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Silver Thematic ACF Equity Research 11082022

Silver (Ag) is half store of value and half industrial metal. A hawkish Federal Reserve and spiking bond yields will create significant headwinds for the Ag price 2H22E. Any expectations for global recession, leading to an industrial cycle downturn will  also push the silver price down. In 2H22E we assess that both weakening industrial activity (>50% of global silver demand) and monetary policy trends will exert downward pressure on silver’s price. Beyond YE22E the physical silver supply deficit  remains a positive for the silver price. As the world transitions to greener forms of energy and transport, the commensurate increasing use of silver in electronics and photovoltaics should support structural demand growth and so raise silver’s mid-term  price beyond YE22E because of the structural silver supply deficit.

Fresnillo PLC

Fresnillo is a holding company, engaged in the mining and beneficiation of non-ferrous minerals, and the sale of related production. At Dec 31 2016, Co. had six reportable operating segments: the Fresnillo mine, an underground silver mine; the Saucito mine, an underground silver mine; the CiA(c)nega mine, an underground gold mine; including the San RamA3n satellite mine; the Herradura mine, a surface gold mine; the Soledad-Dipolos mine, a surface gold mine; and the Noche Buena mine, a surface gold mine. In addition, Co. has two development projects, which comprised of: Pyrites Plant, a Leaching plant; and San Julian (phase II), an underground mine, flotation plant and a dynamic leaching plant.

Glencore plc

Glencore is engaged as a natural resource companies. Co. is organized and operates on a worldwide basis in three main business segments: Metals and minerals, which comprised of zinc, copper, lead, alumina, aluminium, ferroalloys, nickel, cobalt and iron ore; Energy products, which comprised of crude oil, oil products, steam coal and metallurgical coal; and Agricultural products, which comprised of wheat, corn, canola, barley, rice, oil seeds, meals, edible oils, biofuels, cotton and sugar supported by investments in storage, handling, processing and port facilities.

KGHM Polska Miedz S.A.

KGHM Polska Miedz is engaged in the mining of copper and non-ferrous metals ore; the excavation of gravel and sand; the production of copper, precious and non-ferrous metals; the production of salt; the casting of light and non-ferrous metals; the forging, pressing, stamping and roll forming of metal- powder metallurgy; waste management; wholesale based on direct payments or contracts; warehousing and storage of merchandise; holding management activities; geological and exploratory activities; general construction activities with respect to mining and production facilities; scheduled and non-scheduled air transport; telecommunication and IT services; and other activities.

Newmont Corporation

Polymetal International Plc

Polymetal International is the ultimate parent entity of Polymetal Group, a precious metals mining group operating in Russia, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Co. has five reportable segments: Magadan; Ural; Khabarovsk; Kazakhstan; and Armenia. Each segment is engaged in gold, silver or copper mining and related activities, including exploration, extraction, processing and reclamation.

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ACF Extractives

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