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Xtep International Placement

Group Success Investments is looking to raise up to US$133m by trimming its holdings in Xtep International.

We can’t say that the deal is expected and short interest on the stock hasn’t been creeping up as well. While the deal won’t be a large one, representing just 5.7 days of three month ADV, the firm’s last deal hasn’t done well.
Xtep International Holdings

Aequitas Research
Aequitas Research

Aequitas Research is a leading ECM research firm with a focus on IPOs and placements/follow-on offerings across the Asia Pacific with deal size of over USD100m. 

Since 2015, we have covered 400+ IPOs and 450+ placements with a hit rate of 73% and 65%, respectively. We combine fundamental bottom-up views with our proprietary quantitative framework to provide a holistic analysis.
Our coverage includes pre-IPO notes before the deal is launched, follow-up analysis once the deal is live and post-listing trading analysis. We also provide a more quant driven analysis on placement/follow-on offerings.
Markets that we cover include:
Hong Kong,
China ADRs,
Australia, and

Clarence Chu

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