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Analyse court terme - ILIAD SA : La reprise est une consolidation.

La tendance de fond est clairement orientée à la baisse. Le MACD est négatif, il confirme cette tendance. La reprise est une consolidation qui va buter sur 114,90 € prochainement.
Le prochain objectif est à 88,71 €, puis 78,81 €. Le franchissement de 130,50 € remettrait en cause la suite de la baisse.
Iliad S.A.

Iliad is an operator in the French internet access & telecommunications markets. Co. divides its operations into three business segments: Broadband, Traditional Telephony, and Retail Telecom. Broadband includes Internet service provider operations, hosting services, user assistance operations & operations related to the rollout of the FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) network. Traditional Telephony includes switched landline telephony (One.Tel and Iliad Telecom), directory services (mainly the ANNU reverse look-up directory accessible by Minitel, telephone, Internet and SMS text messaging) and e-commerce operations ( Retail Telecom offers various mobile phones & services to customers.

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