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Balyo SA

Balyo SA is a France-based company that designs robotic navigation solutions which are installed into forklifts and allow them to automatically transport pallets. The Company's apparatus is equipped with the guidance technology called Geoguidage. The Geoguidage system is installed in a module which is attached to the forklift, and allows the vehicle to calculate its position and memorize the layout of the warehouse. Its equipment allows detection of pallets, containers and dollies; stacking pallets; read barcode; towing loads; interactions with conveyors and doors, etc; scalable setting and automatic modes, among others. The Company's products are used in logistics and in industry.

Carbios SA

Carbios SA, formerly Carbios SASU, is a France-based company engaged in green chemistry that focuses on discovering and developing enzymatic bioprocesses applied to plastic and textile polymers. The Company creates a new generation of fully biodegradable plastics with a controlled lifespan, a process enabling infinite biorecycling of plastic waste (PET) and a new biological pathway for the production of competitive biosourced polymers.

Gaztransport & Technigaz SA

Gaztransport & Technigaz is an engineering company specialized in membrane containment systems for liquefied gas transport and storage. Co. designs and markets technologies which combine operational efficiency and safety to equip liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, LNG floating platforms and multi-gas transport vessels. Co. also provides solutions for onshore storage tanks and the use of LNG as a fuel for vessels propulsion as well as a wide range of services in engineering, consultancy, training, maintenance assistance and technical studies at each stage of the liquefied gas chain.

Mercialys SA

Mercialys is a real estate company, specialized in the transformation and management of shopping centers. Co. manages a portfolio of 91 properties located throughout France at Dec 31, 2013. Co.'s assets are classified into three categories: large regional shopping centers (GLA of over 365,800 sq. m.), neighborhood shopping centers (GLA of over 181,600 sq. m.), and Other assets (40,900 sq. m.). At Dec. 31, 2013, the portfolio comprised 25 large regional shopping centers, 36 neighborhood shopping centers, and 18 other sites such as food stores, specialty stores, independent cafeterias, service malls, and convenience stores, representing a total gross leasable area of about 588,300 sq. m.


Nordex is a holding company. Co. is a supplier of multimegawatt onshore wind turbines for locations characterised by strong, medium and light wind conditions. Co. focuses on developing and producing the entire system including the control software as well as the main core components and on providing related services. This mainly refers to the sale of wind power systems and, in selected markets, the upstream wind farm project development and sale of turnkey solutions. In addition, Co. assembles wind turbines and provides the necessary after-sales service. Co.'s finance department also supports customers to raise project finance via national and international commercial banks.

Quadient SA

Neopost supplies mailroom equipment, offering products for franking, folding & inserting, addressing, address cleansing, tracking, tracing letters, parcels & the supply chain. Co. also offers various services, including consulting, maintenance, financial services & online service. Co.'s activities can be summed up to 2 segments: Mailroom Solutions & Communication & Shipping Solutions, divided into 9 operations: Automated mail opening, Management of incoming mail & traceability of important mail, Address printers, Automated insertion equipment, Intelligent franking, Financing solutions, Data quality, Customer Communication Management and Shipping Solutions, mainly in Europe & North America.

Trigano SA

Trigano designs, manufactures and sells leisure vehicles and leisure equipment. Co.'s operations can be divided into two segments: Leisure vehicles and Leisure equipment. The Leisure Vehicles segment produces motor caravans, caravans, mobile homes and accessories and provides services to its customers (leasing and financing of leisure vehicles). The Leisure Equipment segment produces trailers, camping equipment, and garden equipment. Co. operates in France, U.K., Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Norway and Other countries.

Valneva SE

Valneva, together with its subsidiaries, is focused on vaccine development and antibody discovery. Co. generates revenue from both its marketed product, a vaccine for the prevention of Japanese encephalitis (IXIARO®/JESPECT®), commercial partnerships around a portfolio of product candidates and licensed technology platforms (EB66® cell line, VIVA,Screen antibody discovery technology, and the IC31® adjuvant) developed by Co. Related business activities include product research and development, regulatory and clinical activities, manufacturing of commercial product and advanced clinical product candidates, as well as administrative, corporate development, and marketing and sales activities.

Verneuil Participations

Verneuil Finance SA Formerly known as Verneuil Participations. Verneuil Finance SA, formerly known as Verneuil Participations SA, is a France-based investment company. The Company acquires shares in companies operating in a number of sectors, including the wood, real estate hotel promotion food processing and the leisure sectors. The Group operates its businesses through Societe Francaise de Casinos and Financier Duc. Through Societe Francaise de Casinos the Company offers a number of services, such as slot machines, games, shows & entertainment and restaurant and private reservation services, among others. The Company reports the leisure sector as its main activity.

Vidrala SA

Vidrala SA is a Spain-based company principally engaged in the glass industry. The Company operates through two segments: Spain and European Union. The Company's activities include the production, distribution and sale of glass bottles and containers used in the food and beverages industries. The Company conducts its own research and development (R&D) operations. It operates production plants and melting furnaces located in such countries, as Portugal, France, Belgium and Italy. The Company owns such subsidiaries as Crisnova Vidrio SA, Inverbeira Sociedad de Promocion de Empresas SA, Gallo Vidro SA, Castellar Vidrio SA, Corsico Vetro SRL, MD Verre SA, Omega Immobiliere et Financiere SA, Investverre SA and CD Verre SA.

Xilam Animation SA

Xilam Animation SA is a France-based audiovisual and multimedia production company. The Company is engaged in the production and distribution of content, both two-dimensional (2D) and Common Gateway Interface (CGI), for television (TV), film and new platform formats. The Company's television production credits include: Rahan, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Mr BaBy, A Kind of Magic, Rintindumb, Shuriken School, Space Goofs, The New Adventures of Lucky Luke, Tupu and Ratz. Its feature film credits include Kaena - The Prophecy and Go West! A New Adventure of Lucky Luke. The Company's wholly owned subsidiaries include Vietnam-based Armada TMT, Germany-based Igloo Productions GmbH, and France-based Xilam Films SAS and Xilam Multimedia SAS.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

Luis de Toledo Heras

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