $30bn value within 10 years. The Aldebaron DMCC (Dubai) partnership adds a minimum of $50m revenues over the next 4 years and accelerates rollout to over 9 new territories. The CSCA phase 2 delivers ‘gilt backed’ revenues from 2.6m Indian students with expansion opportunities. We expect more partnership and contract wins over the next 18m.

Dev Clever Holdings

Dev Clever Holdings plc is a United Kingdom-based software development company. The Company applies its technology in three core channels: engage, educate and experience. Through its engage channel the Company uses fully controlled voucher and incentives based consumer activations, such as the Whitbread PLC Brewers Fayre Great Summer Giveaway Campaign with 1,000,000 prizes allocated through the Company's proprietary gaming engine. Through educate, the Company uses interactive careers platform to drive school leaver enrolment and recruitment. The Company has a broad product portfolio, covering customer loyalty and incentivisation, virtual and augmented reality experiences and marketing and student engagement within the education sector. In developing its applications the Company uses a combination of open source software and off the shelf development tools.

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