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Analyse court terme - CAP GEMINI SA : La reprise est une consolidation.

La tendance de fond est clairement orientée à la baisse. Le MACD est négatif, il confirme cette tendance. La reprise est une consolidation qui va buter sur 107,50 € prochainement.
Le prochain objectif est à 96,31 €, puis 93,55 €. Le franchissement de 113,60 € remettrait en cause la suite de la baisse.
Capgemini SE

Capgemini is a consulting and IT services provider. Co. works closely with technology partners at the cutting edge of innovation in major trends such as: Cloud, Big Data and mobility. Co. offers its clients skills in a variety of fields, such as digital transformation and digital customer experience, Cloud, Big Data, mobility, testing, cyber security, application management. In addition, Co. helps its clients enhance their performance and sharpen their competitive edge by offering them a range of skills grouped around four major businesses: Consulting Services through Capgemini Consulting, Technology Services (TS), Local Professional Services through Sogeti, and X Outsourcing Services (OS).

Day By Day
Day By Day

​​DayByDay is an independent research company providing global macro and single stock analysis, recommendation and allocation based purely on behavioural finance methods. Those include long term cycle analysis, sentiment analysis, and technical trigger. DayByDay serves all clients in need of practical and precise publications to make effective market decisions, on any time horizon, from a few hours to a few years.


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