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Seafood - Fat Trout Weekly

Seafood - Fat Trout Weekly
Atlantic Sapphire

Atlantic Sapphire AS. Atlantic Sapphire AS is a Norway-based company, which farms Atlantic salmon in land-based recirculating systems in Denmark and the United States. The Company uses the production technology Bluehouse, which comprises the entire production cycle - from an egg hatchery to harvested fish ready for truck pick-up. Also, the Bluehouse implies production free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, metals and synthetic pigment. The product portfolio includes whole fish, as well as a range of fillets and cuts. The customers comprise primarily restaurants and retail stores on the Unites States market. Also, the Company exports products to such markets as Canada, Chile and Europe.

Austevoll Seafood ASA

Austevoll Seafood is a pelagic fishery and seafood company with operations in Norway, Chile, Peru, Ireland and the U.K. Co.'s operations include fishing vessels, fishmeal plants, canning plants, freezing plants, and salmon farming. Co. has four segments: salmon and trout, which consist of the production to sales and distribution of Atlantic salmon and trout; fishmeal and oil, which consist of the production and sales of the products; pelagic North Atlantic, which consist of the production, sales and distribution of fishmeal, fish oil and frozen pelagic fish products; and human consumption, which consist of the production, sales and distribution of fresh, frozen and canned fish products.

Bakkafrost P/F

Grieg Seafood ASA

Greig Seafood is a fish farming group, based in Norway, that specialized in salmon and trout. Co. is the parent company of the Greig Seafood Group. Co. is engaged in the production and sale of seafood, and naturally related activities to the sale of seafood. Co. is predominately engaged in the production of farmed salmon and trout, with a production capacity of around 95,00 tons gutted weight annually. Co. has 100 licences for salmon production and five licences for smolt production. Co. has operations in Finnmark and Rogaland in Norway, British Columbia in Canada, and Shetland (the U.K.).

Leroy Seafood Group ASA

Leroy Seafood Group is a supplier of seafood. Co.'s primary products are Atlantic salmon and trout. Co. reports within two main segments: Production and Sales and Distribution. The Production segment includes Co.'s activities within production and processing, mainly Atlantic salmon and trout. The subsidiaries in this segment are a main employer along the Norwegian coastline and other areas. The Sales and Distribution segment has a global reach, comprising sales, marketing, product development and distribution of both Co.'s own produced products as well as for external suppliers. Co. is also engaged in nationwide distribution of fresh fish on the Norwegian market.

Masco Corporation

Masco designs, manufactures and distributes home improvement and building products. The company's Plumbing Products include faucets, showerheads, handheld showers, valves, bath hardware and accessories, bathing units, shower bases and enclosures and toilets. This segment also includes brass, copper and composite plumbing system components and other non-decorative plumbing products. The company's Decorative Architectural Products include cabinet and door hardware, functional hardware, wall plates, hook and hook rail products, and picture hanging accessories. This segment also includes decorative indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, landscape lighting and LED lighting systems.

Mowi ASA

Marine Harvest is a seafood company engaged in the production of farmed salmon. Co. offers fresh and processed salmon and other processed seafood to customers in 70 countries worldwide. Co. focuses on three principal types of production activities: salmon feed production in Norway, fish farming and primary processing of fish in Norway, Scotland, Canada, Chile, Ireland, and the Faroe Islands, and secondary processing of seafood in Norway, Chile, Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Norway Royal Salmon ASA

Norway Royal Salmon has developed from a sales and marketing company for farmed salmon into an integrated seafood company. Co. is a fish farming company with activities in two main segments: fish farming and sales. The fish farming business includes salmon farming and harvesting activities. The fish farming business is divided into two regions: Region North, which consists of the fish farming business in Senja and West Finnmark; and Region South, which consists of the fish farming business in the area around Haugesund. The sales segment includes the purchase and sale of salmon, as well as Co.'s chain management activities.

SalMar ASA

SalMar is a producer of Atlantic salmon and is integrated from roe and smolt to products and sales. Co. has farming operations in Central and Northern Norway, as well as in Scotland. Co. has operating licences for marinephase fish farms and hatcheries in central Norway and Troms County. Co. has 66 licences for production of farmed Atlantic salmon in Norway: 53 in central Norway (More & Romsdal, South and North Trondelag) and 13 in northern Norway (Troms)

Salmon Evolution Holding

Salmones Camanchaca SA

The Kingfish Company NV

DnB Markets
DnB Markets

DNB Markets is the investment banking arm of DNB Bank ASA and is focused primarily on the Nordic region, as well as internationally on niches such as global shipping, energy and related services, and seafood. DNB Markets offers services in FICC, Equities and Investment Banking advisory from offices in Oslo, Stockholm, London, Singapore and New York. Equity research coverage is offered on c250 Nordic companies. DNB was ranked no.2 in Extel Nordic Research 2017. The DNB Markets’ Credit and FICC Macro & FX Research teams are repeatedly highly rated by Prospera Nordic Institutional Investor Surveys.


Alexander Aukner

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