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Legend Biotech Follow-on Offering

Legend Biotech, a non-wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed GenScript, is planning to raise up to US$250m in its follow-on offering.

The company last raised cash in Dec 2021 in a similar sized deal, which ended up doing very well after a sharp share price correction.

In this note, we will talk about the deal dynamics and run the deal through our ECM framework.
Aequitas Research
Aequitas Research

Aequitas Research is a leading ECM research firm with a focus on IPOs and placements/follow-on offerings across the Asia Pacific with deal size of over USD100m. 

Since 2015, we have covered 400+ IPOs and 450+ placements with a hit rate of 73% and 65%, respectively. We combine fundamental bottom-up views with our proprietary quantitative framework to provide a holistic analysis.
Our coverage includes pre-IPO notes before the deal is launched, follow-up analysis once the deal is live and post-listing trading analysis. We also provide a more quant driven analysis on placement/follow-on offerings.
Markets that we cover include:
Hong Kong,
China ADRs,
Australia, and

Sumeet Singh

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