Louis-Clément AZAIS d'UHART
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Analyse court terme - BANKINTER : La moyenne mobile, haussière, confirme notre avis.

Lors de notre dernière analyse court terme (05/10/2016), nous avions opté pour un avis positif.
Nous restons positif avec un objectif à 7,38 € et un niveau d'invalidation à 6,7 €.
La tendance haussière se poursuit.
Arguments :
- La résistance est proche.
- La moyenne...
Bankinter S.A.

Bankinter is the parent company of a group engaged in banking activities. Services provided include: investment banking; capital market services; financial services insurance; international services such as foreign exchange transactions and travelers' checks; wholesale corporate banking; and retail and private banking services. Co. offers its products and services through the following channels of distribution: branch network; telephone banking, interactive (software) banking; agents; and Internet banking. As of Dec 31 2014, Co. had assets totalling Euro57,332,974,000 and deposits totalling Euro29,966,129,000.

Day By Day
Day By Day

​​DayByDay is an independent research company providing global macro and single stock analysis, recommendation and allocation based purely on behavioural finance methods. Those include long term cycle analysis, sentiment analysis, and technical trigger. DayByDay serves all clients in need of practical and precise publications to make effective market decisions, on any time horizon, from a few hours to a few years.

Louis-Clément AZAIS d'UHART

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