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Surperformance confirmée avec un OC abaissé à 15 € après avoir abaissé par prudence nos prévisions 2023. La forte décote du titre par rapport au marché n’est pas justifiée au regard des perspectives de croissance qui se situent dans la moyenne des comparables. Un spin off de GPN (nutrition sportive et fonctionnelle) pourrait être une solution pour impulser un rerating du titre mais difficilement réalisable dans le contexte actuel. Nous attendons plus de détails lors du prochain CMD pr...

ALD is a service leasing and vehicle fleet management group with a fleet of more than 1,375,000 vehicles in 41 countries. Under a full-service lease, the client pays the leasing company a regular monthly lease payment to cover financing, depreciation of the vehicle and the cost of various services provided in relation to the use of the vehicle (such as maintenance, replacement car, tyre management, fuel cards and insurance). Fleet management services include the provision of outsourcing contracts to clients under which the vehicle is not owned by Co., but is managed by Co. and for which the client pays fees for the various fleet management services provided.

AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft

AT&S Austria Technologie und Systemtechnik is engaged in the production of printed circuit boards. Co. has three core printed circuit board businesses: Mobile Devices, Automotive and Industrial. Co.'s product assortment ranges from single and double-sided printed circuit boards to multilayer, flexible and rigid, insulated metallic substrate, nucleus, to laser drilled circuit boards. Co.'s products are used as electromechanical linking elements, mainly in the telecommunication sector, automobile industry and medical technology applications, defense and aerospace.

AUTO1 Group

Bonduelle SCA

Bonduelle is active in the market of processed vegetables both within and outside the European Union. Co.'s business is made up of three activities: canned, frozen and fresh vegetables (prepared and fresh-cut). It distributes its products mostly through retail channels (large supermarkets and stores) and food service sectors (restaurants, inter-company canteens). Some of Co.'s brands are Bonduelle, Cassegrain, Frudesa and Artic Gardens. Co. is organized into two geographic regions and four business segments: Bonduelle Europe Long Life (BELL), Bonduelle Fresh Europe (FRESH), Bonduelle Americas (BAM), and Bonduelle Development (BDV).

Corticeira Amorim SGPS SA

Corticeira Amorim, S.G.P.S. is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. is engaged in the production, sale and distribution of cork products, including natural and agglomerated cork stoppers for the wine industry; cork stoppers and other components for the sparkling wines, spirits and champagne industry; cork plank and other products resulting from the processing of cork and used in other segments of the cork industry; floor and wall coverings; composition and granulated corks with several technical and industrial applications; cork with rubber; and expanded pure agglomerated and regranulated corks for technical, acoustic and vibration insulation.

Gaztransport & Technigaz SA

Gaztransport & Technigaz is an engineering company specialized in membrane containment systems for liquefied gas transport and storage. Co. designs and markets technologies which combine operational efficiency and safety to equip liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, LNG floating platforms and multi-gas transport vessels. Co. also provides solutions for onshore storage tanks and the use of LNG as a fuel for vessels propulsion as well as a wide range of services in engineering, consultancy, training, maintenance assistance and technical studies at each stage of the liquefied gas chain.

Grupo Catalana Occidente S.A.

Grupo Catalana Occidente is an insurance group based in Spain. Co. is engaged in insurance and reinsurance activities, including commercial, life, disability, and automobile insurance. Co. is also engaged in the sale of annuities and pension funds. Co.'s operations are organized along two businesses: Traditional business (insurance) and Credit Insurance business. Co.'s main markets are located in Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. Co. maintains a presence in more than 40 countries.



HUGO BOSS Group is engaged in the global apparel market. The Group, which is based in Metzingen Germany employs almost 12,500 people, generated annual sales of EUR 2.4 billion in fiscal year 2013 and is an apparel manufacturer. The Group focuses on developing and marketing high-end women's and men's fashion and accessories. With its brand including the BOSS core brand, the lines BOSS Orange, BOSS Green and the progressive brand HUGO, Co. targets different, consumer groups. The brands consists of modern business wear, evening wear and sportswear, shoes and leather accessories as well as licensed fragrances, eyewear, watches, children's fashion, home textiles and mobile accessories.

Nokian Renkaat Oyj

Nokian Tyres is a tyre manufacturer. Co. mainly sells its products in the aftermarket. Co. and its subsidiaries include the Vianor tyre retail chain, which provides wholesale and retail services in Co.'s primary markets. The core business units in Co. and its subsidiaries are Passenger Car Tyres, which develops, manufactures, and markets summer and winter tyres for passenger cars and delivery trucks as well as SUVs; Heavy Tyres, which focuses on special tyres; as well as Vianor, which provides tyres for all vehicles: passenger cars, vans, trucks, and heavy machinery. In addition to Nokian-branded tyres, the Vianor tyre retail chain sells other tyre brands and a variety of motoring products.

Societe BIC SA

Societe BIC designs, manufactures and distributes the following consumer products: stationery products, lighters, shavers, and other products. Its stationery products include writing instruments such as ball pens, felt pens, mechanical pencils; marking instruments; coloring and drawing instruments; correction instruments and glues. Co.'s stationery products are sold under the BIC® Kids, Tipp-Ex®, Wite-Out®, Sheaffer® and PIMACO® brands. Its other products segment includes promotional products including notebooks, key rings, magnets, and drinkware; Sport sales (surfboards, windsurf boards, kayaks and sailboats); adhesive labels and adhesive raw materials.

TeamViewer AG

Teamviewer AG. TeamViewer AG is a Germany-based company engaged in the software development. The Company focuses primarily on the cloud-based technologies that enable online remote support and collaboration globally. The Company offers software solutions to remotely access and connect any computer, tablet, laptop, mobile device and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint, such us industrial machines to allow remote control, management and monitoring of devices, as well as interaction and collaboration. Its product portfolio includes TeamViewer, TeamViewer Tensor, TeamViewer Pilot, TeamViewer loT, TeamViewer Remote Management, servicecamp and Bizz. The Company has offices in Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific.

Vossloh AG

Vossloh is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. in engaged in the rail technology markets. Co.'s core businesses comprise rail infrastructure products and services, rail vehicles, and components for rail vehicles and buses. Co. conducts its operations through two divisions: Rail Infrastructure and Transportation. The Rail Infrastructure division provides products and services related to the infrastructure through three business units: Fastening Systems, Switch Systems, and Rail Services. The Transportation division consists of the operations related to rail vehicles and vehicle systems/components and has two business units: Transportation Systems and Electrical Systems.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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