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Le groupe EDP est le dernier énergéticien conventionnel à avoir sa filiale d’éolien et solaire, EDP Renovaveis, cotée séparément, mais aussi un actionnaire de référence non européen, le groupe chinois China Three Gorges (CTG). Nous considérons depuis longtemps qu’une unification des structures permettrait de résoudre la problématique de l’arbitrage entre les deux titres et la gouvernance vis-à-vis de CTG. Toutefois, l’idée évoquée d’une fusion inversée entre EDP Renovaveis et EDP ne p...

Aena SME SA, formerly Aena SA, is a Spain-based company primarily engaged in the airports operation. Its activities are divided into four segments: Airports, which comprises Aeronautical subdivision, responsible for the management of airports, jetways, security, handling, cargo and fuel services, among others, as well as Commercial subdivision, including duty-free and specialty stores, restaurant services, car rental, as well as banking services and advertising; Services outside the terminal, which manages real estate assets, such as parking lots, warehouses and lands; International, which comprises operations of Company's subsidiary, Aena Desarrollo Internacional SA, that invests in other airport owners principally in Mexico, Colombia and the United Kingdom; and Others, encompassing corporate activities. It manages tourism, hub and regional airports, as well as heliports and general aviation areas. Furthermore, its destination range comprises Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Aeroports de Paris SA

Aeroports de Paris is the airport authority that owns and manages the fourteen civil airports and airfields in the Ile-de-France (Paris) area. Co. owns and operates the three main airports of the Ile de France region (Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget), 10 general aviation airfields and the Issy-les-Moulineaux heliport. In the three main airports, Co. provides facilities to accommodate passengers, airlines and cargo and postal services, and offers a range of services. Co.'s activities are divided into five business segments: Aviation, Retail and Services, Real Estate, Airport Investments and Other Activities.

Balyo SA

Balyo SA is a France-based company that designs robotic navigation solutions which are installed into forklifts and allow them to automatically transport pallets. The Company's apparatus is equipped with the guidance technology called Geoguidage. The Geoguidage system is installed in a module which is attached to the forklift, and allows the vehicle to calculate its position and memorize the layout of the warehouse. Its equipment allows detection of pallets, containers and dollies; stacking pallets; read barcode; towing loads; interactions with conveyors and doors, etc; scalable setting and automatic modes, among others. The Company's products are used in logistics and in industry.

BB Biotech AG

Co.'s principal activity is to invest in biotechnology companies globally. The investments are held through its wholly-owned subsidiaries: Biotech Focus N.V., Biotech Invest N.V., Biotech Target N.V., and Biotech Growth N.V., all of which are located in Curacao. Co. acquires holdings in companies in the biotechnology growth market. The focus of the holdings is on quoted companies that are concentrating on the development and marketing of innovative medicines. For the selection of holdings, Co. relies on fundamental analysis by physicians and molecular biologists.

Beter Bed Holding N.V.

Beter Bed Holdings is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. operates in the European bedroom furnishings market and offers mattresses, box springs, bed bases, bedroom furniture, bed textiles and other related items. Co.'s activities include retail trade through 1,159 stores that operate via the chains Beter Bed (active in the Netherlands), Matratzen Concord (active in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Poland), El Gigante del Colchon (active in Spain), BeddenREUS, Dormaeel and Slaapgenoten (all three active in the Netherlands) and MAV (active in Germany). Co. is also active in developing and selling branded products in the bedroom furnishings sector.

Boiron SA

Boiron manufactures and markets homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from vegetable, animal, mineral, or chemical substances, which are diluted. Co. sells three types of products in 59 countries: Non-proprietary homeopathic medicines, OTC family medication specialties, and Other products. There are two large families of homeopathic medicines: Those associated with precise therapeutic indications and dosage, and those that do not mention a therapeutic indication or dosage. Co. supports homeopathy education and training organizations for healthcare professionals. Some of Co.'s brand names include Oscillococcinum®, Stodal®, S?datif PC®, and Coryzalia.


Metro is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in retail and wholesale. Co.'s operations are divided into four divisions: Metro Cash & Carry, Real, Media-Saturn and Galeria Kaufhof. The Metro Cash & Carry division operates in the cash and carry sector in Europe, Asia and Africa. The Real division is a hypermarket operator in Germany where it operates both stationary stores and an online store. The Media-Saturn division provides an assortment of brand products in consumer electronics retailing. The Galeria Kaufhof division operates department stores in Germany and Belgium. Co. is also a property manager through METRO PROPERTIES GmbH & Co. KG.

Compagnie des Alpes SA

Compagnie des Alpes SA is a France-based holding company active in the tourism and leisure industry in two distinct areas: the operation and maintenance of ski resorts and the operation of family leisure parks and attractions. It equips, maintains and operates ski resorts in the Alps region in France, Italy and Switzerland. Its activities include lift handling, trail maintenance, grooming and snowmaking, and operation of ticket booths. Compagnie des Alpes SA is active in the leisure park industry through its subsidiary, Grevin & Cie SA, which manages leisure sites in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It offers three types of activities: theme parks, nature and animal parks, and tourist attractions. It operates in France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Luxembourg. In April 2014, it sold 30% stake in Groupe Looping to HIG Capital France, and announced the agreement with MacEarth and the aquisition of 2.5% stake in the company.

Compania de Distribucion Integral Logista Holdings S.A.

Compania de Distribucion Integral Logista Holdings, through its subsidiaries, is a distributor and logistics operator in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Poland. Co. is engaged in providing various distribution channels with a range of products and services, including tobacco and tobacco related products, convenience goods, electronic documents and products (such as mobile phone and travel card top-ups), pharmaceutical products, books, publications and lottery tickets. Co. provides these services through a network which spans the whole value chain, from picking up to POS delivery.

Flow Traders NV

Flow Traders Cooperatief UA is a global technology-enabled liquidity provider, which specializes in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). As a technology company operating in a financial services industry, Co. uses its proprietary technology platform to quote, bid and ask prices in thousands of ETP listings, as well as similar financial products. Co. also provides liquidity to institutional counterparties off-exchange across all regions. Liquidity provision makes markets more efficient and transparent, promoting better execution quality and lower overall trading costs for market participants.

Focus Home Interactive SA

Focus Home Interactive SA is France-based company principally engaged in the video games industry. The Company publishes interactive video games. The Company produces the catalogue, Focus, which publishes and distributes original titles, such as Blood Bowl, the strategy games Wargames, Sherlock Holmes, TrackMania, Runaway, Cities XL, Cycling Manager and Farming Simulator, among others. The Company has also games under development, such as The Technomancer, Act of Aggression, Vampyr, Call of Cthulhu, as well as several games based on Games Workshop Warhammer and Warhammer licenses: Blood Bowl 2, Space Hulk, Mordheim, and Battlefleet Gothic. The Company operates in France and overseas.

Fraport AG

Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide is an airport operator. Co. is divided into four segments: aviation, which includes airside and terminal management as well as corporate safety and security at the Frankfurt site; retail and real estate, which consists of retailing activities, parking facility and real estate management at Frankfurt Airport; ground handling, which comprises services dealing with passengers, aircraft and cargo; and external activities and services, which comprises Co.'s companies outside the Frankfurt site and auxiliary services in Frankfurt, including information technology and facility management in particular.

GL Events SA

GL events is an international provider of event solutions and services. Co. operates in three segments of the event industry market: the organization of trade fairs, conventions and events(Co. organizes proprietary trade shows); the management of venues(Co.'s venues are managed under concession agreements or long-term public-private partnerships); and services for events(Co. equips and installs every type of event). Co. assists companies, institutions, and event organizers at every stage of the process from the definition of their event strategies to final implementation in the field.

Guerbet SA

Guerbet is a French pharmaceutical group that develops, markets, and provides maintenance services for medical equipment and devices destined for diagnostic and interventional imaging. Co.'s portfolio comprises media solutions covering MRI, X-rays and products devoted to International Radiology and Theranostics and medical devices. Co. organizes its operation by product family covering Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-rays (XR) and Interventional Radiology and Theranostics (IRT). The MRI family includes Dotarem® and Artirem®; Co.'s X-ray product family includes Xenetix®, Optiray®/Optiject®, Oxilan®, and Telebrix®; and the IRT product family has Lipiodol®, Bleu Patente V and Hexabrix®.

HighCo SA

High Co SA is a France-based marketing services group for mass-market retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. The Company offers marketing solutions, such as coupon issuing, a promotional technique that entitles the customer to a discount on a product; sampling, which consists in offering free samples to test a product; point-of sale, which ranges from shelf tags to in-store radio announcements, floor graphics and in-store field marketing; clearing, which consists of processing discount coupons and money-back offers; marketing communication agencies, which provide support for brands and retailers in their marketing campaigns, and digital services with the subsidiary, HighCo 3.0., which advises and assists clients on the integration of digital technologies for distributors and brands. The Company operates in France, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia and Turkey, among others.

ID Logistics Group

ID Logistics is an international contract logistics group that designs and implements one-stop services tailored to the specific requirements of each client. The services Co. offers combine customized architectures to allow clients to optimize their supply chain.

Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.

Intesa Sanpaolo is a commercial bank. Co. is engaged in lending and deposit collection operations in Italy and associated financial services, serving Households, Personal, Small Business, Private and Small and Medium Enterprise customers. Co. provides medium-term credit, leasing, factoring and agribusiness (Mediocredito Italiano), consumer credit (Intesa Sanpaolo Personal Finance), management of electronic payments (Setefi), and trust services (Sirefid). Co. has approximately 4,300 branches, including Retail and Business branches, distributed broadly throughout Italy. At Dec 31 2014, Co. had total assets of Euro646.43 billion.

La Francaise de l'Energie SA

La Francaise de l'Energie is engaged in the operation of the French energy sector, with gas assets in northern and eastern France, specifically coal bed methane. Co. aims to substitute a portion of the gas imported into France with coal bed methane, which it produces, due to its low carbon footprint and production cost. Co.'s operations are mainly located in two areas: Lorraine, located in eastern France close to the Franco-German border, and in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, in the Hauts-de-France region located at the Franco-Belgian border. Co. operates in two operating segments: Lorraine which includes the exploration and certification of gas reserves and Avion which includes gas production.

Mauna Kea Technologies SA Class O

Mauna Kea Technologies is a global medical device company based in France. Co. is focused on innovations in the field of endomicroscopy (microscopic imaging during endoscopy procedures). Co. is predominately active in the advent of optical biopsy. Co. researches, develops and markets innovative tools to visualize and detect cellular abnormalities during endoscopic procedures. Co.'s flagship product, Cellvizio®, a probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (pCLE) system, provides physicians and researchers high-resolution cellular views of tissue inside the body. Co. has marketing authorizations in Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S., Brazil, Chile, South Korea, Poland, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Navigator Company SA

Navigator and its subsidiaries are engaged in the production and sale of cellulose pulp and related products, the purchase of wood and agricultural and forest production, the harvesting of forests and the transport of wood from the forests to the plants, and the production and sale of electricity and thermal energy. Co. is also involved in the production of paper and derivative paper products.


NORMA Group is a holding Company. Co. manufactures and markets joining products and solutions in three product categories clamps (CLAMP), joining elements (CONNECT) and connections/fluid systems (FLUID). Co.'s clamp products and solutions are manufactured from unalloyed steels or stainless steel and are generally used to join or seal elastomer hoses. Co.'s connection products include connectors made of unalloyed steels or stainless steel that are partly equipped with elastomer or metal seals and are used as the joining and sealing elements of metal and thermoplastic pipes. Co.'s fluid products are either single or multiple layer thermoplastic plug-in connectors for liquid systems.

Orange Belgium SA

Orange Belgium is a telecommunications operator in Belgium. Co. provides a range of products and services to the residential and business markets, including mobile telephony, fixed telephony, fix data, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. Co.'s Belgium segment is divided into two operating units: Mobile as well as Fix voice data. Co.'s Mobile operating unit provides mobile phone equipment and services to residential and corporate customers, while Co.'s Fix voice and data operating unit provides fix voice, data and internet services to residential and corporate customers.


Petroleum Geo-Services is engaged in providing geophysical services and oil and gas production services. As of Dec. 31, 2001, Co. operated six Ramform design vessels in its marine seismic data acquisition operations.

Roche Bobois International SAS

Roche Bobois SA, formerly Furn Invest SAS, is a France-based company operating in the furniture design and distribution businesses. It offers a broad range of made-to-order customizable designs, manufactured in small European workshops. The full furniture collection, divided in Living Room, Dining Room, Desks, Bedroom, Outdoor Furniture, and Other Products includes sofas, armchairs, cocktail tables, dining chairs, sideboards, beds, wardrobes, storage and accessories including lighting, cushions and rugs. The Company service offering includes Delivery, Financing, Warranty, Wedding Registry, Maintenance Guide, Catalogues, Interior Design and Online 3D (tridimensional) Planner. The Company operates through retail or franchising stores and owns more than 250 showrooms across the world. It is active in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

SBM Offshore NV

SBM Offshore is a holding company. Co. provides floating production solutions to the offshore energy industry, over the full product life-cycle. Co.'s main activities are the design, supply, installation, operation and life extension of floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels. Other products include semi-submersibles, tension-leg platforms, floating production storage and offloading liquefied natural gas, turret mooring systems, brownfield and offshore (off) loading terminals. As of Dec 31 2015, Co.'s fleet consisted of 10 FPSOs, two floating storage and offloadings, one mobile offshore production unit, one semisubmersible in operation worldwide.

Sligro Food Group N.V.

Sligro Food Group NV is a company engaged in the food distribution industry, based in the Netherlands. It divides its business into two segments: Food Retail activities comprise around 130 full-service EMTE supermarkets with 30 operated by independent retailers; Food Service offers nationwide network of cash and carry and delivery service outlets serving large and small-scale hospitality, establishments, leisure facilities, volume users, company and other caterers, forecourt retailers, small and medium-sized enterprises, smaller retail businesses and the institutional market. The Company serves the institutional market trading under the name Van Hoeckel and the other segments of the market as Sligro. The Company's subsidiaries include CaterTechBV and Bejaco NV, including its subsidiaries JAVA BVBA and Freshtrans BVBA, jointly known as JAVA Foodservice.


STEF-TFE is a provider of transport and logistic services for food products requiring specific temperature control within Europe. Co. divides its operation into four segments: Transport in France (transportation of fresh and frozen products, transportation of seafood and organization of international transport activities); Logistics in France or STEF Logistique (logistics for fresh and frozen products for industrial players, mass retail and the food-service industry); STEF International (international activities in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Benelux, Switerland and U.K.); and Maritime activities (maritime services, passengers and freight, and maritime brokerage).

Sword Group SE

Sword Group is a service company specializing in computer engineering, offering consulting and integration services to its customers. Co. is engagedin the implementation of innovative solutions that meet the strategic needs of its clients and adaptation requirements of their information systems. Co.'s business covers three main areas: IT Service, Solutions and Communication Technologies. In addition, Co. also provides Government Risk Management (GRC) solutions to its customers in the industries of energy, transportation, healthcare, insurance, banking, telecommunications, and international and governmental organizations. Co. offers two product lines and four solutions.

UniCredit S.p.A.

Unicredit is a pan-European commercial banking group based in Italy. Co. is engaged in the provision of in-branch and online corporate and investment banking services, providing customers with access to banks in 14 core markets as well as to an another 18 countries worldwide. Co.'s operations are organized along six business lines: Commercial Banking Italy; CEE Division; CIB; Commercial Banking Germany; Commercial Banking Austria; and Asset Gathering. Co.'s European banking network includes Italy, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey.

Wallix Group SA

Wallix Group SA. Wallix Group SA is a France-based company specialized in the security software industry. The Company publishes computer security software relating to the access control and the traceability of privileged accounts or privileged access management (PAM) in the information systems of a number of companies. The Group serves various sectors, including healthcare, cloud & telcos and bank & insurance, among others. Through its solution, Wallix Bastion, the Group helps companies enhance their protection from cyber risks. Its solutions are distributed via a network of trained resellers. Wallix Group's portfolio includes audit and compliance, remote access security, cloud security and controlling industrial systems. In addition, through its subsidiaries the Company also provides computer security software editing services. Apart from France, the Company also operates in the United States.

Wereldhave N.V.

Wereldhave is an independent international property investment company. Co. is principally involved in leasing out investment property under operating leases. Co.'s activities are spread over four property sectors and across six European countries - the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom - and three regions in the United States. Co. creates value by actively managing shopping centres, through sound timing in the purchase and sale of offices and residential property, and by developing its own property at cost. Co. is a closed-end investment company with variable capital.

Xilam Animation SA

Xilam Animation SA is a France-based audiovisual and multimedia production company. The Company is engaged in the production and distribution of content, both two-dimensional (2D) and Common Gateway Interface (CGI), for television (TV), film and new platform formats. The Company's television production credits include: Rahan, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Mr BaBy, A Kind of Magic, Rintindumb, Shuriken School, Space Goofs, The New Adventures of Lucky Luke, Tupu and Ratz. Its feature film credits include Kaena - The Prophecy and Go West! A New Adventure of Lucky Luke. The Company's wholly owned subsidiaries include Vietnam-based Armada TMT, Germany-based Igloo Productions GmbH, and France-based Xilam Films SAS and Xilam Multimedia SAS.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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