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Analyse court terme - COMPASS GROUP : La tendance est baissière.

La tendance est baissière. Les prix baissent à nouveau, mais le mouvement est devenu hésitant.
Le prochain support est à 1 467,80 p. La tendance baissière serait remise en cause au-dessus de 1 723,70 p.
Compass Group PLC

Compass Group is engaged in providing outsourced food and support services. The five sectors in which Co. operates are: Business & Industry, which provides food for employees during their working day; Healthcare & Seniors, which helps hospitals in the public and private sectors manage and enhance quality of food and support services; Education, which provides dining solutions from kindergarten to college; Sports & Leisure, which provides hospitality and service at sporting and leisure venues, exhibition centers, visitor attractions and events; and Defence, Offshore & Remote, which provides food and support services to companies in the oil and gas and mining and construction industries.

Day By Day
Day By Day

​​DayByDay is an independent research company providing global macro and single stock analysis, recommendation and allocation based purely on behavioural finance methods. Those include long term cycle analysis, sentiment analysis, and technical trigger. DayByDay serves all clients in need of practical and precise publications to make effective market decisions, on any time horizon, from a few hours to a few years.


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