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Carmila has solid strengths to weather further tough conditions in terms of the health crisis thanks to the positioning of its shopping centres which should continue to stand it in good stead in 2022 and given the implementation of its strategic initiatives in the digital space. We therefore confirm our Outperform rating and have raised our target price to € 16.5. - ...
Alten SA

Alten is a holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. operates in three areas: Engineering and Technology Consulting (ETC), Telecoms Networks and Multimedia, and Information Systems (NTIS). Through the Engineering and Technology Consulting (ETC) segment, Co. studies and designs technology products for technical divisions in industry and telecoms. The Telecoms Networks and Multimedia segment focuses on Product design, Architecture, deployment, and operation of networks. Lastly, the IT systems segment comprises Applications and software development, and Infrastructure and Telecoms (Applications, systems and networks Corporate telecommunications).

Balyo SA

Balyo SA is a France-based company that designs robotic navigation solutions which are installed into forklifts and allow them to automatically transport pallets. The Company's apparatus is equipped with the guidance technology called Geoguidage. The Geoguidage system is installed in a module which is attached to the forklift, and allows the vehicle to calculate its position and memorize the layout of the warehouse. Its equipment allows detection of pallets, containers and dollies; stacking pallets; read barcode; towing loads; interactions with conveyors and doors, etc; scalable setting and automatic modes, among others. The Company's products are used in logistics and in industry.

Banco de Sabadell SA

Banco de Sabadell is a bank holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Co. provides a range of banking and financial services in Spain and internationally. Co.'s activities include investment banking, private banking, portfolio management, mortgage loans, commercial loans and other financial products and services, deposits and international banking operations. Co. is also engaged in life insurance underwriting and brokerage. Additionally, Co. is engaged in capital property and development, as well as investing in environmental projects. As of Dec 31 2014, Co. had total assets of Euro163,345,673,000 and total customer deposits of Euro98,208,370,000.

Cegedim SA

Cegedim is a technology and services company. Co. supplies services, IT tools, specialized software, information flow and database management services to healthcare industries, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and insurance companies. Co.'s operations can be divided into three sectors: CRM and Strategic Data (optimizing marketing and sales strategies, namely through tools and databases for managing sales forces, returns on investment, market or prescriber studies); Healthcare Professionals (software publishing with availability of promotional information) and Insurance and Services (software publishing and management of healthcare reimbursement flows).

Corbion NV

Corbion is an internationally operating company engaged in the development, production, sale and distribution of bakery supplies and food ingredients. Co. is engaged in the Bakery Supplies and Lactic Acid business. Co.'s operations are divided into two segments: Bakery operations and Lactic acid operations. Co.'s Bakery operations comprise the development, production and sale of bakery ingredients and products. Co.'s Lactic acid operations involve the production of lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives which are used in food, pharmaceutical and technical products. Co. operates mostly in Europe and North America. Co.'s brands are Waldkorn, Kate's cakes, Purac, Carel, MeisterMarken.

EasyJet plc

EasyJet and its subsidiaries are a low-cost airline carrier operating principally in Europe. Co. operates in the European short-haul aviation market. As of Sept 30 2017, Co. operated 862 routes. Co.'s total fleet as at Sept 30 2017, comprised 279 aircraft, split between 156-seat Airbus A319s, 180-seat A320s, 186-seat A320s and 186-seat A320neos. Co.'s main markets are the U.K., France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Elior Group SA

Elior is a contracted food and support services group based in France. Co. provides personalized catering and service solutions to 3.7 million customers in the business & industry, education, healthcare, leisure and travel markets through 17,500 restaurants and points of sale in 13 countries. Co. offer solutions in two core segments, Contract Catering & Support Services (provides foodservice solutions to Business & Industry, Education and Healthcare as well as support services for facilities management and cleaning services) and Concession Catering & Travel Retail (food service solutions for motorways, airports, railway stations and leisure).

Generix Group SA

Generix is engaged in the design and distribution of computer software. Co.'s software programs cover commercial management, accounting, production and the management of human resources.

Greencoat Renewables

JCDecaux SA

JC Decaux specializes in outdoor advertising. Co.'s business mainly consists of the sale of advertising space for these activities: Street Furniture, Transport Advertising and Billboard. The Street Furniture segment covers the advertising agreements relating to public property entered into with cities and local authorities. It also includes advertising in shopping centers, renting of street furniture, sale and rental of equipment, cleaning and maintenance. The Transport Advertising segment covers advertising in airports, subways, buses, tramways and trains. The Billboard segment covers advertising on private property and neon-type activity.

Kaufman & Broad SA

Kaufman & Broad SA is a France-based property developer and builder. The Company is principally engaged in the development of single family homes and apartments, commercial real estate activity, as well as the provision of residence services for business tourists and students. The Company is involved in all stages of implementation of a development program, land research to commercialization of housing through project design, the filing of a building permit and after-sales service. The Company has operations in numerous cities in France, such as Bayonne, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulon and Toulouse, among others. Furthermore, the Company provides construction of logistics platforms and warehouses. It is also operational through a number of subsidiaries, including Kaufman & Broad Pyrenees-Atlantiques, Kaufman & Broad Homes SAS, SM2I and Residences Bernard Teillaud SARL, among others.


Lanson-BCC produces, sells and markets champagne. Co. owns a portfolio of houses which are: Champagne Lanson (international market), Champagne Boizel (French-mail order, wines distributed in the traditional sector for international markets), Champagne Chanoine Freres (mass retail market), Champagne Philipponnat and Champagne De Venoge (selective retail markets), Champagne Alexandre Bonnet (traditional sectors), Maison Burtin (mass retail supplier, distributed through traditional networks). Co.'s brands are Boizel, Chanoine Freres, Tsarine, Philipponat, Clos des Goisses, Abel Lepitre, De Venoge, Alexandre Bonnet, Lanson, Besserat de Bellefon, Alfred Rothschild.

Latecoere SA

Societe Industrielle d'Aviation Latecoere and its subsidiaries are engaged in the manufacture of parts and equipment for the aeronautic and space industries. Co.'s products are mainly divided into 2 sectors: Airframe Structure and Equipment & Systems. Airframe Structure: manufactures Fuselage and Wing Structure Elements such as tail cones, forward upper shells, side parts, front spar bulkheads, nose sections, passenger doors, flaps; Nacelle Structure Elements such as fan cowls, tail engine fan cowls, translating sleeves, thrust reverser beams. Equipment & Systems: manufactures on-board electric racks, harnesses, landscape video camera system, pilot control panels and battery charge limiters.

Leonardo SpA

Leonardo is the holding company for The Finmeccanica Group, and is responsible for guiding and controlling industrial and strategic operations, coordinates its subsidiaries. The Finmeccanica Group operates in the Aerospace and Defence sector, which includes the Helicopters, Defence and Security Electronics, Aeronautics, Space and Defence Systems segments; and in the Transportation sector, which also includes Fata S.p.a., in addition to the companies operating in the transportation sector.

Manitou BF SA

Manitou BF is active on the global market for material handling. Co. divides its activities into three divisions: Rough Terrain Handling (RTH) where Co. assembles and distributes rough terrain handling equipment such as masted forklift trucks and fixed and rotating telescopic forklift trucks; Industrial Material Handling (IMH) where Co. designs and distributes semi-industrial masted forklift trucks; industrial forklift trucks; truck-mounted forklifts; and Compact Equipment (CE) where Co. designs, assembles and distributes skid steer loaders, telescopic forklift trucks, articulated loaders and mini excavators. Co.'s brands include Manitou®, Gehl®, Mustang®, Loc®, Edge®.

Mersen SA

Mersen produces materials and electrical components intended for alternative energies, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, rail transportation, electronics and process industries. Co. divides its operations into two segments: Advanced Materials and Technologies (AMT - Materials), and Electrical Components and Technologies (ECT - Electrical). In addition, Co. produces four types of products: Electrical Applications, Electrical Protection, High-Temperature Applications, and Anticorrosion Equipment. Co. also caters to the process industries, supporting their transition towards greater energy efficiency and boasts an efficient manufacturing base with plants employing the very latest technologies.


Petroleum Geo-Services is engaged in providing geophysical services and oil and gas production services. As of Dec. 31, 2001, Co. operated six Ramform design vessels in its marine seismic data acquisition operations.

Royal Vopak NV

Royal Vopak is a holding company. Via its subsidiaries, Co. acts as a tank storage provider for the oil and chemical industry. Co. operates a network of terminals located at locations along trade routes. Co. also provides a range of additional services, from loading and unloading a range of transport modalities to heating, cooling, blending and customs formalities. The customers Co. serves range from global to local clients and include national and global producers, governments, distributors and traders of liquid and gaseous bulk products. Co.'s customers are active in the production, trading and marketing of oil products, chemicals, gases, biofuels, edible oils and liquefied natural gas.

SES-imagotag SA

Ses Imagotag SA Formerly known as Ses-Imagotag SA. Ses Imagotag SA is a France-based company, which designs and markets electronic shelf labeling systems for food and non-food retail industries. The Company's solutions include store electronic systems (SES), electronic labels, software, radio and mounting systems. The Company's solutions are designed for every type of retail environment, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, electronics stores, garden centers, pharmacies and service stations. The Company's products are distributed in approximately 50 countries worldwide. Ses Imagotag SA's main clients include Intermarche, E. Leclerc, Monoprix, Groupe Casino, Carrefour and Auchan. The Company has a global presence, through its own subsidiaries and representations, in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Canada, Mexico and Singapore, as well as more than 60 international partners. It operates through imagotag GmbH, a manufacturer of electronic components.

Signify NV

Signify NV Formerly known as Philips Lighting NV. Signify NV, formerly Philips Lighting NV, is a company based in the Netherlands that provides lamps and lighting solutions. Its product portfolio includes, among others, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, linear fluorescent lamps (LFL), compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) and light-emitting diodes (LED), as well as electronic components, such as electronic ballasts and drivers. The Company also provides integrated and customized lighting systems. Its service portfolio includes light management and value-added services, such as energy audits, light design and engineering, as well as remote monitoring and managed services. The Company operates through four segments: The Lamps segments comprises conventional lamps and lamp electronics; the LED segment focuses on LED lamps; the Professional segment includes lighting systems and services for professional consumers, and the Home segment covers consumer luminaries and home systems.


SSAB is a supplier of high strength steels with products comprising various qualities and dimensions within wear steels and structural steels. Co.'s solutions also include services, from concept to finished delivery. SSAB Wear Services also provides advice, repairs, and sales of spare parts to the aftermarket. The business is organized into three business areas; SSAB Americas, SSAB EMEA and SSAB APAC as well as the subsidiary, Tibnor, which is a steel distributor in the Nordic region. SSAB EMEA consist of Europe, the Middle East and Africa; SSAB Americas of North and Latin America; SSAB APAC of Asia, Australia and New Zealand and Tibnor of steel and metal distribution in northern Europe.


STEF-TFE is a provider of transport and logistic services for food products requiring specific temperature control within Europe. Co. divides its operation into four segments: Transport in France (transportation of fresh and frozen products, transportation of seafood and organization of international transport activities); Logistics in France or STEF Logistique (logistics for fresh and frozen products for industrial players, mass retail and the food-service industry); STEF International (international activities in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Benelux, Switerland and U.K.); and Maritime activities (maritime services, passengers and freight, and maritime brokerage).

Vranken-Pommery Monopole SA

Vranken-Pommery Monopole is engaged in the production, marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages, primarily champagne, porto and pink wine (Rose). Co.'s brands are Pommery, Vranken, Heidsieck & Cdeg Monopole and Charles Lafitte for champagne; Sao Pedro, Rozes et Terras do Grifo for Porto; and Listel and Chapelle Gordonne et Billette for pink wine (Rose). Co.'s activities can be divided into three segments: Vineyard which focuses on managing Co.'s vineyard and wine-producing activities; Production of champagne, porto and pink wine; and Distribution and Marketing of products.

Wavestone SA

Wavestone SA, formerly Solucom SA, is a France-based company active in the information technology (IT) sector. It provides infrastructure consultancy services in the fields of telecommunications and networks, Strategy & management, IT transformation, IT Governance, IT architecture and Security & risk management. The Company operates through subsidiaries: Arcome, which offers marketing and technological innovation services for global companies in the information technology industry; Idesys, offerring consultancy services in the management and governance fields; New'Arch, which provides consultancy services in technical architecture of information systems; KLC, which offers consultancy services in information system and industrial investments for corporate clients; Cosmosbay-Vectis that offers business development and transformation consulting, and Xceed Group Ltd, which provides computer related services, among others.

Oddo BHF
Oddo BHF

​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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